Top Best Selling Mr. Potato Heads 2010

Of all the Mr. Potato Head toys available in 2010 (and there are quite a number of them), the top best selling Mr. Potato Heads 2010 can be a small checklist of a fun combination of products for children and enthusiasts also.

This year, listed here are the top three top selling Mr. Potato Head toys:

Mr Potato Head - Silly Suitcase Toy – This is likely known as a favorite due to the fact that there are more than 40 mix and match parts to choose from, and is a best seller specifically for kids. This is the point that makes this particular choice so fun – allowing for literally hundreds of different combinations for kids to create and laugh about.

Elvis Presley Mr. Potato Head: “Elvis Live” – This in my opinion is the most amusing of all the different Potato Heads, having the looks and outfit of the King of rock and roll. This is known to be a favorite of various collectors and Elvis fans, complete with a white and gold studded outfit, turn-up collar, very cool sunglasses, guitar and microphone. No matter if someone is a Mr. Potato Head collector or an Elvis fan, this would make an excellent gift for adults or kids.

Mr. Potato Head - Toy Story Classic Version – Here is the “Don Rickles” looking potato head, straight from the Disney Pixar Toy Story movies. There are other Toy Story versions of Mr. Potato Heads but this one appears to be the most popular of them all. It comes with all the same parts used in the movie, including the “tush” opening in the back to contain all unused parts.

If one is not acquainted with the line of Mr. Potato Heads these days it may be a surprise to find out exactly to what degree that the top best selling Mr. Potato Heads 2010 in the above list are simply the beginning! It would appear that this fun and goofy personality is far from simply an enjoyable and imaginative kids plaything – there are personas for each and every major sports league (the most famous of which is the NY Yankees character – three versions) in addition to Star Wars character types, an Iron Man “Tony Starch” and even more characters in the Toy Story collection. How many in all? It’s hard to tell since there were a wide variety of releases over the years, however if you are searching for a gift for a "best Mr. Potato Head" enthusiast, you will not be lacking in variety to select from!

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Top Best Selling Wooden Kitchens for Kids 2010

The top best selling wooden kitchens for kids this year certainly are a collection of playthings for kids that bring about imagination - and there are characteristics which simply did not exist while I was a girl! They are made from some of the finest names in children's toys and games, and are acknowledged to be rather durable too.

For this season, listed below are the top three best wooden kitchens for kids, with regard to buyer popularity:
Plan Toys Kids Wooden Kitchen Center – Although this is a smaller version of a full kitchen, this little center packs a number of great features. One side has a stove and an oven, while the other side bears a sink area. There is shelving above the base area, allowing more room to store dishes and utensils – or perhaps a fun decoration. This model wooden kitchen is environmentally safe and is great addition to a room or a day care center for kids.

Large Pastel Wooden Kitchen from KidKraft – This kitchen is quite a bit larger than the one above, with lots of space for kids to play. The general design     of this kitchen includes a one-sided kitchen (instead of a “center” which includes appliances on both sides), with a refrigerator, freezer, oven and microwave – as well as a sink area and other appliances and spaces. A very cute overall look, having all pastel colors and is a good choice for a young lady.

KidKraft Pink Retro Wooden Kids Kitchen – This kitchen has an aged or “retro” look about it, and has adorable features that look even cuter in the color pink. KidKraft has done an amazing job with creating realistic and durable toys for kids to enjoy, and this particular wooden kitchen appears that it is not an exception to that rule. The features of this kitchen include a refrigerator, freezer, oven and dishwasher – all with doors that open and close. Perhaps the thing that stands out the most concerning this choice is the overall look – it can certainly recreate some memories for us not so young “kids”!

Kids play kitchens definitely have advanced significantly since I was a child, and the best wooden kitchens for kids are particularly engaging and also seem to have quite realistic qualities which make play a lot more interesting.

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Top Best Selling Crayola Products 2010

The earliest products from Crayola were created in the year 1903 - the crayons. However, the top best selling Crayola products for kids 2010 show that we now have many more products produced by this fantastic corporation than merely colors - although they are to this day known as the best and most popular coloring products for kids.

In the year 2010, here are the best kids Crayola products based on consumer popularity:

Coloring Pages from Crayola – The coloring pages from Crayola are available in a huge number of various themes that are generally favorites of either boys or girls. A few examples include Disney Cars pages, Dora the Explorer, Toy Story, Disney Princesses and much more. They also come in “giant” or “mini” sizes and have paper that can either be used with crayons or special kids’ markers.

Magnetic Double Easel from Crayola – This is a very special easel for kids which has a dry erase board as one surface, while the opposite side is a chalkboard. The dry erase board can be used with special Crayola dry erase markers for children – or with “dry erase crayons” which sometimes parents prefer due to the fact that they tend to be neater to use, with less mess. Also as the name implies, the easel is magnetic, allowing kids to play with numbers, letters or other toys with magnets attached to the back.

Crayola Crayon Maker – The crayon maker might just be my top favorite in the lineup due to the fact that it provides a way for kids to create crayons which is fun in itself, but it also gives kids the opportunity to melt down old “nubby” crayons and create new sharp ones out of them. This particular product from Crayola is appropriate for kids age 8 and older and is becoming apparently more popular over time – and might just be one of the best selling “toys” for Christmas this year!

The short checklist above of the top best selling Crayola products for kids gives but a minor taste of what's really on the market. These days one can find everything from toys that permit children to make use of lighting to make pictures, a dome which illuminates images that are drawn on it – and there is also a unique type of books and markers that permit children to produce with great color – the particular marker pens solely function along with the special paper in order that there is no coloring happening with furniture, walls, and so on.

Main point here: When someone is looking to buy a good item which will be a winner for kids – nearly without exception – kids Crayola products this year are certainly an excellent bet.

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Top Best Selling Kids Bikes 2010

In the not too distant past years, bicycles for youngsters really have improved - as proven by the top best selling kids bikes 2010. These are definitely well considered, durable and in addition consist of styles making it possible for even the littlest of children to master riding a bicycle.

For this year, the following are the 3 most popular bicycles for kids:

Strider Balance Bike – Here is the first of a unique lineup of bicycles for kids 2010 – the balance bike. This is known to truly help kids when they are learning the best way to ride by giving them what they need first – a sense of balance. This (in my opinion) is a brilliant idea simply because it allows kids to get used to the feel of a bicycle and how to balance on it prior to adding other “complexities” such as pedaling, keeping legs away from chains, etc. Kids literally can run with this bike, then get used to riding on it with feet up – at which point they are ready to tackle the level of actually riding a bicycle. The Strider version of the balance bike is apparently appropriate for toddlers as young as 18 months old!

Kazam Balance Kids Bike – Like the Strider PREBike, this bike is designed to get kids used to the sense and balance of riding a bike before moving on to a much more difficult level. There are a few key differences with the Kazam, the most obvious of which is the look and overall design. Another difference is that it carries a bit of a lower price than the Strider – but perhaps the most important thing to know is that it is built for a bit of an older age range, being appropriate (per the manufacturer) for kids about 3 to 6 years of age.

Jasmine Girls Bike from Schwinn – The third most popular from the kids bikes in 2010 is made specifically for the young ladies out there – especially for girls who love the character “Jasmine” of the Disney Princess lineup. Even though this bicycle is quite feminine looking (with pink and other light pastel colors as well as pretty designs) – it is known to be quite durable and can take lots of use. This bicycle is a 16 inch design, appropriate for girls from around 4 to 6 years old.

Needless to say there are many more of the top best selling kids bikes than the ones listed above – and they are quite a lineup for children with the younger age range but also consist of BMX style and freestyle bicycles for kids who are in an older age group.

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Top Best Selling Toys Under $20 for 2010

With all of the advanced technology along with other types of hot selling toys and games these days, one might think that the top best selling toys under $20 wouldn't be very special. Based on a person's standards and exactly what they may have in mind this may be the case – yet the fact of the matter is that these products are actually some of the most loved toys that you can buy.

If shopping on a budget this year, you might find this particular checklist handy – here are the top three choices from kids toys for $20 or less in 2010:
Silly Bandz Rubber Band Toys – Silly Bandz seem to be the hottest selling of all kids toys from this past summer. They can be found in various shapes and in different themes such as dinosaurs, “Rock Bandz”, sea creatures, pets and many more. Since their original release, other similar toys also have been released, permitting consumers to choose from a lot of these kinds of toys. What are they? Basically they are rubber bands – yes, that’s right. Nevertheless they are molded into various shapes and made with different colors that kids love to wear around their wrists and trade with other kids. Definitely one of the most economical choices this year (priced at only a few dollars or less) – and practically a guaranteed hit with kids.

Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Toy – This is one of the most loved toys from Melissa and Doug and it is basically wooden food shapes that separate easily and come with safe and easy cutting tools. The food makes a fun “crunching” sound when cut, making it even more popular especially with very young kids. This toy also has an educational aspect to it, allowing kids to begin learning about parts or fractions of objects, using items from the real world to demonstrate this. (There are various “Cutting Food” types of toys available from Melissa and Doug.)

Stomp Rockets (Various Toys) – Here is my personal favorite among this list of toys for kids under $20. There are “Junior” versions of the toy that are appropriate for kids three years or older, along with other variations that are specifically for older kids and teens. What are they? They are rockets that blast very high into the air when a child (or an adult of course) stomps on a launch pad. Per consumer reviews that I studied, these toys are truly a blast, and are a perfect choice for taking to a wide open space such as a park or a field outside of town.

A person might consider that in order to make an excellent selection in toys and games for children they must be willing to pay a large amount of cash – however as the list of the best toys for kids under $20 may show, a number of the most popular selling and much liked toys actually bear a cost that is much easier to deal with when shopping on a tighter budget.

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Top Best Selling Educational Toys 2010

The top best selling educational toys 2010 are a great selection – and even though these are not “hot new” toys, they are tried and true favorites of both kids and parents – for a good reason. These are the toys that stand out among the rest as performing their activity (plus some) on helping children to learn eye hand coordination at a very early age and move ahead upward to kids that are more advanced learners.

Here are the three top choices in 2010 for educational learning toys and games for children this year:

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table – This table is quite functional in terms of enjoyment level and learning for babies before they are even able to stand – and is just as educational for toddlers. There are a number of features for this toy that enable it to “grow” with children’s different learning levels, including the most obvious idea that the legs can be taken off to lie flat on the ground for babies, and then added for toddler age children. This table comes equipped with a number of interesting toys for little ones, and as they become more advanced in their learning skills there are more toys that catch their interest and help them along.

Leapster 2 Educational Toy from LeapFrog – This toy has become quite well known as a great hand-held toy for kids that can accompany them wherever they go. It comes complete with two educational games installed, and there are quite a few more to choose from, including various games from the Disney Pixar character lineup.

Moon in My Room Educational Toy from Uncle Milton – This is one of the more interesting of the educational toys for kids this year, and like the two given above has been quite popular for two years now. This basically is a light-up wall hanging for kids rooms that also helps to educate them on the moon itself, its cycles and more.

There are many additional choices apart from the best educational toys this year in the above list – for children of any age. However, the toys and games here offer the most loved – the ones that parents are picking over any others this season.

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Top Best Selling Toy Boxes for Kids 2010

When I consider the various qualities and features of the top best selling toy boxes for kids in 2010, I can say that I definitely go along with the consumers who appear to love them - these are some of the most useful toy boxes for kids available and so are excellent choices for kids to make use of for tidying up their room easily.

For this current year, here are the top three children's toy boxes by popular demand:

Giant Toy Chest for Kids from Little Tikes – The name says everything. This durable plastic toy box is big enough to keep numerous items from a child’s toy collection being 39 inches long, 23 inches wide and almost 22 inches high. With a rectangular general shape, this toy box should snug nicely into the corner of a little one's room. It's available with either a pink lid for girls or a blue lid for boys. Although this toy box is not what I would at all call “fancy” it is still cute and is very practical.

Tot Tutors Toy Organizing Bins – I speak from experience when I say this specific toy organizer is possibly the best invention since sliced bread! It includes four shelves (each “shelf” made from dual horizontal posts), with three bins that fit along each level for a total of twelve bins. Not only is this an excellent tool for helping keep things tidied up, but is also a good way to help get kids used to the concept of separating different types of objects into their own groups by using it.

Step2 “Tool Chest” Toy Box – This toy box or organizer is more particular to young boys, having a racing theme with a sleek color and racing decals on the exterior. It has four doors for the front that open to allow access to two shelves with a good deal of space, and even though it’s outer appearance is much like a dresser, its design appears to be more practical for the purpose of keeping toys and other personal objects tidied up and safe. If in search of a toy box or some form of organizational bedroom accessories for a young boy who loves autos and racing, this would probably be a great alternative.

Aside from the best toy boxes for kids this year listed above, you will find additional choices along these lines for either boys or girls, and according to a person's needs could possibly be more suitable options. However, I will point out that the three in the list above – in my own opinion as a parent – are wonderful choices for kids.



Top Best Selling Verizon Phones 2010

The list of the ten best Verizon phones has shown a collection of outstanding phones - even for individuals (such as myself) that merely "need a good phone". On the other hand there are several superb alternatives among the top best selling Verizon phones 2010 for individuals who text often, are strong music fans or need to have fast access to their social networking there are some seriously popular and highly ranked choices.

Based upon customer popularity (sales rankings), listed here are what I have discovered to be the 3 top selling cell phones for Verizon this year:
Verizon Blackberry Storm 2 – The highlight of the Blackberry Storm 2 is apparently its sure press screen technology that makes the screen functions easier to use, and makes the result of use more consistent. (Any users of an overly sensitive touch screen will attest that this is a very helpful feature.) Users also love the rapid connection and global roaming ability. This phone has been around now for a couple of years, and continues to be one of the most popular around. Although there have been some negative reviews on this phone, overall the reviews are quite positive.

Palm Pre Plus Cell Phone for Verizon – The best feature of this phone is apparently great convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity. It is also known for an excellent GPS navigational system. Compared to the Blackberry Storm 2, there are many more positive reviews submitted – and more reviews submitted at all, which I believe is a sign in itself of its high quality. With the Palm’s webOS platform, multiple applications can be run at once and without lagging.

Verizon Reality Phone from Samsung – Probably the favorite attribute for this particular phone is the Texting keyboard which has a bit more space between keys than various other cell phones with this type of feature. For those who enjoy texting or find the need to text often, this is a very useful part of this cell phone. This is another cell on the list that has extremely fast and reliable connectivity and a great navigation GPS system (with the Verizon service).

The retail cost of the top best selling Verizon phones (with no service) runs from about $300 to $550, depending on the cell phone. There are some good options when choosing one of the Verizon cell phones – some reliable providers offer them free by using a monthly plan and replacement unit phones can be acquired from several resources online for a low price tag.

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Top Best Selling Unlocked Phones 2010

When looking for a good unlocked phone, it can be useful to know those that individuals are selecting again and again. Knowing that, the top best selling unlocked phones in 2010 are a collection that may have well known names and are certainly highly sought out by consumers specially.

Of all the ones offered this year, listed here are the 3 best unlocked phones when it comes to consumer recognition:
Unlocked Apple iPhone 3G 16GB – It is not a surprise that probably the most sought after cell phone available these days is also topping the list of best unlocked cell phones. The Apple iPhone 3G 16GB can be found refurbished in a large number of places, and for a price that perhaps is far more within reach for many than purchasing a brand new phone of another brand. It is a “3G” (standing for 3rd Generation) which means that it is well known for holding a fast connection. And – there are quite a number of features that can be found on this phone that are much used and loved as well.

Unlocked LG KP500 Cookie Phone – When looking over this unlocked phone, there have been two things that stood apart to me the most: The number of resources selling it and the low price. This is one of the more affordable phones among the entire list of the hottest selling unlocked models in 2010 – having a great combination of quite a number of much needed features and a price that will (for most) not strain a budget.

Unlocked Blackberry Curve 8520 Phone – For the Blackberry lovers out there that are searching for a phone that is not locked into a specific service, this is a good one to check out first. It has the famous QWERTY keyboard, up to 5 hours of talk time between charges (or 17 days on standby mode), Wi Fi and many many more attributes.

You will find most definitely advantages and disadvantages related to buying an unlocked phone. In some conditions it may certainly be a plus simply because the consumer is getting exactly the cell phone that they want combined with service provider she or he favors. A minimum of one of the drawbacks is the fact that at times all of the applications which come from the service provider won't perform as needed because perhaps the software programs installed on the phone may not quite match what the service company is offering for their support. (GPS navigation systems are a good example of this.)


Top Best Selling T-Mobile Phones 2010

From the list of the Top 10 T-Mobile Phones this year, the 3 top best selling T-Mobile phones are something really over and above amazing. The characteristics are not only adequate - it has literally become a bit of a task only to sit and study the complete list of what goes along with these phones. A few of the capabilities I thought of as rather unexpected and are definitely new - at least in my opinion!

Coming from that checklist, listed here are the top three cell phones for T-Mobile in 2010:

Samsung Vibrant Android Cell Phone for T-Mobile – This phone is a perfect example of why the comment in the paragraph above. It has some features that I had not considered would even be available with a cell phone including the Kindle e-reading device (application for Android), the movie “Avatar” pre-installed and those SimCity fans will be happy to know that they have all the entertainment they could hope for right there on their phone. Couple the features above with the fact that this phone is known also for its fast connection speed, built in Wi-Fi, camera, QWERTY keyboard for fast texting (and some more “bells and whistles”) - and it is actually no wonder that this is ranked as #1 on the list of the most popular phones for T-Mobile this year.

HD2 Android Phone for T-Mobile from HTC – Here is another excellent example of the technology available with cell phones these days. Similar to the Samsung Vibrant, this phone is equipped with its own e-reader but rather than having the Kindle, it features the Barnes and Noble application, allowing users access to literally thousands of books and other types of publications. It also has movies pre-installed (both Transformers and Revenge of the Fallen). Of course these features alone do not “make” this phone – it has many more attributes that again makes it one of the most looked-for phones around.

Blackberry Bold 9700 Cell Phone for T-Mobile – The Blackberry Bold 9700 is available for other phone services and is one of the hottest sellers among those as well. Probably the most loved “feature” is the operating system (Blackberry OS 5.), which has made some true die-hard Blackberry fans out there that swear they will never use another brand. There are also numerous features with this phone – reading the list of features is actually a bit of an undertaking.

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Top Best Selling Sprint Phones 2010

The top ten Sprint phones for this year are an especially interesting collection taking into account that there are new ones coming up the line pretty quickly - and additional ones in the not too faraway future. Coming from that list of the top 10, listed here are the top best selling Sprint phones 2010:

Sprint HTC Hero Phone – This phone features the now-much-loved Android OS from Google which allows the user to make use of loads of programs and therefore having a cell phone which is completely customized for the users’ needs and favorite pastimes. As much as 5 hours of talk time between charges, and some more entertaining features such as direct connection to the Amazon MP3 store and Sprint TV. Wi-Fi networking is also available, making connections to home networks and other hotspots easy.

Sprint Samsung Moment Phone – Samsung is currently leading the rest when it comes to general popularity for technology in the Sprint phone market. This is the first of them, the “Moment”. This phone also has the Google Android OS and a bit more talk time between charges than the Hero with 5.5 hours available. Other functions of course are included such as an outstanding GPS navigation system and Wi-Fi. The full price for this phone (when compared to HTC Hero) is a bit lower, at least when purchased as itself (without service, for an already existing phone plan ).

Sprint Samsung Intercept Phone – The second (of four) Sprint cell phones from Samsung on the “hot list” at this point in time, this phone features not only a touch screen and the Android operating system but also has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which is becoming more and more in demand by “super texters” or those who use their cell phone a great deal to access the internet.

There are a few exciting improvements occurring with this piece of the technology industry, making it pretty likely that the list of the top best selling Sprint phones 2010 is going to be varying within the next 12 months and possibly as soon as the coming months. One such change (specifically in cell phones for Sprint) will be the development of the “4g” (standing for “4th generation”) which as I understand will boost the speed of these cell phones by about ten-fold, and possibly will even bring in some yet unheard of capabilities in the not too distant future.

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Top Best Selling AT&T Phones 2010

A single interesting point about the top best selling AT&T phones for 2010 is the price difference between a cell phone with and without a service program. Obviously, you will pay much less for the cell phone itself with a service plan - but fortunately, the replacement mobile phones can be purchased for a fairly good deal as well.

From the list of the top 10 AT&T phones in 2010, here are the best 3 choices according to shopper popularity:

HTC Aria Android Phone for AT&T – This is apparently the hottest selling phone for AT&T so far this year. The features are rather amazing but the highlights include the Android operating system (which is pretty amazing in itself), an extremely fast connection and a built in GPS system to help find one’s way around. The retail price for this phone without service runs around $500, but it can be found (even without service) for quite a bit less, and there are some dealers that will set consumers up with a free phone along with a service plan.

Samsung Captivate Android Phone for AT&T – Another phone with a Google Android operating system comes in toward the top of the list this year (Starting to see a trend forming here?). The Samsung Captivate has a large number of features but the key ones include the connection speed and a fast Wi-Fi connection to the web. This particular phone is known for its fast processor as well, making it a great phone for extra fast gaming and other activities.

Blackberry Bold 9700 AT&T Phone – This is one of three Blackberry phones on the “top 10 list” this year. This phone is known for its excellent voice connections, even globally. It also has a much loved GPS navigation system that can be quite helpful and is known to be quite reliable. If someone is looking for an extremely reliable phone that has already proven itself in terms of numbers of rankings and rave reviews, this model might be a good choice.

Of course you will discover quite a few additional choices among the best AT&T phones for 2010 (and the variety of cell phones for AT&T keeps increasing) – from brands such as Motorola, Palm and LG, it isn't tough to be quite picky about the features a person would really love. With regards to shopping, there are also some excellent bargains offered – many of the hot selling cell phones this year have “unlocked” versions, making them designed for various carrier's networks.

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