Top Best Selling George Foreman Grills 2011

The top best selling George Foreman grills 2011 consist of some models which were around for some time (and remain quite popular), as well as some innovative and even more functional grills - having the capacity to cook almost any form of foods, including burgers, waffles - and even muffins along with other baked foods.

For this particular year, listed here are the very best five most popular grills on the list, from the list of the top 10 George Foreman grills:

George Foreman GR10B Countertop Grill - This year this is evidently the hottest selling of all George Foreman grills. It offers about thirty-six sq . inches to cook (space enough to prepare 2 hamburgers at the same time) and features two set plates to cook with. List price for the GR10B is approximately $25.00, but it can be purchased on the internet for quite a bit less.

GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill - This is most likely the most distinctive within the selection of grills from George Foreman, having the ability to be used outside and used on its stand, or made use of indoors for tabletop cooking. For those who are looking for a grill where they are not allowed to cook with charcoal or gas, this is a good choice. Retail price for this grill is around $120.00.

GRP4 Next Grilleration Grill - This grill is quite a little larger than the GR10B, using seventy two sq . inches of food preparation area. It also has detachable plates that not only increase flexibility with the kinds of foods being cooked, but additionally makes for quite simple clean-up. The list cost for this grill is about $60.00, and as well normally can be found on the internet for a lower price.

GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Grill - There are a few in the lineup of the “Next Grilleration” models of grills, this one having quite a bit of versatility with 5 removable plates. Not only can this grill cook up great steaks, burgers and hot dogs, but also enables cooking of waffles and even baking! Of the most popular George Foreman grills, this one definitely allows the most flexibility and convenience for the price. Retail cost for this model is around $150.00, but can be found rather easily online for around $100 or less if one knows where to look.

GRP99 Next Grilleration Grill - This version from George Foreman gives 100 square inches of cooking space and has a digital timer to let you know when food is fully cooked. It also has an adjustable temperature control. Retail price with this model is around $100.00 and in addition can be found on the web on the cheap.

More among the top best selling George Foreman grills 2011 involve versions that cater to preparing food for entire families and more adaptable versions than the types in the above list. Each of them are incredibly handy and not only make cooking very easy, they supply more healthy cooking than other types of household in house grills available.

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