Top Best Selling Wooden Kitchens for Kids 2010

The top best selling wooden kitchens for kids this year certainly are a collection of playthings for kids that bring about imagination - and there are characteristics which simply did not exist while I was a girl! They are made from some of the finest names in children's toys and games, and are acknowledged to be rather durable too.

For this season, listed below are the top three best wooden kitchens for kids, with regard to buyer popularity:
Plan Toys Kids Wooden Kitchen Center – Although this is a smaller version of a full kitchen, this little center packs a number of great features. One side has a stove and an oven, while the other side bears a sink area. There is shelving above the base area, allowing more room to store dishes and utensils – or perhaps a fun decoration. This model wooden kitchen is environmentally safe and is great addition to a room or a day care center for kids.

Large Pastel Wooden Kitchen from KidKraft – This kitchen is quite a bit larger than the one above, with lots of space for kids to play. The general design     of this kitchen includes a one-sided kitchen (instead of a “center” which includes appliances on both sides), with a refrigerator, freezer, oven and microwave – as well as a sink area and other appliances and spaces. A very cute overall look, having all pastel colors and is a good choice for a young lady.

KidKraft Pink Retro Wooden Kids Kitchen – This kitchen has an aged or “retro” look about it, and has adorable features that look even cuter in the color pink. KidKraft has done an amazing job with creating realistic and durable toys for kids to enjoy, and this particular wooden kitchen appears that it is not an exception to that rule. The features of this kitchen include a refrigerator, freezer, oven and dishwasher – all with doors that open and close. Perhaps the thing that stands out the most concerning this choice is the overall look – it can certainly recreate some memories for us not so young “kids”!

Kids play kitchens definitely have advanced significantly since I was a child, and the best wooden kitchens for kids are particularly engaging and also seem to have quite realistic qualities which make play a lot more interesting.

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