Top Best Selling Indoor Electric Grills 2011

The top best selling indoor electric grills 2011 make the perfect demonstration of what excellent in house grilling could be like - easy, versatile and a good answer when the weather conditions are not right for cooking outside. A variety of these grills have multiple functions which can make them not only great for grilling purposes, but also for other types of preparing food as well.

With regard to this year - with the top 10 in house electric grills - here are a few of the foremost popular products:

GR10B Indoor Electric Grill from George Foreman - This is one of the best indoor electric grills within the selection this year in terms of recognition, also getting rave critiques coming from people who use it. It has a patented technology to reduce fats in food while cooking. The size of this grill is what is called “personal” - having enough space to cook two hamburgers at once, with 36 square inches of cooking space. If one is looking for a grill to cook for an entire family, perhaps a different model would be a better choice - but if one is cooking for one or two people, this would probably work very well. Retail price for this grill is around $25.00.

GR-4N Indoor Electric Grill from Cuisinart - This grill includes knobs on the front to manage the heat in certain places and it has the ability to be a total grill, a complete griddle or half and half. It may also perform as being a Panini press that adjusts to the thickness of food to cook optimally. This is an incredibly popular grill - not only appearing to be the most popular by sales but has received quite a large number of positive consumer reviews. Retail price for this grill is around $185.00.

Black and Decker G48TD Indoor Grill - This grill has three basic uses - a grill, waffle maker and a griddle. It can make up to 4 waffles at once, and this is a terrific way to grill sandwiches (both sides). This grill can wipe clean easily also, making for added convenience. Retail price on this grill is around $60.00.

Sanyo HPS-SG3 Indoor Grill - For anyone searching for an indoor barbeque grill, this is definitely an excellent choice. It features a bigger food preparation surface than a number of other indoor grills (200 square inches), and while it is known to cook up meats and fish like a champ, its “smokeless” capability keeps added smoke down. This is a great solution to grilling up a steak, hot dogs or some burgers on a cold or wet day. Retail price for this grill is around $70.00.

GRP4 Next Grilleration George Foreman Indoor Grill - This is a great indoor grill for those looking for something with a bit more space for cooking. It has 72 square inches, allowing cooking for about 3 servings of food simultaneously. This model from George Foreman has removable plates adding versatility and an easy cleanup too. Retail price for this grill is around $60.00.

Other choices on the listing of the top best selling indoor electric grills 2011 consist of more innovative and flexible appliances from Cuisinart, George Foreman and Sanyo. In regards to shopping for them, I have found it is much more inexpensive to get them on the internet - they frequently can be purchased for a considerable discount and sometimes even with free delivery.



Top Best Selling George Foreman Grills 2011

The top best selling George Foreman grills 2011 consist of some models which were around for some time (and remain quite popular), as well as some innovative and even more functional grills - having the capacity to cook almost any form of foods, including burgers, waffles - and even muffins along with other baked foods.

For this particular year, listed here are the very best five most popular grills on the list, from the list of the top 10 George Foreman grills:

George Foreman GR10B Countertop Grill - This year this is evidently the hottest selling of all George Foreman grills. It offers about thirty-six sq . inches to cook (space enough to prepare 2 hamburgers at the same time) and features two set plates to cook with. List price for the GR10B is approximately $25.00, but it can be purchased on the internet for quite a bit less.

GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill - This is most likely the most distinctive within the selection of grills from George Foreman, having the ability to be used outside and used on its stand, or made use of indoors for tabletop cooking. For those who are looking for a grill where they are not allowed to cook with charcoal or gas, this is a good choice. Retail price for this grill is around $120.00.

GRP4 Next Grilleration Grill - This grill is quite a little larger than the GR10B, using seventy two sq . inches of food preparation area. It also has detachable plates that not only increase flexibility with the kinds of foods being cooked, but additionally makes for quite simple clean-up. The list cost for this grill is about $60.00, and as well normally can be found on the internet for a lower price.

GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Grill - There are a few in the lineup of the “Next Grilleration” models of grills, this one having quite a bit of versatility with 5 removable plates. Not only can this grill cook up great steaks, burgers and hot dogs, but also enables cooking of waffles and even baking! Of the most popular George Foreman grills, this one definitely allows the most flexibility and convenience for the price. Retail cost for this model is around $150.00, but can be found rather easily online for around $100 or less if one knows where to look.

GRP99 Next Grilleration Grill - This version from George Foreman gives 100 square inches of cooking space and has a digital timer to let you know when food is fully cooked. It also has an adjustable temperature control. Retail price with this model is around $100.00 and in addition can be found on the web on the cheap.

More among the top best selling George Foreman grills 2011 involve versions that cater to preparing food for entire families and more adaptable versions than the types in the above list. Each of them are incredibly handy and not only make cooking very easy, they supply more healthy cooking than other types of household in house grills available.

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Top Best Selling Smokeless Indoor Grills 2011

One issue for individuals during the past with regards to using a grill indoors has been the amount of smoke produced by a grill - any of the top best selling smokeless indoor grills 2011 ought to fix this easily. These kinds of small gadgets for the home are not only an excellent answer to barbecuing beef, poultry, etc. in the house, additionally they in general are quite convenient and easy to clean up as well.

With regard to this year, here are a few of the most favorite picks among the top 10 smokeless indoor grills:

Sanyo HPS-SG3 Indoor Barbeque Grill - This apparently is the most popular indoor smokeless grill of the year and it has gotten some truly rave reviews. It grills much like an outdoor bbq grill - but indoors, and without smoking up the home. For an inside grill it has a substantial amount of space with two hundred square inches for cooking, a drip pan underneath to catch any grease and it is known to be easy to clean. Grill steaks, chicken, veggies and more. List price for this grill runs around $70.00.

Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill - This grill is comparable to the other Sanyo model listed above on this page, but is a more compact size, having 120 square inches for cooking and has a non-stick grilling surface. (For smaller numbers of individuals to cook for, this could be sufficient and much more convenient.) Retail store price for this grill is also smaller than for the HPS-SG3, being around $45.00.

DeLonghi BG24 Smokeless Indoor Grill - This is also a much-looked-for grill in the lineup this year, having an efficient cooking system with even heating, multiple temperature settings, and is also a model that is easily cleaned after use. This grill also features glass lid that helps to keep food’s moisture in while cooking. Store price for this grill is around $115.00.

West Bend Heart Smart Grill 6111 - This grill cooks with a ribbed surface which is functional not only for grilling meats and fish, but also helps to drain the grease off as it cooks. It also has a smooth surface for grilling veggies and other types of foods. Like the DeLonghi grill, it has a glass lid for keeping moisture in foods as they cook. Store price for this model is about $85.00.

Every one from the choices listed amid the top best selling smokeless indoor grills 2011 have a pair of things in common - they're well known for their smoke-free cooking function - successfully getting rid of the dilemma of smoke from in house grilling, plus they can be found online for a lower price than retail price.

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Top Best Selling Stainless Steel Gas Grills 2011

Whether someone enjoys true gourmet cooking, or simply loves to be the "grillmaster" of the home, there are some excellent choices on the list of the top best selling stainless steel gas grills 2011.

It seems that ss technology evolves in other areas, it has also moved ahead with outdoor grills, making it simpler and more fun to grill up some of the tastiest food possible.

Here are the top picks for stainless steel gas grills in 2011:

CGG-200 All Foods Tabletop Grill from Cuisinart - This grill is designed for gourmet grilling with features such as an all purpose vegetable panel and has quite a bit of cooking space with a 12,000 BTU stainless steel burner. This grill can be used at home and since it is portable, can easily be taken on the road for camping trips or other outings. Retail price for this grill is around $250.00, and also is available bundled with a stand and cover.

Magnum Infrared Stainless Steel Grill from Char Broil - This is one of the few grill companies that creates products having infrared cooking technology. This grill has about 425 square inches of cooking area while also being rather compact in size to fit smaller spaces. The infrared cooking sears food to keep flavor sealed in and meat juicy. Retail price for the Char Broil Magnum is around $330.00.

Genesis S-330 Stainless Steel Grill from Weber - When it comes to quality grilling equipment, you will be hard pressed to top this grill. The Genesis lineup of grills makes great grilling easy with even hot temperatures and has "flavorizor" bars which leave food with a rich flavor. This grill can be found in either propane or natural gas versions and retails for around $1100.00.

From the entire list of the top best selling stainless steel gas grills for 2011 there are a couple more infrared grills, more choices from Weber - but the most versatile of the bunch is a gas and charcoal (combination) grill, plus a food fryer. All of them can either be purchased retail price in stores but can be found online for much better prices.

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Top Best Selling Portable Gas Grills 2011

These days, based on what I have found out about the top best selling portable gas grills 2011, grilling on the road is getting easier and easier - and tastier too!

For this year, there are portable grills that provide superb cooking capabilities, as well as some compact and collapsible grills for camping and beach trips - and let's not forget about those tailgating party grills! Overall, there is a quite an excellent variety of grills that will very likely provide the perfect answer to any on the road cooking.

From the entire list of the the top ten portable grills for this year, here are the first three choices:

Q 100 Portable Grill from Weber - Weber's lineup of "Q" Series grills gives not only portability but some of the best quality cooking - especially when it comes to a grill of its dimensions. There are various sizes of "Weber Q's," this one appears to be the smallest having a 189 square inch cooking area and a single burner. If this is all that is needed, this might just be the perfect portable grill due to its ability to last a long time with few or no problems. The retail price for the Q 100 is around $160.

Q 320 Portable Grill from Weber - A larger version of the Weber Q grills, this one provides 462 square inches of cooking space and a higher heat level than the Q100, putting out 21,700 BTUs per hour and has double burners. Wherever I have seen this model from Weber, it also comes with a stationary cart having two wheels on one side to help move it from place to place with ease. Retail price for the Q 320 is around $480.

Road Trip LXE Portable Grill from Coleman - The Road Trip LXE has a convenient collapsible style, making it a great choice for packing up on a camping trip. When unfolded and fully assembled, this grill has quite a number of great features including a couple of side tables, two burners (10,000 BTUs each) and porcelain coated cast iron grates for an easy cleanup. Considering the apparent quality and features that this grill provides, it seems that it is a good buy coming in at around $180 retail.

Other choices on the list of the top best selling portable gas grills 2011 include models from Cuisinart, a Margaritaville tailgating model - and of course some additional grills from Weber.

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Top Best Selling Outdoor Gas Grills 2011

The top best selling outdoor gas grills for 2011 are an great combination of larger backyard and portable versions. The complete list is comprised of grills coming from different brand names and are available in a variety of sizes, with different characteristics which give different types of functionality.

From the top 10 list of the best outdoor grills that use either natural gas or propane, here are the top favorites based on consumer popular sales:

Q 100 Portable Grill from Weber - This grill - while a good choice to take camping or anywhere on the road - is a top-knotch grill in terms of its durability and quality cooking. It has 189 square inches of cooking space and cooks with 8,500 BTUs of heat. For those who are searching for something more than "just a portable grill" this is a good choice, even though one will pay quite more for it than simpler or lower quality grill. Retail price for this pick is around $160.00.

Q 320 Portable Grill from Weber - Here is another good choice from Weber, having a similar look to the Q 100, but with quite a bit more cooking space (462 square inches) and a higher heat level (21,700 BTUs). While this grill is also a portable model, it has quite a bit more functionality and comes with a 2-wheeled cart. Retail price for this grill is around $480.00.

Road Trip LXE from Coleman - For those searching for a great grill as well as a convenient model, this might be the choice. Not only is it a high quality grill, it is portable as well - but is also collapsible, making it super easy to transport. It has 285 square inches of cooking space and cooks with 10,000 BTUs. Retail price for this grill is around $180.00.

Additional picks on the list of the top best selling outdoor gas grills 2011 are larger backyard models and even ones that are more portable than the choices listed above. However there is one thing that they all have in common -consumers appear to love them, based on both popularity statistics by sales. (Each one can additionally be purchased online for a better price than list retail - sometimes even with free shipping.

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Top Best Selling Natural Gas Grills 2011

For those outdoor grilling lovers who happen to be looking for an excellent quality in grills, the top best selling natural gas grills 2011 are some good picks - and a good place to start looking when starting out an online search.  Included in the lineup there are just 2 names that stand out among the rest - the main brand is Weber (not a huge surprise!).

From that list of the top 10 natural gas grills for this year, here are a few picks:

Weber Genesis E-310 Natural Gas Grill - This model from Weber is not only the favored grill by that name this year, but appears to also be the hottest selling natural gas grill - period. This grill features 38,000 BTUs, 637 square inches of total cooking area , 3 stainless steel burners and a number of other features that outdoor living lovers swear by. With a retail cost of around $870, this particular model from Weber falls in the middle price range of options.

Weber Spirit E-210 Natural Gas Grill - Another Weber grill tops the list of the best natural gas grills for this year. This is a simpler model than the E-310 above, but has all of the quality one could hope for based on consumer reviews. It is known to cook very efficiently and is relatively easy and fast to put together - and while it is an excellent choice in grills for anyone, it is perhaps the best pick of the bunch for beginning grillers. Retail price for the Spirit E-210 is around $520.

Ducane Affinity 3100 Natural Gas Grill - This grill, while costing quite a bit less than some of the other comparable grills on the list is known to be excellent. It does not have a lot of the bells and whistles but for those searching for "just a great grill" it is a good choice. Total cooking area is 550 square inches with 36,000 BTUs and plenty of table space. It also has a rather sleek appearance. Retail cost for this grill is around $430.

All of the rest (excepting one) of the best natural gas grills 2011 list bears the name Weber.  Some of those picks include the Spirit E-310, Genesis S-330 and the Genesis S-310. However - it seems in terms of consumer popularity and what owners are saying in reviews, any of the choices on the list will work well, and very likely for years down the road.

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Top Best Selling Weber Gas Grills 2011

The top best selling Weber gas grills 2011 are a lineup including the tip top of an already quality lineup.  Experienced grillers who have owned Webers can tell you - these are the "it" among brands of grills, cooking food better than others and with their quality makeup they last for years down the road.

In this year of 2011, here are the most looked for and purchased gas grills from Weber:

Genesis E-320 Grill from Weber  - What that caught my attention on this grill is not only that it is so highly rated by consumers, but also that it has received so many ratings, indicating that it is an incredible seller in the line. It has quite a lot of cooking area with 637 square inches, 3 main burners and another one on the side. This gas grill has plenty of features that would make any grilling buff happy. Retail cost for this grill is around $900.00.

Q 220 Portable Gas Grill from Weber - This is the only portable model in the lineup of the top Weber gas grills for 2011. This is a wonderful choice in grilling for camping or tailgating parties, with excellent quality cooking and a good amount of space for a portable gas grill. As is true with the rest of the grills on the list, this one has received excellent ratings from consumers. Retail price for this grill is about $270.00.

Genesis E-310 Gas Grill from Weber - An additional Genesis model tops the list of the best Weber gas grills 2011. Like the E-320 it features 637 square inches of cooking space, and is known as the very best gas grill in its price range. Retail price for this grill is around

Some of the other versions that you may want to check out of the top best selling Weber gas grills 2011 include the Genesis S-320, the Spirit E-320 and the Summit S-670. One thing that you can very likely count on when you purchase one of these grills is what consumers seem to say over and over - they are worth every penny and are consistently preferred over other brands of grills.

Top Ten Weber Gas Grills 2011