Top Best Selling Toys Under $20 for 2010

With all of the advanced technology along with other types of hot selling toys and games these days, one might think that the top best selling toys under $20 wouldn't be very special. Based on a person's standards and exactly what they may have in mind this may be the case – yet the fact of the matter is that these products are actually some of the most loved toys that you can buy.

If shopping on a budget this year, you might find this particular checklist handy – here are the top three choices from kids toys for $20 or less in 2010:
Silly Bandz Rubber Band Toys – Silly Bandz seem to be the hottest selling of all kids toys from this past summer. They can be found in various shapes and in different themes such as dinosaurs, “Rock Bandz”, sea creatures, pets and many more. Since their original release, other similar toys also have been released, permitting consumers to choose from a lot of these kinds of toys. What are they? Basically they are rubber bands – yes, that’s right. Nevertheless they are molded into various shapes and made with different colors that kids love to wear around their wrists and trade with other kids. Definitely one of the most economical choices this year (priced at only a few dollars or less) – and practically a guaranteed hit with kids.

Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Toy – This is one of the most loved toys from Melissa and Doug and it is basically wooden food shapes that separate easily and come with safe and easy cutting tools. The food makes a fun “crunching” sound when cut, making it even more popular especially with very young kids. This toy also has an educational aspect to it, allowing kids to begin learning about parts or fractions of objects, using items from the real world to demonstrate this. (There are various “Cutting Food” types of toys available from Melissa and Doug.)

Stomp Rockets (Various Toys) – Here is my personal favorite among this list of toys for kids under $20. There are “Junior” versions of the toy that are appropriate for kids three years or older, along with other variations that are specifically for older kids and teens. What are they? They are rockets that blast very high into the air when a child (or an adult of course) stomps on a launch pad. Per consumer reviews that I studied, these toys are truly a blast, and are a perfect choice for taking to a wide open space such as a park or a field outside of town.

A person might consider that in order to make an excellent selection in toys and games for children they must be willing to pay a large amount of cash – however as the list of the best toys for kids under $20 may show, a number of the most popular selling and much liked toys actually bear a cost that is much easier to deal with when shopping on a tighter budget.

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