Top Best Selling Weber Gas Grills 2011

The top best selling Weber gas grills 2011 are a lineup including the tip top of an already quality lineup.  Experienced grillers who have owned Webers can tell you - these are the "it" among brands of grills, cooking food better than others and with their quality makeup they last for years down the road.

In this year of 2011, here are the most looked for and purchased gas grills from Weber:

Genesis E-320 Grill from Weber  - What that caught my attention on this grill is not only that it is so highly rated by consumers, but also that it has received so many ratings, indicating that it is an incredible seller in the line. It has quite a lot of cooking area with 637 square inches, 3 main burners and another one on the side. This gas grill has plenty of features that would make any grilling buff happy. Retail cost for this grill is around $900.00.

Q 220 Portable Gas Grill from Weber - This is the only portable model in the lineup of the top Weber gas grills for 2011. This is a wonderful choice in grilling for camping or tailgating parties, with excellent quality cooking and a good amount of space for a portable gas grill. As is true with the rest of the grills on the list, this one has received excellent ratings from consumers. Retail price for this grill is about $270.00.

Genesis E-310 Gas Grill from Weber - An additional Genesis model tops the list of the best Weber gas grills 2011. Like the E-320 it features 637 square inches of cooking space, and is known as the very best gas grill in its price range. Retail price for this grill is around

Some of the other versions that you may want to check out of the top best selling Weber gas grills 2011 include the Genesis S-320, the Spirit E-320 and the Summit S-670. One thing that you can very likely count on when you purchase one of these grills is what consumers seem to say over and over - they are worth every penny and are consistently preferred over other brands of grills.

Top Ten Weber Gas Grills 2011

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