The Best Prepaid Phones For Teens

Purchasing one of the best prepaid phones is a great way to teach pre-teens and teenagers the value of budgeting. Parents can start with a nice cellular device with a slew of cool features for a certain number of minutes on a card each month; it can either automatically refill or be refilled manually. When there are no minutes left, teens can't text or call anymore; however, the ability to dial #999 or 911 in an emergency is still available, regardless of how many minutes are on the phone.

There are also some prepaid services that allow parents to program several emergency numbers that can be called without the use of minutes.

Other Pros and Phones are:


Kyocera Rise Prepaid Android Phone from Virgin Mobile

For teenagers, appearance is everything, especially when it comes to their cellular gadgets. This one has the outward appearance of an extravagant piece of technology, when actually, it's very affordable and perfect for a prepaid plan. The device features a 3.5 inch touch-screen with vibrant colors and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. If your teen is a supreme tester, this is their phone! For concerned parents, this cell also features GPS support for tracking, parental controls, and stereo BlueTooth that will allow a mobile teen to answer the phone with their voice while driving.


Samsung Exhibit II 4G Prepaid Android Phone from T-Mobile

This is perfect for students! Prepaid and ultra-fast, the screen includes multi-touch features with a 3.7 inch LCD display and web browsing capabilities. The WiFi networking means homework research can be done from almost anywhere, while a Bluetooth can be hooked up for stereo music through long study sessions. Kids will especially appreciate the 3MP camera with a front camera for video chatting with friends and extended family.


LG 840G Prepaid Phone With Triple Minutes From Tracfone

This prepaid has triple minutes for life! For the responsible teen who loves to talk, this cell has a sleek appearance with a recessed wake button for fewer pocket-dialed calls. It's also loaded with features, like an MP3 music player, mobile web access, hands-free speaker, and voice recorder.


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