Top Best Selling Toys for 10 Year Old Boys 2010

Every time I look into a new group of toys and games for a particular age group, I am amazed with the level of fun, creativity and technology which can be located nowadays - including the top best selling toys for 10 year old boys in 2010. Whether a young man is a LEGO enthusiast, a technology lover or really likes toys and games that offer the chance for activity there are some out there that will probably do quite nicely.

For this year, listed below are the top 3 picks among the list of toys and games for boys ten years of age:

Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch - Moms, dads, brothers and sisters had better watch out - this watch can take real videos and photographs - secretly. A rather amusing toy, and definitely a popular concept with kids this year. There are other Spy Net toys and spy gadgets from other names in kids playthings this year but this one tops them all.

Nerf N-Strike ECS Blaster - For the past couple of years, Nerf blasters have become all the rage with young men in neighborhoods all over the country. It is pretty common to find youngsters chasing each other outdoors, each with their own version of these (harmless) weapons. Now, Nerf makes one with a fully automatic clip that allows for repeated dart fire and this year is one of the hottest selling toys for kids for the holidays - that is the Stampede ECS.

The Ultimate Building Set from LEGO - This is one toy that has the appearance of being quite simple compared to others on the list this year. However, with over 400 pieces of various shapes, sizes and colors, kids have the ability to let their imaginations loose and create whatever they want. True to its name, this is definitely the ultimate in LEGO sets in terms of creativity and imagination and is undoubtedly an excellent gift for kids.

The list of the top best selling toys for 10 year old boys - although simple - includes a few fantastic selections for children in 2010. Other recommendations consist of toy tops with a few interesting twists, remote control cars the likes of which I've never found in addition to some choices for those kids who delight in lots of activity.


Top Best Selling Toys for 9 Year Old Boys 2010

Would the top best selling toys for 9 year old boys 2010 be simply a copy-cat list of toys for boys of other ages? I can tell that - at least for this year - no. This is a special listing of toys and games which are especially for this particular age, although depending on exactly who they're intended for, may also be appropriate for kids of a little bit younger or older age.

Just for this calendar year, listed below are the top three selections with the best toys for boys nine years old:

Beyblade Metal Fusion - The Beyblade lineup of playthings are basically tops which “battle” in an arena. These are very specialized tops, with assembly tools so that players can customize their tops to create special effects or perform interesting actions. When the tops are ready, they are pulled with special rip cords to get them spinning like no other tops can - they can combat it out in special toy arenas that are sold separately.

Razor Rip Rider 360 Ride-On Toy - Remember the three wheeler toys for children which were introduced in the seventies? Here is a unique version of the three-wheeler with new technology in the year 2010. Casters replace the familiar large back wheels, which produces a fun and different drifting and turning motion. This makes it possible to do “360s” or spinning tricks while riding - and commonly speaking this ride-on toy can provide a lot of fun for kids who enjoy a high level of activity.

Loopz Game - This is an particularly unique game for kids, having a structure that appears kind of like a reverse broken figure 8. Parts of the Loopz game light up and play music, while one or more players puts their hands into the openings. It is actually a musical memory game, and can accommodate up to 4 players.

Further options amid the listing of the top best selling toys for 9 year old boys this year include remote control cars and helis which include distinct characteristics and functionalities , some games and sets from LEGO that are proving to be some of the most popular constructing toys this year, along with some remarkable super sleuth secret agent toys that might or might not be favorites of parents, but are definitely popular with the kids.



Top Best Selling Toys for 8 Year Old Boys 2010

With the release of the top best selling toys for 8 year old boys 2010, it has become much more evident that the evolution of technology involves kids toys in ways that a person may not have even imagined just a couple short years ago.

The very best three recommendations with the toy list for boys 8 years of age can show this rather effectively:

Air Hogs R/C Sharp Shooter Helicopters – For the past couple of years I have observed Air Hogs helicopters evolve into higher and higher levels of technology. The “Sharp Shooters” have laser technology to lock in on marks and shoot missiles for a sure-fire hit – or as close as you might get with a toy. Much like other toy helicopters from Air Hogs, these are small and designed for indoor use – and are perhaps just as popular with adult R/C fans as they are with kids. Retail price for the Air Hogs Sharp Shooters is around $40.00.

Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS Blaster – If you have been in a toy store recently or perhaps in the toy portion of any major department or discount store, chances are that you have seen the Stampede ECS from Nerf. It would be hard to miss due to its size (quite large) and due to its predicted popularity is displayed broadly. This is actually the first fully automatic gun/blaster weapon from Nerf and is already proving to be one of the hottest selling toys for the holiday season this year – period. List price for the Stampede ECS is around $60.00.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Set – Now here is a LEGO set! In excess of 1200 parts put together to build one of the most elaborate constructions yet that also includes 11 characters from the movies. This is but one of the new Harry Potter sets released this year – other popular ones include Hogwarts Express, Quidditch Match, The Burrow, Hagrid’s Hut and Freeing Dobby. This would be an excellent choice in gifts for either a LEGO fan or a Harry Potter follower. Retail price for this particular set is around $130.00.

Other popular recommendations this year amid the top best selling toys for eight year old boys 2010 include a “hi tech” ride on toy, a fun memory game put to music as well as an innovative technology spy watch. The kids in this age bracket undoubtedly are lucky in 2010 to have this type of lineup to pick from!



Top Best Selling Toys for 7 Year Old Boys 2010

One thing which stands apart about the top best selling toys for 7 year old boys 2010 is the fact their real worth seems to be in line with the quantity of holiday season marketing for them. The entire list of these playthings is quite diverse, each toy having different types of inventiveness and entertainment associated with them.

From that list, below are the top three toys for boys 7 years old this year, entering the Christmas months:
Dragonoid Colossus Bakugan Toy – For boys who enjoy the interesting twists and strategy involved with Bakugan toys and games, this is the ultimate for this year. It is actually what I call a “combiner” toy, meaning there are multiple Bakugan figures that combine to produce one of the most fearful of creatures. Retail price for this toy is around $40.00.

Loopz Game – By taking a look at this game on the shelf, it would be difficult to even recognize it as a game, but a game it is and a creative and fun one at that. This odd shaped tower looking figure actually lights up when played, and essentially is a challenging memory game which is put to music. Up to four players can participate and while this is a popular toy or game for this particular age of boys, it also is quite a hot seller for the teen market. Retail price tag for the Loopz game is around $35.00.

Cuponk – These games for kids are not only an inexpensive option, they are also light-hearted, creative and entertaining. While there apparently is not a good deal of strategy involved, there is still challenge that lies with basically an “aim and shoot” activity that can get a bit wild and woolly with a number of different features and themes. The different games possess some interesting names such as “Boomshakalaka,” “Monsterosity,” “King of LA” and more. Retail cost for these games is approximately $15.00.

Additional picks from the best toys for seven year old boys 2010 list consist of a new and unique R/C car from the Tonka company, a couple of enjoyable and interesting LEGO board games, a science kit toy that's been about for a few years and continues to be increasingly popular as each year passes. Most definitely an exciting and fun group available.

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Top Best Selling Toys for 6 Year Old Boys 2010

What types of younger lads might have fun with the top best selling toys for 6 year old boys in 2010? Regardless of whether a child is more keen on vigorous action toys or even the hottest and latest trendy toys and games, there will be something to check out with this particular collection. Certainly there are quite a number of different types of toys intended for younger boys, but some are more talked about and also searched for than others.

For this season of 2010, listed here are the very best picks in toys for boys 6 years of age:

Rip Rider 360 Ride On Toy from Razor – This year seems to have introduced quite a number of distinctive and new forms of toys, and the Rip Rider is not any exception. Rather than having a traditional motion of a three-wheeler, this cycle for kids combines a forward motion with a drifting back and forth action that adds some interesting challenges as well as some serious fun. This is a good choice as a gift for a young lad who has a bit of an adventurous side.

Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus Toy – What a name for a toy – and what a toy! For those boys who love Bakugan, this is the ultimate pick this year. It is one giant monster which is actually a combination of numerous Bakugan characters. Other “combiner” toys have come from the Bakugan lineup in the past, but this one appears to be the most popular yet.

A Kick Scooter from Razor – On such a short checklist, the Razor company has a different one of their products showcased for this age group. This scooter is sort of a phenomenon in ride-ons – it is the original kick scooter, and even though other more advanced scooters have since come from Razor this one remains the most popular of them all. It is a good beginner scooter, and is also quite functional for teens up to about 140 pounds.

Other types of toys amid the best toys for 6 year old boys this year include technology gadgets (two excellent ones), a few bash 'em up toys, a new e-book reader for kids that emulates the Kindle or other grownup types of e-readers plus some well-known playthings based after films. All in all, the lineup this year for boys six years old is full of top choices.



Top Best Selling Toys for 5 Year Old Boys 2010

There is one characteristic of the top best selling toys for five year old boys this year that stands apart among the rest -- they're an ideal combination of toys for this age group, while emulating "big kids" toys that draw out the imagination and accomplishments of boys who are 5 years of age or thereabouts.

From the listing of the best toys for boys age five in 2010 (according to consumer popularity), here are the very best 3 choices:
Rip Rider 360 from Razor – While this ride on toy is suitable for weights up to 160 pounds, it also apparently is a great choice for kids as young as 5 years old. It is a special ride on toy – not quite a “tricycle” by definition, but it is a 3-wheeler that has casters for back wheels to generate a sort of swerving or drifting motion while riding. As kids grow to be more skilled they are able to maneuver the Rip Rider more easily, performing stunts and actions that are not possible on other types of ride-on toys.

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer – This learning system in the LeapFrog lineup is a very good example of toys that emulate “big kid” or adult gadgets. It is a system with a touch screen and a number of features that adult handhelds also have including the ability to access online resources and read e-books. Like other learning system toys, this one comes pre-loaded with particular games and resources, with additional games available to purchase separately.

Razor A Kick Scooter for Kids – This scooter has made the “hot list” for children of varied age ranges this year and interestingly it is the original kick scooter for kids – still being the most famous after a number of years. While this scooter is generally able to accommodate kids through teen years, it is also the perfect first “big kid” scooter which is most often simple enough for children who are 5 years old.

Additional selections in the top best selling toys for 5 year old boys 2010 and into 2011 include some science and enchanting playthings, some “down and dirty” and more traditional choices (with a few very interesting twists), a few excellent electric car ride-ons as well as other categories of playthings that boys age five are sure to enjoy.

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Top Best Selling Toys for 4 Year Old Boys 2010

An interesting point of fact for 2010 is that over fifty percent of the complete list of the top best selling toys for 4 year old boys come with some sort of advanced technology. Although there are most definitely toys that satisfy the preferences of just about any boy - even popular toy vehicles and plush toys have some kind of intriguing technological twist about them.

From that listing, listed below are the top 3 selections in toys for boys 4 years of age this year:

Fisher Price Imaginext Bigfoot – This toy for boys and girls alike is quite a creature. He is a remote control Bigfoot character with an adorable combination of gruff and sweet. Some of the tricks he performs are quite interesting, and some of the things that he says are both cute and funny.

Leapster Explorer Learning System from LeapFrog – This is the latest in learning toys for children from LeapFrog, which features not only a number of different and fun ways for kids to learn, but has a number of subjects that go beyond simply reading and mathematics. Kids also have the option of learning games provided in a safe and fun environment online.

Playskool Alphie – Here is another technology toy for boys (and girls) with a different approach than a handheld learning system. It is Alphie, a stand-up robot with flashing lights and a cute face having a goofy little grin. This toy provides a good introduction to basic learning concepts such as letters, shapes, numbers, cause and effect and problem solving. Alphie comes with a group of double-sided cards, and “booster” sets of cards can be purchased separately.

You can definitely find other forms of playthings to select from amid the top best selling toys for four year old boys for 2010, such as some toys which involve a higher degree of physical exercise including beginner child scooters and bikes, a cute new Thomas the Train toy and additional selections which are certain to be popular with small boys of this age.

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Top Best Selling Toys for 3 Year Old Boys 2010

There is much more selection compared to what there used to be for children three years old - as proven from the checklist of the top best selling toys for 3 year old boys in 2010. This group of playthings are not just imaginative, but have a higher level of technology than in the past.

For 2010, here are the top 3 toys for three year old boys with regards to forecasts and customer favorites:

Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster from Fisher Price – Kids and adults of any age will do a double-take when they see this Bigfoot creature in action. He is quite the character having a number of stunts, phrases and funny expressions – all of which can be controlled by a child holding a remote. Kids can cause him to become happy, angry – and even go to sleep at their command. This is a good choice in toys for either a boy or a girl. List cost for this toy is around $100.

 “Stinky” the Garbage Truck from Matchbox – Here's another interesting and one of a kind toy this year for little boys – a garbage truck with personality! This is a toy that actually functions as a garbage truck – plus he “gobbles,” exercises, sings and even tells jokes. For a little boy that loves playing with cars and trucks, this could be considered the ultimate toy this year. Retail price is around $60.

iXL 6-in-1 Learning System from Fisher Price – This is an amazing illustration of the technology toys that are offered to kids these days. It has an “open book” handheld design with a touch screen and has 6 different applications which equates to 6 different ways for kids to play and learn at the same time. This learning system toy is available in blue and gray versions which would certainly be appropriate for little boys. Retail price for this toy is around $80.

The top best selling toys for 3 year old boys list above is but a small taste of what is available for younger boys nowadays, nevertheless they symbolize not just what toy retailers forecast would be the hottest sellers for this year's holiday season, but additionally display exactly what parents and other toy shoppers are searching for in 2010.



Top Best Selling Toys for Boys 2010

The top best selling toys for boys 2010 are a delightful combination of the most recent technological innovation, ride-ons that are a great time along with other forms of toys for young lads of virtually any taste.

In this year and into 2011, here are the 3 best toys for boys:

Bigfoot the Monster – This toy, based on information from several top toy merchants, appears to be the hottest toy for boys and girls this year. This little guy expresses multiple emotions in some rather fascinating ways. He also walks and talks and performs some cute stunts as well. Possibly the best part is the fact that even the youngest of kids can use a remote control to make Bigfoot obey their every command.

Razor Rip Rider 360 Ride On Toy – In my opinion, this is the best ride on toy for kids that has ever been invented. It is a mixture of the “retro” three wheeler from the 70’s but with an interesting twist – the familiar large back wheels have been replaced with caster wheels that create a fun gliding effect that only add to the fun of the ride.

LeapFrog Leapster Gaming System – Technology has apparently not only evolved for adults, but for kids as well. This particular toy for boys and girls alike is evidence of this fact. It would be difficult to list all of the available features of the Leapster Explorer but some of the highlights include the ability to hook up online, read eBooks, watch videos and of course play learning games. This “toy for boys” is listed among the hottest predicted selling toys for the little ladies this year as well.

The top best selling toys for boys 2010 in the above list are in fact just a sample of what exactly is available in 2010. There are other technology toys, playthings for the quite young boys, some tried and true scooters plus some activities including building of not only themed items but of the games themselves.