Top Best Selling Crayola Products 2010

The earliest products from Crayola were created in the year 1903 - the crayons. However, the top best selling Crayola products for kids 2010 show that we now have many more products produced by this fantastic corporation than merely colors - although they are to this day known as the best and most popular coloring products for kids.

In the year 2010, here are the best kids Crayola products based on consumer popularity:

Coloring Pages from Crayola – The coloring pages from Crayola are available in a huge number of various themes that are generally favorites of either boys or girls. A few examples include Disney Cars pages, Dora the Explorer, Toy Story, Disney Princesses and much more. They also come in “giant” or “mini” sizes and have paper that can either be used with crayons or special kids’ markers.

Magnetic Double Easel from Crayola – This is a very special easel for kids which has a dry erase board as one surface, while the opposite side is a chalkboard. The dry erase board can be used with special Crayola dry erase markers for children – or with “dry erase crayons” which sometimes parents prefer due to the fact that they tend to be neater to use, with less mess. Also as the name implies, the easel is magnetic, allowing kids to play with numbers, letters or other toys with magnets attached to the back.

Crayola Crayon Maker – The crayon maker might just be my top favorite in the lineup due to the fact that it provides a way for kids to create crayons which is fun in itself, but it also gives kids the opportunity to melt down old “nubby” crayons and create new sharp ones out of them. This particular product from Crayola is appropriate for kids age 8 and older and is becoming apparently more popular over time – and might just be one of the best selling “toys” for Christmas this year!

The short checklist above of the top best selling Crayola products for kids gives but a minor taste of what's really on the market. These days one can find everything from toys that permit children to make use of lighting to make pictures, a dome which illuminates images that are drawn on it – and there is also a unique type of books and markers that permit children to produce with great color – the particular marker pens solely function along with the special paper in order that there is no coloring happening with furniture, walls, and so on.

Main point here: When someone is looking to buy a good item which will be a winner for kids – nearly without exception – kids Crayola products this year are certainly an excellent bet.

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