The Best T-Mobile Phones

After some extensive research, it was brought to my attention that there are numerous devices this year that could be considered the best T-Mobile phones. There's something for everyone! Whether you're a writer with a need for typing quickly wherever you go. Or a business person with a busy schedule and hectic personal life. The casual everyday guy or gal can have all the applications that make their world a little more interesting. Whereas, a cliche' soccer mom might enjoy the calendar features and alarm clocks to keep her up-to-date on family activities. T-Mobile has covered all their bases!


Samsung Galaxy Note II 4G T-Mobile Phone

The aforementioned writer would enjoy this! A cellular device meant to keep your day productive, this phone is equipped with the usual features, such as calling with up to 16 hours talk time on a single charge, texting, WiFi networking with MP3 playback, and an awesome 8MP camera. However, the real treat is the HD super-screen with touch capabilities and an integrated pen. Quick notes can be literally written and "stuck" to the screen as reminders of great ideas, new storyline concepts, or even grocery lists.


Nokia 810 4G Windows T-Mobile Phone

When the Windows 8 came out, people were mostly hesitant because it was so different. Now it's celebrated, integrating into cool gadgets like this one! Well-designed for a multi-tasker, the screen is customizable with an abundance of pre-loaded applications. There are tap and send actions for quick emails, improved navigation through deluxe search engines, and HD 1080p video that ensures every moment is never missed.


Blackberry Bold 9780 T-Mobile Phone

This could be your next family phone! There's a common misconception that texting is for teens, when really, everyone enjoys it from time to time. It's just great to be able to keep up with the people in your life with a high-tactile full QWERTY keyboard. You can send constant messages throughout the day to your kids and/or other family members (and friends) with fast keying, a tap and send touch screen, and WiFi networking for quick emails.

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