Why Are Prepaid Phones The Better Option?

Kyocera Rise Prepaid Phone
The prepaid cell phones 2013 have gained steam and more people are becoming aware of the fact that technological gadgets might be better without yearly contracts. Referred to as a pay-as-you-go plan, these prepaid options offer a non-committal way for people to still be able to text and call anywhere in the world without getting roped into spending more money than necessary. If someone is an avid texter but doesn't use their cellular device as much as a contract dictates, they're just wasting money. Same for those who keep their phones for strictly emergency uses.

Which brings us back to our original question...

"Why are prepaid phones the better option?"

Prepaid phones provide a peace of mind for parents with technologically savvy teenagers. Something like the Kyocera Rise Prepaid Android Phone from Virgin Mobile is powerful and versatile enough to sate a teen's thirst for cellular awesome, while ensuring a low monthly bill for parents. The full QWERTY keyboard makes texting easy, and even if there aren't any minutes available to use on the phone, emergency calls to select numbers can be made at any time.

Another example of a great pay-as-you-go option is the Samsung a157 Prepaid GoPhone from AT&T. This cell is simple with a sleek design in a traditional clamshell style. Designed for people who don't spend a lot of time on the phone, these feature quick calling, up to 5 hours of talk time on a single battery charge, and customizable backgrounds for a personalized touch.

Talk time cards vary and depends entirely on the needs of each individual person who buys this device. For example, a weekend talker would benefit from unlimited nights and weekends on a 500 minutes weekday cards. The options are near limitless! It's all about finding the right prepaid to best suit your needs.