Top Best Selling Double Strollers for 2010

(Information from the Top 10 Double Strollers List for 2010)  With respect to all dads and moms who have not one but two babies, the top 5 double strollers list probably won't only end up being deemed a good beginning reference list, but any one of them may even be considered a "lifesaver" that contributes some much needed value to parents and little ones day-to-day lives.

With that in mind, listed here are the hottest selling double baby strollers which also have at the least above average customer critiques for the year 2010:

The Baby Jogger Double City Mini Stroller - This stroller comes from a name that is consistent with amazing quality and a sort of "intuitiveness" into what parents really need. Not only is it quite comfortable for little ones, but it is rather light as well (especially for a double stroller). It is a side-by-side model, so two little ones can benefit from the view. Retail price for this stroller is around $400, and it may be possible to purchase it online for less although it is best if a shopper plans to pay the list price.  (This strollers comes in at #1 of the Top 10 Double Strollers this year.)

The Jeep Wrangler Twin Stroller - This stroller lies in a cheaper price range compared to the stroller mentioned above, and is an efficient choice for moms and dads who are now living in a place where the temperatures switch a good deal with the seasons. It incorporates a roll down attachment on the seat that can be used to block the wind in colder climates, and when rolled up it functions as a pillow for little ones. This stroller is also a side-by-side model. Retail price for the Jeep Wrangler Twin is around $140-$160 depending on the exact model chosen, and most definitely can be found for a discount price online.

Graco Quattro Tour Duo - This model of stroller is a tandem with one child in front, the other behind, and is acknowledged for its exceptional suspension for a smooth ride, also easy fold-up and ability to move well. List price for this stroller is about $250, but I have recently found them to be priced as low as around $217 from specific online merchants.

The Kolcraft Contours Options Double - This stroller is rather amazing when it comes to its seats maneuverability - children can even sit facing each other while riding! Basically it is a tandem stroller (one child in front, the other in back) but with the handy seat changing (and removing) features, this could just be one of the most convenient strollers ever, depending on parents' needs. Retail price for this stroller is around $250 - $270 (depending on the version chosen), and can be found for a nice discount online.

The Peg Perego Aria - The spotlight of the Aria double stroller is the fact that it is specifically created for two children of different years. It is a side-by-side baby stroller, one of the seats qualified to allow for a Peg Perego car seat, the other for a bit of an older youngster. Peg Perego strollers and seats are commonly renowned for their incredible high quality and health and safety functions, and this stroller is apparently no exception to this. List price for the Peg Perego Aria Double is around $360, but can most definitely be found at a price much lower than that from some online resources.

For everybody who is buying helpful "duo" stroller for this year (and beyond), the variety of the top 5 double strollers for the year of 2010 is actually at least an excellent place to start.

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