Top Best Selling Charcoal Grills 2011

There is no question about the popularity of the top best selling charcoal grills 2011 - in fact (as you will see from the list below), they are all from the same name in grills (apparently for good reason) - Weber.

Each of these grills has its own strong points - and each of them are different to provide grillers with just about everything they need.

Here they are:

1.  Weber One Touch Kettle - This charcoal grill has a rather "traditional" look to it with a kettle shape and a sleek black look.  This is a great grill for using in the back yard - and could perhaps pass as being portable but it will take up a lot of space in travel and is a bit heavy to carry along.  At any rate, this is apparently the most popular grill so far this year.

2. Weber Smokey Joe Grill - Aside from the fact that the name of this grill is pretty cool (=D) it is also an excellent portable grill to take along camping or to the beach - or wherever you want to go where grilling is a good idea.  It has an easy cleanup system (which is also true of the "One Touch" by the way), and also has a lower price tag than one might think.

3.  Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill - "Go Anywhere" really is a good name for this little guy - it has a rectangular shape with handy dandy legs that fold up to lock the grill lid in place, or to fold down to use as legs, propping up the grill.

Others to check out on the list of the top best selling charcoal grills 2011 include a model called the "Big Steel Keg" grill (a completely different type of grill than others), another model from Weber (that is sort of a "grillmaster's dream" and yet another from the company Meco.

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