Top Best Selling Verizon Phones 2010

The list of the ten best Verizon phones has shown a collection of outstanding phones - even for individuals (such as myself) that merely "need a good phone". On the other hand there are several superb alternatives among the top best selling Verizon phones 2010 for individuals who text often, are strong music fans or need to have fast access to their social networking there are some seriously popular and highly ranked choices.

Based upon customer popularity (sales rankings), listed here are what I have discovered to be the 3 top selling cell phones for Verizon this year:
Verizon Blackberry Storm 2 – The highlight of the Blackberry Storm 2 is apparently its sure press screen technology that makes the screen functions easier to use, and makes the result of use more consistent. (Any users of an overly sensitive touch screen will attest that this is a very helpful feature.) Users also love the rapid connection and global roaming ability. This phone has been around now for a couple of years, and continues to be one of the most popular around. Although there have been some negative reviews on this phone, overall the reviews are quite positive.

Palm Pre Plus Cell Phone for Verizon – The best feature of this phone is apparently great convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity. It is also known for an excellent GPS navigational system. Compared to the Blackberry Storm 2, there are many more positive reviews submitted – and more reviews submitted at all, which I believe is a sign in itself of its high quality. With the Palm’s webOS platform, multiple applications can be run at once and without lagging.

Verizon Reality Phone from Samsung – Probably the favorite attribute for this particular phone is the Texting keyboard which has a bit more space between keys than various other cell phones with this type of feature. For those who enjoy texting or find the need to text often, this is a very useful part of this cell phone. This is another cell on the list that has extremely fast and reliable connectivity and a great navigation GPS system (with the Verizon service).

The retail cost of the top best selling Verizon phones (with no service) runs from about $300 to $550, depending on the cell phone. There are some good options when choosing one of the Verizon cell phones – some reliable providers offer them free by using a monthly plan and replacement unit phones can be acquired from several resources online for a low price tag.

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