Why Are Prepaid Phones The Better Option?

Kyocera Rise Prepaid Phone
The prepaid cell phones 2013 have gained steam and more people are becoming aware of the fact that technological gadgets might be better without yearly contracts. Referred to as a pay-as-you-go plan, these prepaid options offer a non-committal way for people to still be able to text and call anywhere in the world without getting roped into spending more money than necessary. If someone is an avid texter but doesn't use their cellular device as much as a contract dictates, they're just wasting money. Same for those who keep their phones for strictly emergency uses.

Which brings us back to our original question...

"Why are prepaid phones the better option?"

Prepaid phones provide a peace of mind for parents with technologically savvy teenagers. Something like the Kyocera Rise Prepaid Android Phone from Virgin Mobile is powerful and versatile enough to sate a teen's thirst for cellular awesome, while ensuring a low monthly bill for parents. The full QWERTY keyboard makes texting easy, and even if there aren't any minutes available to use on the phone, emergency calls to select numbers can be made at any time.

Another example of a great pay-as-you-go option is the Samsung a157 Prepaid GoPhone from AT&T. This cell is simple with a sleek design in a traditional clamshell style. Designed for people who don't spend a lot of time on the phone, these feature quick calling, up to 5 hours of talk time on a single battery charge, and customizable backgrounds for a personalized touch.

Talk time cards vary and depends entirely on the needs of each individual person who buys this device. For example, a weekend talker would benefit from unlimited nights and weekends on a 500 minutes weekday cards. The options are near limitless! It's all about finding the right prepaid to best suit your needs.


The Benefits of Unlocked Phones

Some people are accident prone when it comes to technology. If you're one of them, it's okay! No matter how many times you've dropped your cellular device on the floor or in water, you'll always be able to get it back thanks to a warranty or discounted deal with the service provider.

However, for people who are just fed up with getting the same cell over and over again, there are unlocked phones 2013. These gadgets are best purchased online or at a cellular retail store where you don't have to sign a new contract for a service you already have.

Why go through the process of haggling and dealing with pushy sales people if all you need is a new phone?

What are some of the benefits of buying an unlocked phone?

In 2013, more service provider shops are popping up everywhere, even right beside their competition in most areas. This means that they're locking the phones to the specific networks as soon as you purchase them in the shops.

For example, the innovative Samsung Galaxy S III 8 GB Unlocked Phone is available on Amazon with your choice of providers or as a monthly pay-as-you-go option. If you bought this same phone in-store with a specific network provider, you'd be held to the contract agreement for that phone for up to 2 years, or even longer with some networks.

Unlocked phones are usually more affordable and if you decide to switch carriers later on, you simply save all your information, pop out the old SIM card, and replace it with a new one from your desired network provider. You can get a new cellular device whenever you want to!

One of the best advantages comes from people who travel often. Say you've just acquired a new Blackberry Curve 9320 and it's going great until you leave the country and have to pay serious roaming fees. The unlocked version could help you here as all you'd need to pay are the local rates of wherever you are. It's an easy solution to a typically complex expense!

Are Verizon Phones Better Than Other Phones?

The annual release of cellular phones from reputable manufacturers is an event revered by the majority of technology fanatics. The hard part is choosing a phone that fits your individual needs. Are you a constant texter with an affinity for WiFi connections? Or a once in awhile gamer who keeps in constant calling contact with friends and family? Verizon phones 2013 allow you to have it all!

In answer to the title question, "Maybe!" For many users, Verizon phones are the very best in every aspect and outrank most other cellular devices on an annual basis. It's the network that will cater to anyone, no matter what their contractual, financial, or personal obligations might be. For example...

The Apple iPhone 5 16GB Verizon Phone is the hottest new item that was the most anticipated for the beginning of this year. Verizon has built several deals and a contract fitting all walks of people, allowing everyday individuals and business professionals alike to have technological brilliance at their fingertips.

Dubbed the thinnest and sleekest cell phone ever, the iPhone is more than a way to text and talk. It's the future of technology! This is perfect for the Verizon customers who cherish cellular advancements and want to get the most out of their iPhone experience.

However, for those who prefer simple cellular services, the Samsung Gusto 2 Verizon Phone offers optimum signal strength at a low contract price. Available as a prepaid or a long-term, this cell phone has an original clamshell design for easy-flip opening and closing. There's also a large keypad, one-touch access with hotkeys and a secure lock, and Bluetooth technology for traveling. Plus, the upgraded 1.3MP camera offers every opportunity to capture perfect memories. Even if you can't pinpoint what kind of cellular user you are, these phones are perfect for everyone.


The Best Prepaid Phones For Teens

Purchasing one of the best prepaid phones is a great way to teach pre-teens and teenagers the value of budgeting. Parents can start with a nice cellular device with a slew of cool features for a certain number of minutes on a card each month; it can either automatically refill or be refilled manually. When there are no minutes left, teens can't text or call anymore; however, the ability to dial #999 or 911 in an emergency is still available, regardless of how many minutes are on the phone.

There are also some prepaid services that allow parents to program several emergency numbers that can be called without the use of minutes.

Other Pros and Phones are:


Kyocera Rise Prepaid Android Phone from Virgin Mobile

For teenagers, appearance is everything, especially when it comes to their cellular gadgets. This one has the outward appearance of an extravagant piece of technology, when actually, it's very affordable and perfect for a prepaid plan. The device features a 3.5 inch touch-screen with vibrant colors and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. If your teen is a supreme tester, this is their phone! For concerned parents, this cell also features GPS support for tracking, parental controls, and stereo BlueTooth that will allow a mobile teen to answer the phone with their voice while driving.


Samsung Exhibit II 4G Prepaid Android Phone from T-Mobile

This is perfect for students! Prepaid and ultra-fast, the screen includes multi-touch features with a 3.7 inch LCD display and web browsing capabilities. The WiFi networking means homework research can be done from almost anywhere, while a Bluetooth can be hooked up for stereo music through long study sessions. Kids will especially appreciate the 3MP camera with a front camera for video chatting with friends and extended family.


LG 840G Prepaid Phone With Triple Minutes From Tracfone

This prepaid has triple minutes for life! For the responsible teen who loves to talk, this cell has a sleek appearance with a recessed wake button for fewer pocket-dialed calls. It's also loaded with features, like an MP3 music player, mobile web access, hands-free speaker, and voice recorder.


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The Best And Simplest Sprint Phones

Every year seems to mark a new beginning for most cellphone manufacturers and their service providers. They're coming up with new products, releasing innovative concepts to the public, and hoping for good things to arise from more complex designs and multi-tasker friendly apps. However, not everyone needs something elaborate in a celluar device. We've compiled a short list of the best Sprint phones on the market today. They're simple, elegant, lightweight, and convenient -- everything a traditional cell phone should be.


Samsung Array Sprint Phone

This is one of the most non-complex phones available from Sprint because it features a traditional keyboard with a 2.4 LCD screen. It's closer to the original models that first appeared when QWERTY keyboards had first been introduced. There are two ways to text from this phone, using the aforementioned sliding QWERTY keyboard or the large number keys at the front. Sprint TV is enabled for movies, weather, news, and daily doses of sports, while the Music Store has all the downloadable favorites from the latest musicians. It's not fancy but it is high-quality!


Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G Android Sprint Phone

As we all know, Android is a key element in modern phones. This cellular device features a crisper, clearer LCD screen with touch abilities, a tap & send email service, and an abundance in downloadable applications. Video conferences, chats, multi-player games, and lined movies are delivered at unsurpassed speeds to keep you in touch with all the people in your life who matter.


LG Optimus G 4G Android Sprint Phone

This cell maintains simplicity while incorporating a slew of gadgets and apps for optimum multi-tasking. You can plan business strategies, keep up with important event dates, and write super-quick emails with the Quad Core processor and premium Near Field Communication technology. Plus, a 13MP camera with HD recording means you'll never miss a chance to make a memory.

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Unlocked BlackBerry Phones

Cellular device bills are ridiculous! …and they're also probably the number one reason why most teenagers are grounded so often. However, despite the obvious expense, people still pay for extravagant and complex services just to get the features they want. Fortunately, there is a completely legal and awesome way to resolve the constant problem of network providers and their money-sucking ways.

For instance, Blackberry gadgets are highly sought after and some of the best unlocked phones you can buy. They're convenient with slide-side QWERTY keyboards, durable touch screens, and huge GB drives that allows for abundant application downloads and music storage.

A few great examples are the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Unlocked Phone, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 Unlocked Phone, and the BlackBerry Curve 9320 Unlocked Phone -- all of these and so much more can be found on sites like or at rates that won't break your bank.

Each one has features that are essential to cellular devices but not to individual network service contacts, such as:

- Optimum WiFi networking

- MP3 and MP4 player with a 3.5mm ear jack

- Blue-Tooth capabilities with GPS support

- On average, up to 7 hours of talk time (or more with select BlackBerry phones)

- 3.2MP camera (or greater) with an LED flash

- Various document opening and editing tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)

Are there any cons to buying an unlocked BlackBerry? 

Unlocked phones may not be for everyone because some people need the contract and monthly reminders to let them know they have a payment due. Locked phones are also better for credit scores, as your network provider reports payments directly to certain bureaus. Moreover, the only major con would be what you pay initially for the unlocked phone. When network providers charge you in-store for signing a contract, they reduce the price of the phone in exchange for your signature and promise you'll be theirs for awhile. Unlocked phones don't offer this; therefore, you're paying the original retail price of each BlackBerry before the network service's discount.

Blackberry - other makes too - find the year's top sellers here:


The Best T-Mobile Phones

After some extensive research, it was brought to my attention that there are numerous devices this year that could be considered the best T-Mobile phones. There's something for everyone! Whether you're a writer with a need for typing quickly wherever you go. Or a business person with a busy schedule and hectic personal life. The casual everyday guy or gal can have all the applications that make their world a little more interesting. Whereas, a cliche' soccer mom might enjoy the calendar features and alarm clocks to keep her up-to-date on family activities. T-Mobile has covered all their bases!


Samsung Galaxy Note II 4G T-Mobile Phone

The aforementioned writer would enjoy this! A cellular device meant to keep your day productive, this phone is equipped with the usual features, such as calling with up to 16 hours talk time on a single charge, texting, WiFi networking with MP3 playback, and an awesome 8MP camera. However, the real treat is the HD super-screen with touch capabilities and an integrated pen. Quick notes can be literally written and "stuck" to the screen as reminders of great ideas, new storyline concepts, or even grocery lists.


Nokia 810 4G Windows T-Mobile Phone

When the Windows 8 came out, people were mostly hesitant because it was so different. Now it's celebrated, integrating into cool gadgets like this one! Well-designed for a multi-tasker, the screen is customizable with an abundance of pre-loaded applications. There are tap and send actions for quick emails, improved navigation through deluxe search engines, and HD 1080p video that ensures every moment is never missed.


Blackberry Bold 9780 T-Mobile Phone

This could be your next family phone! There's a common misconception that texting is for teens, when really, everyone enjoys it from time to time. It's just great to be able to keep up with the people in your life with a high-tactile full QWERTY keyboard. You can send constant messages throughout the day to your kids and/or other family members (and friends) with fast keying, a tap and send touch screen, and WiFi networking for quick emails.

Why Choose Verizon Cellular Service?

When shopping around for cellular services, people often flock to their nearest outlet mall or technological knick-knack store to see what the local rates and plans are. While this is a great way to start, it causes most people to miss out on even better deals, specifically ones that would incorporate the best Verizon phones. These cells are top-of-the-line with features galore and a new stock of accessories added on a regular basis.

The benefits of Verizon cell phones:

Verizon is reported to offer the best customer service ever available to the public from a cellular company. They've ranked high numerous times with their in-store transactions, over-the-phone sales, and they're supposedly the very best at handling complaints in a timely, satisfactory manner. They also run customer-friendly deals on some of the hottest phones at the best prices!

For example, the Samsung Brightside Verizon Phone is typically upwards of $150 or more, depending on where you shop. When going through the company directly, it's only $80 with a 2-year contract with features like unlimited talk, text, and data. In other words, the ultimate phone package for a growing family with technologically advanced teens.

Newer phones are made available sooner! The Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Verizon Phone has since been knocked to second place in favor of the iPhone 5. However, there are those who still prefer this cutting-edge technology to the more advanced, glitch model. With an 8MP camera and advanced optics, this iPhone is sold as new or slightly used for an affordable price with the accompanying contractual plan.

There are also options to "try it out" and trade-in or trade-up for people who find their needs aren't meant with the 4S. Overall though, with the faster graphics, dual-core A5 chip, and wireless access, it's hard to be steered wrong with this Verizon phone.


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