Top Best Selling Portable DVD Players 2011

There are a few noteworthy differences between the collection of top best selling portable dvd players 2011 when compared to the most popular choices last year. The principal difference which I have noticed has to be that it is much more common to find higher resolution screens nowadays compared to less than a year ago.

With regard to 2011, the following are the 3 top selling DVD movie players that also have great general shopper ratings:


Sony DVP-FX950 Portable DVD Player (shown in photo above) - This specific DVD player features a somewhat large display screen compared to other choices, and is noted for the resolution of the screen as well as the long-lasting life of the battery which is in excess of 7 hours. This particular factor is distinguishable from many other players, allowing considerably more watching time between charges. It also features a swiveling screen, allowing users to change the display screen in numerous ways to get better viewing.


Panasonic DVD LS86 Portable DVD Player - This DVD player has an 8.5 inch wide LCD screen, and just like others on the list it works with several playback forms. It also has an extra-long life of the battery, allowing as much as thirteen hrs of playback time for its chargeable battery. It can run on your car adapter, which makes it a good choice to take with you for long vacations.


Coby TFDVD7009 - Although this DVD player has a tad less flexibility compared to the Sony version here, it also offers a reduced cost. It is additionally popular due to the great picture while watching, and enables watching not only DVD films but also listening to tunes and looking at digital picture albums. It is quite small in size and effortless for traveling and also comes with a 7 inch monitor.

There are additional recommendations among the list of the best portable DVD players this year, nevertheless the above are the best 3 selections amid the list. All of them can be found on the internet plus frequently I have discovered them to possess a price reduction from internet retailers when compared to purchasing them in brick and mortar stores.

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