Top Best Selling Toys for 7 Year Old Boys 2010

One thing which stands apart about the top best selling toys for 7 year old boys 2010 is the fact their real worth seems to be in line with the quantity of holiday season marketing for them. The entire list of these playthings is quite diverse, each toy having different types of inventiveness and entertainment associated with them.

From that list, below are the top three toys for boys 7 years old this year, entering the Christmas months:
Dragonoid Colossus Bakugan Toy – For boys who enjoy the interesting twists and strategy involved with Bakugan toys and games, this is the ultimate for this year. It is actually what I call a “combiner” toy, meaning there are multiple Bakugan figures that combine to produce one of the most fearful of creatures. Retail price for this toy is around $40.00.

Loopz Game – By taking a look at this game on the shelf, it would be difficult to even recognize it as a game, but a game it is and a creative and fun one at that. This odd shaped tower looking figure actually lights up when played, and essentially is a challenging memory game which is put to music. Up to four players can participate and while this is a popular toy or game for this particular age of boys, it also is quite a hot seller for the teen market. Retail price tag for the Loopz game is around $35.00.

Cuponk – These games for kids are not only an inexpensive option, they are also light-hearted, creative and entertaining. While there apparently is not a good deal of strategy involved, there is still challenge that lies with basically an “aim and shoot” activity that can get a bit wild and woolly with a number of different features and themes. The different games possess some interesting names such as “Boomshakalaka,” “Monsterosity,” “King of LA” and more. Retail cost for these games is approximately $15.00.

Additional picks from the best toys for seven year old boys 2010 list consist of a new and unique R/C car from the Tonka company, a couple of enjoyable and interesting LEGO board games, a science kit toy that's been about for a few years and continues to be increasingly popular as each year passes. Most definitely an exciting and fun group available.

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