Top Best Selling Unlocked Phones For October 2011

Love your cell provider yet not crazy about the mobile phone models they provide? There are numerous hot new cutting edge mobile phones available which are not locked in to any sort of service plan. They all have those well-liked, must-have features and several extra surprises.  Listed below are three of the Best Unlocked Phones October 2011, according to consumer reputation and/or product sales ratings.

Nokia C6-01 Phone - Unlocked:  At the top of the recognition list is this quad-band GSM mobile phone, which is compatible with 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 frequencies and even with 3G networks through AT&T or T-Mobile.

The Nokia C6-01 offers a 3.2" touch screen display with Nokia’s ClearBlack systems for enhanced visibility even outdoors. It has obtained kudos for simplicity of messaging and excellent voice communications. This little jewel likewise comes with an 8+MP digital camera, a video cam, Bluetooth stereo and loads of other features. It has up to 4.5 hours of talking time.

Blackberry 8520 Phone - Unlocked:
  The name tells you this one works on the BlackBerry operating system which has a 512MHz processor and is also geared to work with either AT&T or T-Mobile, unlocked quad band.

Having clear color display screen and a QWERTY keyboard, this phone is a real delight for texters. A 2.0 MP digital camera with 5x digital zoom enables you to take still photos and video. Additional features consist of Bluetooth 2.0 technology offering wireless communication with a Bluetooth-enabled device, and built-in GPS to conveniently give assistance with directions in your travel destinations. It provides as much as 5 hours of talking time.

Unlocked Palm Pixi Plus (shown in top left photo) The Palm Pixi Plus for 2011 is specific to Verizon. It has obtained a massive number of reviews with most of them simply being quite positive. Known for its fast connections through 3G networks, it has Wi-Fi networking, GPS navigation, a 2-megapixel camera/camcorder, Bluetooth music system and many more remarkable attributes. It's a suitable selection for enthusiastic texters, because it has both a touch screen and also a full QWERTY keyboard.

The Palm Pixi Plus is a 3rd generation-enabled mobile phone with instinctive Palm webOS system, permitting simple integration with Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

These are just three of the top ten selections available in the best unlocked cell phones in 2011.

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Top Best Selling Kids Toys 2011-2012

Choosing an age-appropriate toy that can keep your child somewhere safe as well as be compelling at the same time might be a challenge. The selection of secure, fun and encouraging toys has grown to be extensive and I am here to help sort from the distress about how to start with some of the top best selling kids toys 2011-2012.

Here are reviews for the top three kids toys 2011 and into 2012 that were best-sellers this season in three different age catagories and that are also acquiring huge scores by buyers for their ingenuity and enjoyment. Search for links at the end for even more critiques.

Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster (For kids six years or older):

This not just sounds cool, it is. Nerf has added high-tech to this Blaster in the automated range together with pulsing lights for easier approaching along with an acceleration trigger to power up for mileage blasting. Much like other Vortex blasters, the XLR long-range disc technology can launch discs an ultra-long distance.

The Nitron Blaster comes with a 20-disc magazine and has storage convenience of additional magazines, sold separately. There are some truly neat components available for purchase in order to customize your Blaster, too. Get your 6+year-old up and active with the Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster for a market price of $54.99.

Let's Rock Elmo (For kids 18 months and up - photo top left):

Always keeping your child interested shall be easy with the Let's Rock Elmo. The popular Sesame Street character comes with a microphone, tambourine, drum set and instructions. Youngster chooses which musical instrument Elmo should play and Elmo "magicallly" realizes which one he was given and begins his live performance. He performs 6 distinctive tracks. Two more devices can be bought individually; Let's Rock Guitar and Keyboard. The youngster can begin to play these and Elmo can match them.

A good toy for kids if they love Elmo or if you want to cultivate a love of music at an early age. Forecasts are for this to be a favored Christmas toy this year. The Let's Rock Elmo takes 6 AA batteries which are contained for a market price of $69.99.

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet (For kids 4-9 years of age):

The LeapFrog learning system has become at the innovative in technology for kids of various age groups for a long time. This LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet is considered the latest release for 4-9 year olds. Just like an iPad for kids it has a 5" touch screen and 2GB of memory which helps it to run over 100 different apps covering subject matter such as reading, math, science, geography, art, music, language and culture, health and more. The level of skill automatically modifies the process to fit a child's tempo and it remembers progress from use to use. There's even a built-in camera and video recorder.

The LeapPad comes in pink or green with 4 apps to start. Some others apps/games/books could possibly be obtained separately. An excellent revolutionary toy that could encourage kids for a list price of $99.99.

There is a plethora of revolutionary toys for kids of any age that are fun and indulge their thoughts as well. Think birthdays or Christmas for any of the best toys for kids 2011-2012 here.

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Top Best Selling T-Mobile Phones Fall 2011

With a group of some of the hottest smart phones this season, T-Mobile gives infinite improvements and services, so it's easy to find a cell phone that can fit your needs. And the extremely fast 4G network makes for reaction times that could amaze. You can stay updated with your favorite TV shows, sports, headlines and a lot more while your on the go.

Coming from the Top Ten T-Mobile Phones for this 2011 Fall season listed below are the three top products, ranked on consumer popularity and on their high general ratings:

T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit 4G Android phone:  This is actually the list topper at number one. Operated by the Google Android 2.3 O.S. it is equally fast and user friendly. This sleek Samsung Exhibit 4G will make you stay connected to all of your favored hobbies for both work and leisure.  It comes with a full-featured, 3 1/2" color touch screen loaded with entertainment options.  It is also Bluetooth compatible, has Web browsing with Flash support, MP3 playback and WiFi calling is available.  The Samsung Exhibit integrates the newest Android 1 Gigahertz processor with T-Mobile's warp fast 4G network speed which means you will be able to view live and on-demand programs.

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Android Phone:  Here is the cell phone for texting. Having a distinctive "pop-tilt" hinge and also a first-class, five-row QWERTY keyboard, this little phone isn't only perfect for typical texting, but also permits multi-party text conversations. The "Cloud Text" feature adds the option to text throughout platforms from your PC or phone.  The 3.5" touchscreen is powered by the Android 2.2 operating system and when you add the super high speeds of the T-Mobile 4G network, you will get raging connections and download rates up to twenty-one Megabytes per second.

T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G Android Phone:  You can use your apps and services a lot more that has a lot less waiting on this powerhouse of a cell phone. It comes loaded with a super-fast dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, an incredible 4.3" gHD touchscreen display, and an 8.0 MP digital camera to record and share stunning photographs. Along with the modern Android os, you’ll find the Feeling also offers the next-generation HTC Sense graphical user interface.  Other attributes to choose from consist of Wi-Fi network connection, Bluetooth compatibility and 1080p resolution video capability. And, don't forget that strongly fast 4G network.

Who doesn't want the latest and greatest in terms of mobile phones. Any kind of these from the list of the best T-Mobile phones as of fall 2011 can challenge your creative thinking.

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Top Best Selling Cell Phones for Sprint Fall 2011

The Sprint company seems to be leading the pack in superior cell phone products in 2011, evidenced from the set of the top best selling Sprint phones 2011. Whether or not someone is a technology fan or just somebody who needs a good quality update for their phone, there's sure to be a model that is a good fit.

For this season - by October 2011, listed below are the top end cell phones for Sprint, centered both on customer level of popularity and above average client rankings:

HTC EVO 3D 4G Android Sprint Phone:  The headliner is the HTC EVO 3D 4G Android Sprint Phone that is created just for Sprint and was released on 6/24/2001. You must know that this is the very first smart cell phone to have a 4.3 inch 3D QHD (960×540) screen that could capture, record and playback in three dimension without using 3D glasses.

If you want to stream videos and/or produce your very own video content of life's memorable moments plus view them in 3D and share easily with other people, then this HTC EVO 3D must be yours. It has the latest edition of the HTC Sense consumer experience and is powered by Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

Samsung Epic Touch 4G Android Sprint Cell phone:  One more leading choice of the Sprint mobile phones is the Samsung Epic Touch 4G Android. Discuss a multi-layered entertainment odyssey with an Android-powered mobile phone. You will experience it with this particular one. This unit includes the Sprint 4G network speed having an sophisticated screen display that will be a thrill to get around. You can obtain movie, video games and limitless apps to have at your fingertips, anywhere.

One of the fastest processors in the marketplace, the brand new 1.2 GHz dual-core Samsung Exynos is the operating system behind this gem. With Sprint’s ultra-fast 4G network (in addition to 3G networks wherever 4G isn't yet made available) you may have lightning speed usage of all the entertainment features with this Epic Touch 4G by Samsung.

HTC EVO Shift 4G Android Sprint Mobile phoneFollowing in the tracks of the award-winning HTC EVO 4G, this HTC EVO Shift 4G for Sprint keeps with the same modern design but contains a slide-out QWERTY keyboard set for convenient texting. This is enabled for Sprint TV and Amazon MP3 download store use, supplies synchronized voice plus data connection and download rates up to ten times faster than 3G with Sprint's new and growing 4G network.

Running on Google Android 2.2, the HTC EVO Shift comes with a slightly larger than a 3.5 inch touch screen.

For people current or potential Sprint service clients out there, one among the list of the best cell phones for Sprint this year should do quite nicely. To read more on these mobile phones or perhaps to get a look at more alternatives on the list, visit:

Samsung Nexus S 4G Android Sprint Phone:

The next leading Sprint phones 2011 is a first-rate offering from Samsung. The Nexus S 4G utilizes a Google Android 2.3 OS. Therefore, you'll have that common Google feel yet at those remarkable 4G speeds (also with 3G networks when needed). This mobile phone features a lightweight, thin, palm-sized profile with a 4 inch touchscreen that provides a high-contrast display for extremely vivid color and sharp readable text even if seen in bright sunshine. Additional features, such as Wi-Fi are obtainable.

The Nexus S couples Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor and of course the Google Voice features. Find this phone online at Amazon, eBay and at

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Top Best Selling Cell Phones for Verizon Fall 2011

Verizon has evolved quite a bit in regards to precisely what it can offer to consumers for mobile phones and service, which may be summarized by overlooking the best Verizon phones 2011. As technological innovation turns and turns, so do these mobile phones which makes a few of the handiest gadgets around to stay in touch with good friends, view video clips and movies, listen to music plus much more. All of this together with the current speeds that the mobile phones and service tend to be equipped for and once someone owns one of them they are able to become a must-have for everyday use.

Coming into the fall season of in 2011, from the total listing of the top 10 Verizon phones for this year, here are precisely what seem to be the 3 top choices when it comes to consumer reputation coupled with high general ratings:

Verizon HTC Thunderbolt 4G:  Do you like a mobile phone that functions at super speed? How about a cellular phone together with a display screen that makes it super easy to make use of and get around parts of the web, contacts in addition to social media? The HTC Thunderbolt 4G has all of this plus more. Being a 4th generation telephone, this cellular phone networks with Verizons speediest current technologies plus the Google Android operating system, version 2.2 This cell phone can be found to purchase either with service or without.

Verizon Samsung DROID CHARGE 4G:  Here is an additional fourth generation or 4G networking cell phone, that functions at rates of speed that could satisfy just about anybody. Together with its speedy connection and operating system you are able to hook up with the web at your preferred HotSpots and has all of the Google Mobile services you could imagine. Like the Thunderbolt 4G, this mobile phone might be bought with service from Verizon or without as a replacement mobile phone.

Verizon LG Octane:  Although this phone runs on a 3G network rather than the more sophisticated 4G, that doesn't automatically make it a less desirable choice in a mobile phone, unless your heart is actually set on the 4G data transfer rates. With a number of quite handy capabilities, this really is nevertheless known to be an exceedingly great phone having a fold out QWERTY keyboard for those texters around. Additionally it's got quite the ability to hook up with your favorite social networks and most likely all of the additional features that a user might expect.

There are obviously more choices than what exactly are given above, and perhaps one of the other options between the best cell phones for Verizon 2011 might better meet your requirements. To obtain a much better look at the whole list, check out Top 10 Verizon Phones for 2011.

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