Top Best Selling T-Mobile Phones 2010

From the list of the Top 10 T-Mobile Phones this year, the 3 top best selling T-Mobile phones are something really over and above amazing. The characteristics are not only adequate - it has literally become a bit of a task only to sit and study the complete list of what goes along with these phones. A few of the capabilities I thought of as rather unexpected and are definitely new - at least in my opinion!

Coming from that checklist, listed here are the top three cell phones for T-Mobile in 2010:

Samsung Vibrant Android Cell Phone for T-Mobile – This phone is a perfect example of why the comment in the paragraph above. It has some features that I had not considered would even be available with a cell phone including the Kindle e-reading device (application for Android), the movie “Avatar” pre-installed and those SimCity fans will be happy to know that they have all the entertainment they could hope for right there on their phone. Couple the features above with the fact that this phone is known also for its fast connection speed, built in Wi-Fi, camera, QWERTY keyboard for fast texting (and some more “bells and whistles”) - and it is actually no wonder that this is ranked as #1 on the list of the most popular phones for T-Mobile this year.

HD2 Android Phone for T-Mobile from HTC – Here is another excellent example of the technology available with cell phones these days. Similar to the Samsung Vibrant, this phone is equipped with its own e-reader but rather than having the Kindle, it features the Barnes and Noble application, allowing users access to literally thousands of books and other types of publications. It also has movies pre-installed (both Transformers and Revenge of the Fallen). Of course these features alone do not “make” this phone – it has many more attributes that again makes it one of the most looked-for phones around.

Blackberry Bold 9700 Cell Phone for T-Mobile – The Blackberry Bold 9700 is available for other phone services and is one of the hottest sellers among those as well. Probably the most loved “feature” is the operating system (Blackberry OS 5.), which has made some true die-hard Blackberry fans out there that swear they will never use another brand. There are also numerous features with this phone – reading the list of features is actually a bit of an undertaking.

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