Top Best Selling Educational Toys 2010

The top best selling educational toys 2010 are a great selection – and even though these are not “hot new” toys, they are tried and true favorites of both kids and parents – for a good reason. These are the toys that stand out among the rest as performing their activity (plus some) on helping children to learn eye hand coordination at a very early age and move ahead upward to kids that are more advanced learners.

Here are the three top choices in 2010 for educational learning toys and games for children this year:

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table – This table is quite functional in terms of enjoyment level and learning for babies before they are even able to stand – and is just as educational for toddlers. There are a number of features for this toy that enable it to “grow” with children’s different learning levels, including the most obvious idea that the legs can be taken off to lie flat on the ground for babies, and then added for toddler age children. This table comes equipped with a number of interesting toys for little ones, and as they become more advanced in their learning skills there are more toys that catch their interest and help them along.

Leapster 2 Educational Toy from LeapFrog – This toy has become quite well known as a great hand-held toy for kids that can accompany them wherever they go. It comes complete with two educational games installed, and there are quite a few more to choose from, including various games from the Disney Pixar character lineup.

Moon in My Room Educational Toy from Uncle Milton – This is one of the more interesting of the educational toys for kids this year, and like the two given above has been quite popular for two years now. This basically is a light-up wall hanging for kids rooms that also helps to educate them on the moon itself, its cycles and more.

There are many additional choices apart from the best educational toys this year in the above list – for children of any age. However, the toys and games here offer the most loved – the ones that parents are picking over any others this season.

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  1. The most important factor in selecting learning toys for your children is choosing a toy that is appropriate for your child's age.

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