Top Best Selling Mr. Potato Heads 2010

Of all the Mr. Potato Head toys available in 2010 (and there are quite a number of them), the top best selling Mr. Potato Heads 2010 can be a small checklist of a fun combination of products for children and enthusiasts also.

This year, listed here are the top three top selling Mr. Potato Head toys:

Mr Potato Head - Silly Suitcase Toy – This is likely known as a favorite due to the fact that there are more than 40 mix and match parts to choose from, and is a best seller specifically for kids. This is the point that makes this particular choice so fun – allowing for literally hundreds of different combinations for kids to create and laugh about.

Elvis Presley Mr. Potato Head: “Elvis Live” – This in my opinion is the most amusing of all the different Potato Heads, having the looks and outfit of the King of rock and roll. This is known to be a favorite of various collectors and Elvis fans, complete with a white and gold studded outfit, turn-up collar, very cool sunglasses, guitar and microphone. No matter if someone is a Mr. Potato Head collector or an Elvis fan, this would make an excellent gift for adults or kids.

Mr. Potato Head - Toy Story Classic Version – Here is the “Don Rickles” looking potato head, straight from the Disney Pixar Toy Story movies. There are other Toy Story versions of Mr. Potato Heads but this one appears to be the most popular of them all. It comes with all the same parts used in the movie, including the “tush” opening in the back to contain all unused parts.

If one is not acquainted with the line of Mr. Potato Heads these days it may be a surprise to find out exactly to what degree that the top best selling Mr. Potato Heads 2010 in the above list are simply the beginning! It would appear that this fun and goofy personality is far from simply an enjoyable and imaginative kids plaything – there are personas for each and every major sports league (the most famous of which is the NY Yankees character – three versions) in addition to Star Wars character types, an Iron Man “Tony Starch” and even more characters in the Toy Story collection. How many in all? It’s hard to tell since there were a wide variety of releases over the years, however if you are searching for a gift for a "best Mr. Potato Head" enthusiast, you will not be lacking in variety to select from!

Reference: Top 10 Mr. Potato Heads

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