Top Best Selling Portable Gas Grills 2011

These days, based on what I have found out about the top best selling portable gas grills 2011, grilling on the road is getting easier and easier - and tastier too!

For this year, there are portable grills that provide superb cooking capabilities, as well as some compact and collapsible grills for camping and beach trips - and let's not forget about those tailgating party grills! Overall, there is a quite an excellent variety of grills that will very likely provide the perfect answer to any on the road cooking.

From the entire list of the the top ten portable grills for this year, here are the first three choices:

Q 100 Portable Grill from Weber - Weber's lineup of "Q" Series grills gives not only portability but some of the best quality cooking - especially when it comes to a grill of its dimensions. There are various sizes of "Weber Q's," this one appears to be the smallest having a 189 square inch cooking area and a single burner. If this is all that is needed, this might just be the perfect portable grill due to its ability to last a long time with few or no problems. The retail price for the Q 100 is around $160.

Q 320 Portable Grill from Weber - A larger version of the Weber Q grills, this one provides 462 square inches of cooking space and a higher heat level than the Q100, putting out 21,700 BTUs per hour and has double burners. Wherever I have seen this model from Weber, it also comes with a stationary cart having two wheels on one side to help move it from place to place with ease. Retail price for the Q 320 is around $480.

Road Trip LXE Portable Grill from Coleman - The Road Trip LXE has a convenient collapsible style, making it a great choice for packing up on a camping trip. When unfolded and fully assembled, this grill has quite a number of great features including a couple of side tables, two burners (10,000 BTUs each) and porcelain coated cast iron grates for an easy cleanup. Considering the apparent quality and features that this grill provides, it seems that it is a good buy coming in at around $180 retail.

Other choices on the list of the top best selling portable gas grills 2011 include models from Cuisinart, a Margaritaville tailgating model - and of course some additional grills from Weber.

Resource: Top 10 Portable Gas Grills

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