Top Best Selling Indoor Electric Grills 2011

The top best selling indoor electric grills 2011 make the perfect demonstration of what excellent in house grilling could be like - easy, versatile and a good answer when the weather conditions are not right for cooking outside. A variety of these grills have multiple functions which can make them not only great for grilling purposes, but also for other types of preparing food as well.

With regard to this year - with the top 10 in house electric grills - here are a few of the foremost popular products:

GR10B Indoor Electric Grill from George Foreman - This is one of the best indoor electric grills within the selection this year in terms of recognition, also getting rave critiques coming from people who use it. It has a patented technology to reduce fats in food while cooking. The size of this grill is what is called “personal” - having enough space to cook two hamburgers at once, with 36 square inches of cooking space. If one is looking for a grill to cook for an entire family, perhaps a different model would be a better choice - but if one is cooking for one or two people, this would probably work very well. Retail price for this grill is around $25.00.

GR-4N Indoor Electric Grill from Cuisinart - This grill includes knobs on the front to manage the heat in certain places and it has the ability to be a total grill, a complete griddle or half and half. It may also perform as being a Panini press that adjusts to the thickness of food to cook optimally. This is an incredibly popular grill - not only appearing to be the most popular by sales but has received quite a large number of positive consumer reviews. Retail price for this grill is around $185.00.

Black and Decker G48TD Indoor Grill - This grill has three basic uses - a grill, waffle maker and a griddle. It can make up to 4 waffles at once, and this is a terrific way to grill sandwiches (both sides). This grill can wipe clean easily also, making for added convenience. Retail price on this grill is around $60.00.

Sanyo HPS-SG3 Indoor Grill - For anyone searching for an indoor barbeque grill, this is definitely an excellent choice. It features a bigger food preparation surface than a number of other indoor grills (200 square inches), and while it is known to cook up meats and fish like a champ, its “smokeless” capability keeps added smoke down. This is a great solution to grilling up a steak, hot dogs or some burgers on a cold or wet day. Retail price for this grill is around $70.00.

GRP4 Next Grilleration George Foreman Indoor Grill - This is a great indoor grill for those looking for something with a bit more space for cooking. It has 72 square inches, allowing cooking for about 3 servings of food simultaneously. This model from George Foreman has removable plates adding versatility and an easy cleanup too. Retail price for this grill is around $60.00.

Other choices on the listing of the top best selling indoor electric grills 2011 consist of more innovative and flexible appliances from Cuisinart, George Foreman and Sanyo. In regards to shopping for them, I have found it is much more inexpensive to get them on the internet - they frequently can be purchased for a considerable discount and sometimes even with free delivery.


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