Top Best Selling Stainless Steel Gas Grills 2011

Whether someone enjoys true gourmet cooking, or simply loves to be the "grillmaster" of the home, there are some excellent choices on the list of the top best selling stainless steel gas grills 2011.

It seems that ss technology evolves in other areas, it has also moved ahead with outdoor grills, making it simpler and more fun to grill up some of the tastiest food possible.

Here are the top picks for stainless steel gas grills in 2011:

CGG-200 All Foods Tabletop Grill from Cuisinart - This grill is designed for gourmet grilling with features such as an all purpose vegetable panel and has quite a bit of cooking space with a 12,000 BTU stainless steel burner. This grill can be used at home and since it is portable, can easily be taken on the road for camping trips or other outings. Retail price for this grill is around $250.00, and also is available bundled with a stand and cover.

Magnum Infrared Stainless Steel Grill from Char Broil - This is one of the few grill companies that creates products having infrared cooking technology. This grill has about 425 square inches of cooking area while also being rather compact in size to fit smaller spaces. The infrared cooking sears food to keep flavor sealed in and meat juicy. Retail price for the Char Broil Magnum is around $330.00.

Genesis S-330 Stainless Steel Grill from Weber - When it comes to quality grilling equipment, you will be hard pressed to top this grill. The Genesis lineup of grills makes great grilling easy with even hot temperatures and has "flavorizor" bars which leave food with a rich flavor. This grill can be found in either propane or natural gas versions and retails for around $1100.00.

From the entire list of the top best selling stainless steel gas grills for 2011 there are a couple more infrared grills, more choices from Weber - but the most versatile of the bunch is a gas and charcoal (combination) grill, plus a food fryer. All of them can either be purchased retail price in stores but can be found online for much better prices.

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