Top Best Selling Sprint Phones 2010

The top ten Sprint phones for this year are an especially interesting collection taking into account that there are new ones coming up the line pretty quickly - and additional ones in the not too faraway future. Coming from that list of the top 10, listed here are the top best selling Sprint phones 2010:

Sprint HTC Hero Phone – This phone features the now-much-loved Android OS from Google which allows the user to make use of loads of programs and therefore having a cell phone which is completely customized for the users’ needs and favorite pastimes. As much as 5 hours of talk time between charges, and some more entertaining features such as direct connection to the Amazon MP3 store and Sprint TV. Wi-Fi networking is also available, making connections to home networks and other hotspots easy.

Sprint Samsung Moment Phone – Samsung is currently leading the rest when it comes to general popularity for technology in the Sprint phone market. This is the first of them, the “Moment”. This phone also has the Google Android OS and a bit more talk time between charges than the Hero with 5.5 hours available. Other functions of course are included such as an outstanding GPS navigation system and Wi-Fi. The full price for this phone (when compared to HTC Hero) is a bit lower, at least when purchased as itself (without service, for an already existing phone plan ).

Sprint Samsung Intercept Phone – The second (of four) Sprint cell phones from Samsung on the “hot list” at this point in time, this phone features not only a touch screen and the Android operating system but also has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which is becoming more and more in demand by “super texters” or those who use their cell phone a great deal to access the internet.

There are a few exciting improvements occurring with this piece of the technology industry, making it pretty likely that the list of the top best selling Sprint phones 2010 is going to be varying within the next 12 months and possibly as soon as the coming months. One such change (specifically in cell phones for Sprint) will be the development of the “4g” (standing for “4th generation”) which as I understand will boost the speed of these cell phones by about ten-fold, and possibly will even bring in some yet unheard of capabilities in the not too distant future.

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