Top Best Selling Double Strollers for 2010

(Information from the Top 10 Double Strollers List for 2010)  With respect to all dads and moms who have not one but two babies, the top 5 double strollers list probably won't only end up being deemed a good beginning reference list, but any one of them may even be considered a "lifesaver" that contributes some much needed value to parents and little ones day-to-day lives.

With that in mind, listed here are the hottest selling double baby strollers which also have at the least above average customer critiques for the year 2010:

The Baby Jogger Double City Mini Stroller - This stroller comes from a name that is consistent with amazing quality and a sort of "intuitiveness" into what parents really need. Not only is it quite comfortable for little ones, but it is rather light as well (especially for a double stroller). It is a side-by-side model, so two little ones can benefit from the view. Retail price for this stroller is around $400, and it may be possible to purchase it online for less although it is best if a shopper plans to pay the list price.  (This strollers comes in at #1 of the Top 10 Double Strollers this year.)

The Jeep Wrangler Twin Stroller - This stroller lies in a cheaper price range compared to the stroller mentioned above, and is an efficient choice for moms and dads who are now living in a place where the temperatures switch a good deal with the seasons. It incorporates a roll down attachment on the seat that can be used to block the wind in colder climates, and when rolled up it functions as a pillow for little ones. This stroller is also a side-by-side model. Retail price for the Jeep Wrangler Twin is around $140-$160 depending on the exact model chosen, and most definitely can be found for a discount price online.

Graco Quattro Tour Duo - This model of stroller is a tandem with one child in front, the other behind, and is acknowledged for its exceptional suspension for a smooth ride, also easy fold-up and ability to move well. List price for this stroller is about $250, but I have recently found them to be priced as low as around $217 from specific online merchants.

The Kolcraft Contours Options Double - This stroller is rather amazing when it comes to its seats maneuverability - children can even sit facing each other while riding! Basically it is a tandem stroller (one child in front, the other in back) but with the handy seat changing (and removing) features, this could just be one of the most convenient strollers ever, depending on parents' needs. Retail price for this stroller is around $250 - $270 (depending on the version chosen), and can be found for a nice discount online.

The Peg Perego Aria - The spotlight of the Aria double stroller is the fact that it is specifically created for two children of different years. It is a side-by-side baby stroller, one of the seats qualified to allow for a Peg Perego car seat, the other for a bit of an older youngster. Peg Perego strollers and seats are commonly renowned for their incredible high quality and health and safety functions, and this stroller is apparently no exception to this. List price for the Peg Perego Aria Double is around $360, but can most definitely be found at a price much lower than that from some online resources.

For everybody who is buying helpful "duo" stroller for this year (and beyond), the variety of the top 5 double strollers for the year of 2010 is actually at least an excellent place to start.

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Top Best Selling Jogging Strollers 2010

(Info taken from listing of the top 10 jogging strollers for 2010.)  Increasing public attention towards jogging strollers in the last few years has sparked a movement for more and more well known companies to create them. The exact result? Luckily for many folks, this means a larger range of choices - along with reduced prices as a rule. For those who are shopping for a jogger baby stroller in 2010, listed here are the top 5 jogging strollers for the year 2010, based on consumer sales and higher general reviews:

The Joovy Zoom 360 - Although this jogging stroller is a bit more challenging to find compared to others, it would appear that it is at the least one of the most looked for jogging strollers this year. It was built to create an ultra smooth ride for a little one, and has quite a stylish look. Retail price for this stroller is around $240, but it can be purchased online for as little as $210 as of this writing.

Single and Duallie BOB Revolution - These strollers have probably become the most commonly known overall with regard to impressive level of quality and exceptional maneuverability. Both single and double ("Duallie") versions are quite popular with mom and dad, and have been for the last few years. The list price on these strollers is around $400 for a single and about $600 for a Duallie model. The prices for them can occasionally vary but generally speaking this is what shoppers should expect to pay.

Baby Jogger City Mini Strollers - These strollers (like the BOB Revolution models) are almost a "fixture" within the jogger stroller market, being well known for their superb quality and handy features. They are known well also for their light weight and easy transport. Retail price on these strollers is around $230 for a single and $400 for a double. Also like the BOB Revolution, the prices online do not vary much from retail.

The InStep Run Around - These strollers are a good buy according to the raves from buyers, and are also more inside the budget range of what many people may manage to pay. They have quite a sharp look to them as well, and can be found in some rich and beautiful colors. Retail price on the Run Around strollers is around $130 - $150 for a single, and about $220 - $240 for a double version. These strollers can be found online for quite a bit less than retail price.

Schwinn Free Wheeler Single and Double - There is more than one variation of these when it comes to design and style, yet I would mention that generally the quality that the Schwinn company has been putting into their bicycles is also applied in their creation of strollers. These are a good choice for a jogger, and price-wise they come in at a sort of "medium" price range - retailing anywhere from around $150 - $220 for a single and around $220 - $320 for a double but can be found online for a much lower price.

Shopping Info: When shopping for among the top 5 jogging strollers previously mentioned (from the top 10 jogging strollers for 2010) - or for any other baby stroller for that matter - it is best to study purchaser testimonials thoroughly to make sure that you will be buying something to fill your special personal preferences. When it comes to shopping resources I definitely recommend buying on the web - the selection is far greater and you'll in all likelihood discover that price tags tend to be more affordable as well (frequently with free shipping).

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Top 5 Portable TVs - Best Choices for 2010

(Info from a list of the Top 10 Portable TVs for 2010.)  If looking for any kind of electronics item, it can be really handy to use a trustworthy list of best selling and exceptionally scored products to refer to. So - for those people who are searhing for an excellent mobile or portable LCD TV, this is a listing of the top 5 portable TVs 2010 according to top sales and high average buyer rankings:

Viore PLC7V96 - This LCD TV has a 7 inch screen and is known to have an excellent picture and great reception - also being easy to navigate and to use. The retail price for this TV is around $150, but has been available for as low as about $67.00 from a reputable resource.  Definitely a top pick of the best portable tvs out there today.

Haier HLT71
- Another LCD TV with a 7 inch screen, which has a rather sleek look about it. It features a detachable antenna and comes with a remote control, AC adaptor and a car adaptor. Retail price for the HLT71 is around $130.00, but can be found online for about $65, with free shipping.

iView 780PTV - This LCD TV has a widescreen of 7 inches. It also has a longer battery life than many, with the ability to watch for up to 2.5 hours without charging. There is a USB port and a memory card reader to fulfill a number of other functions - one of the more handy portable LCD TVs on the list. This TV has a retail price of around $130.00, but is available online for around $95.00 or less.

Viore PLC10V49 - This LCD TV has the largest screen on the list, with 10.2 inches and has a bit of a higher price tag than other "best portable tvs" on the list. It is known for its simple and easy charging, also having AV inputs, USB port and SD card slot for additional functionality. It has a retail price of about $180.00 but can be purchased for about $135 - possibly less.

Access PTV 7000 - This LCD TV has a 7 inch screen, with a couple of great features including a bonus mount for kitchen, bathroom or other area in the house and also has parental control features that are useful if the TV is being purchased for a child. The list price for this TV is around $120.00, but is available from one or more merchants for a lower price, sometimes with free shipping and very helpful service if needed.

If anyone is shopping for a portable LCD TV this year, the list of 2010 Top 5 Portable TVs are an excellent place to start, and with a little bit of guidance, one can purchase any of them for a much lower price than retail.

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Top Best Selling Baby Strollers 2010

Just what would be the top best baby strollers? Would they be the ones that industry experts are giving the highest rankings to? How about the top strollers in terms of promotion? To keep the subject basic, I have developed a list of exactly what are currently the top 5 most popular baby strollers for 2010 - that furthermore consistently have the highest opinions coming from consumers. Here's what seems to be the definitive list extracted from the checklist of the Top 10 Baby Strollers - these are the baby strollers to check over and are considered to be good choices even if your are on a limited budget:

Graco Quattro Travel System - Here is another travel system which comes along with the famous Graco SnugRide 32 car seat that parents and babies love. This choice is available in some adorable colors and prints. Average consumer rating is about 4.5 stars based on 40 ratings. The retail price is around $270-$300 depending on the exact model chosen.

Chicco Cortina Keyfit Travel System - Travel system stroller sets have become quite popular due to their convenience and comfort for infants and babies. The Chicco Cortina Keyfit system comes with the stroller plus a car seat that is well known for its safety and comfortable ride for baby. The car seat is easily removed from the base in the car to the stroller to allow baby the ultimate in comfortable stroller rides as well. This stroller has an average of 4 star consumer reviews, based on 47 ratings. This system retails for around $330.00.

The First Years Ignite Baby Stroller - This stroller is more economical than others on the list of best baby strollers 2010, and is getting some very nice reviews from those who use it. It is a single stroller that is quite durable and will allow a child up to 50 lbs to ride. It can be found in some gorgeous rich colors as well! The average consumer rating on this stroller is around 4.5 stars based on 20 reviews, and retails for around $60.00.

Kolcraft Contours Tandem (Double) Stroller - This stroller's most unique feature is its ability to easily remove one of the seats to convert it to a single model - and easily back to a double stroller again. This model of stroller will also accommodate most baby car seats on the market today to make it a perfect stroller for infants - while another child is along for the ride. The average consumer rating on this stroller is about 4.25 stars based on 19 reviews, and is retail priced at around $250.00, the Tandem II is about $325.00 list price.

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Top Best Selling 3D TVs for 2010 - Some Plus and Minus Points

Taken from the complete listing of Top 10 3D TVs 2010, here's some handy shopping info on the 3 hottest selling in the list - the Top 3 3D TVs, with positive and negative points from purchaser evaluations on each:

UN55C8000 from Samsung - This model from Samsung is an LED make together with a 55 " display screen. List price on this model is around $3499.99. At a single website there were twenty three customer reviews, having an overall average of approximately 4 and a half stars out of 5.

Positive: It seems that a number of previous versions of LED TVs have had an issue with light being emitted from the edges of the screen. Per info with the top rated review that's not the situation with this particular TV. From this review there were a number of other positive remarks, mainly having to do with the stellar quality of the picture, the quality of 3D viewing as well as general overall looks.

One reviewer submitted a very in depth critique featuring the pros and cons, with some grievances on the price tag, a problem with handling frames of videos when playing, at times not getting great results when converting standard definition films, and so on., to the high-definition with the TV. Generally this person stated that it was a good television for one of the first 3Ds, but could be improved on.

UN40C7000 from Samsung - This model of Samsung 3D TV also has an LED structure which has a 40 inch screen. Retail price for this TV is $2000. Via two websites, four purchaser reviews have been published with an all round average of about four stars out of five.

Favorable: The most rave review came from a consumer who loved the color, clarity and general quality of the picture, said that there was excellent 3D viewing ("astounding") and overall loves the TV and says it's the best value for the money.

One consumer was actually quite unhappy with the purchase, saying that the picture seemed cloudy and "flashlighting" on the top left part of the screen. On a follow up report from the consumer, he or she stated that it was an issue with the LED.

Samsung UN46C7000 3D TV
- The UN46C7000 TV comes in at 3rd most popular with an LED structure with a 46 inch monitor. Retail price for this model is around $2599.99. From a single internet site, 9 consumer critiques were presented with an overall average rating of 4 ½ of 5 stars.

Strong points:
The most "pro" review that I found stated that the visual effects of this television were stunning - and an important point that this reviewer mentions is the quality of the cables used to get the most out of the TV. (Suggested cable was a Monster 3D HDMI.) This addition made a big difference in the quality of the picture and also was quite happy with the way this model converts 2D movies into 3D.

Negative: One review had a complaint about the TV malfunctioning, and apparently a part needed to be replaced which caused the TV to sort of "take on a life of its own" and randomly bring up the menu and change the settings on the TV. This reviewer after taking the TV to a repair shop ended up needing to return it for a refund.

One thing that you may recognize above - all of the Top 3 3D TVs for 2010 listed are from the exact same brand. And also as a point of note, the whole list of Top 10 3D TVs for 2010 are coming from Samsung - apparently this company is actually ahead of the rest on the subject of television products!

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