Top Best Selling 3D TVs for 2010 - Some Plus and Minus Points

Taken from the complete listing of Top 10 3D TVs 2010, here's some handy shopping info on the 3 hottest selling in the list - the Top 3 3D TVs, with positive and negative points from purchaser evaluations on each:

UN55C8000 from Samsung - This model from Samsung is an LED make together with a 55 " display screen. List price on this model is around $3499.99. At a single website there were twenty three customer reviews, having an overall average of approximately 4 and a half stars out of 5.

Positive: It seems that a number of previous versions of LED TVs have had an issue with light being emitted from the edges of the screen. Per info with the top rated review that's not the situation with this particular TV. From this review there were a number of other positive remarks, mainly having to do with the stellar quality of the picture, the quality of 3D viewing as well as general overall looks.

One reviewer submitted a very in depth critique featuring the pros and cons, with some grievances on the price tag, a problem with handling frames of videos when playing, at times not getting great results when converting standard definition films, and so on., to the high-definition with the TV. Generally this person stated that it was a good television for one of the first 3Ds, but could be improved on.

UN40C7000 from Samsung - This model of Samsung 3D TV also has an LED structure which has a 40 inch screen. Retail price for this TV is $2000. Via two websites, four purchaser reviews have been published with an all round average of about four stars out of five.

Favorable: The most rave review came from a consumer who loved the color, clarity and general quality of the picture, said that there was excellent 3D viewing ("astounding") and overall loves the TV and says it's the best value for the money.

One consumer was actually quite unhappy with the purchase, saying that the picture seemed cloudy and "flashlighting" on the top left part of the screen. On a follow up report from the consumer, he or she stated that it was an issue with the LED.

Samsung UN46C7000 3D TV
- The UN46C7000 TV comes in at 3rd most popular with an LED structure with a 46 inch monitor. Retail price for this model is around $2599.99. From a single internet site, 9 consumer critiques were presented with an overall average rating of 4 ½ of 5 stars.

Strong points:
The most "pro" review that I found stated that the visual effects of this television were stunning - and an important point that this reviewer mentions is the quality of the cables used to get the most out of the TV. (Suggested cable was a Monster 3D HDMI.) This addition made a big difference in the quality of the picture and also was quite happy with the way this model converts 2D movies into 3D.

Negative: One review had a complaint about the TV malfunctioning, and apparently a part needed to be replaced which caused the TV to sort of "take on a life of its own" and randomly bring up the menu and change the settings on the TV. This reviewer after taking the TV to a repair shop ended up needing to return it for a refund.

One thing that you may recognize above - all of the Top 3 3D TVs for 2010 listed are from the exact same brand. And also as a point of note, the whole list of Top 10 3D TVs for 2010 are coming from Samsung - apparently this company is actually ahead of the rest on the subject of television products!

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  1. Wow, 3D TV is becoming very popular! I noticed last week Toshiba had a special where if you buy a 42" 3D TV you get two pairs of 3D glasses free. Very good information here. I'll be sure to stop back.