Samsung Gusto 2 Phone - The Prepaid Patron

The best Verizon phones are expected to grant choice to their patrons because not everyone is comfortable with a long-term contract or cellular plan. This is where the Samsung Gusto 2 Phone comes in; a sleek no-nonsense cell with all the capabilities of a contracted phone (without the extra price).

How might this phone be best suited for me?

The usual contracts will have options for limitless texting or calling on the weekends. Or perhaps there will be an option to take care of a 2 year bill in one lump sum, supposedly saving money in the long run. These are all great and fine for teenagers or people who are forever on their phones. For others, some of those features can be a waste; therefore, it’s important for some phones to be both technologically enhanced and prepaid for limited users.

The Gusto is equipped with the usual features that make a cellphone beneficial – such as calling (of course!), texting (on a classic 3-touch keyboard), and photo-taking (with the mini 1.3 megapixel camera). Albeit, these features have been enhanced with simpler applications (calculator, notepad, alarm clock) and more complex benefits – such as the Driving Mode; an action that your phone takes when you’re driving. It automatically switches to a higher ringtone and reads the contact information of each caller out-loud, so you can keep your eyes to the highway.

Granted, some Verizon phones are also only as great as their accessories. This one in particular comes with the usual set-up of power cords and chargers. However, there is also a Bluetooth capability built into each cell, making it easier to use that expensive headset. This phone is simple in a high-tech way, achieving (or even surpassing) the premium qualities of a contracted cellphone while saving you the utmost amount of money each month.

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Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster - The Serious Warrior

For kids who relish the thrill of pelting their opponents with a barrage of foam darts, the Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster is ideal. Polled high on the top 10 Nerf guns list, this blaster has a range of up to 35 feet of accurate and precise shooting. Included in the price of $26.95 (without shipping fees) is the quick-reload clip, barrel extension, and flip-up sight. The 2 clips are loaded with 6 fly-free foam darts that are air-propelled for true and straight aim.

What are parents saying about the Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster?

-- "In my opinion, my kids and I get better aim and range from this blaster if we remove the barrel extension. When the dart travels through the narrow extender, you lose velocity and accuray. However, when removed and the dart travels through the larger main barrel, the shot is perfect almost everytime."

-- "This Nerf gun is perfect for a long-range battle toy. My only concerns would be if my kids forget and stand too close to eachother when they fire. These darts are meant to travel up to 35 feet, which means they can hurt if you're standing really close. Otherwise, I love the continuous fire-power! My son can shoot rapidly rather than having to pump the stock or reload when someone is running. It's the ideal backyard toy for rambunctious 9 year olds."

-- "The best part about the Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster are the 2 scopes -- they make for amazing accuracy. My daughters and I have gotten into all-out wars, ending whenever one of us gets exhausted and surrenders or we run completely out of darts. It's like a safer kid-friendly version of paintball -- without the pain associated when something hits you. We usually wind up on the ground, tired and giggling."


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KidKraft Austin Toy Box - Oldie But Goodie

Most parents these days will opt for a toy box that features a child's favorite book or movie character at the time -- however, children grow up quickly and those interests are guaranteed to change. Which is why the KidKraft Austin Toy Box is a safe option -- one that will last a kid through their childhood and well into their teen years. As one of the best toy boxes for kids, this is a classic design; a tried and true method for keeping a child's room free of straggling play-things.

Does it differ from other toy boxes?

-- The KidKraft Austin Toy Box is a design that's been around for decades. Although, these are created with a modern edge -- meaning better safety features and overall reliability. Special hinges ensure no little fingers are pinched, while the lid can double as a seating bench for breaks between cleaning up or playtime. The wood is resistant against water stains and the usual wear-and-tear of use; plus, the required assembly is easy -- complete with a detailed instruction manual. --

Designed to flourish with a child's ever-changing hobbies, the KidKraft Austin Toy Box is available in an array of natural colors -- from cherry-wood to light chestnut. From rough-n-tumble tykes to pretty princesses, these boxes are more than toy storage containers. Over time a toy box becomes a staple in a little girl or boy's childhood -- becoming one of their most memorable and fondest thoughts from way back when.

Do you need a really neat idea for incorporting the KidKraft Austin Toy Box into Christmas or a Birthday? Afterall, most children aren't too thrilled with receiving furniture for either holiday. Instead of presenting this toy box to them by itself, put several other present inside -- either wrapped or as is, This will not only delight them because they're opening up one big package, it will also let them know where all these new toys are to be put away when they're done playing.

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Spy Net Secret Message Invisible Ink - The Mystery of Writing

For pre-teens, the thrill of documenting their everyday life comes in the form of secrecy -- no one knows what they're writing and no one can know without permission. These kids are the masters of their journaling domains, making the Spy Net Secret Message Invisible Ink a popular alternative to traditional ball-point pens. Writing in code is a thing of the past, now kids can express their feelings with invisible ink -- something that only shows up under a special light that most nosey diary readers don't keep on-hand. When it comes to making rugrats feel like they have a little covert privacy, this is one of the best kids spy gadgets.

Recommended for little spies who are 8 and up, this pen allows kids to read and write secret messages -- ones that can be shared with sleuthing allies. Reminiscent of old Nancy Drew novels or the hit 90's-movie "Harriet The Spy," the Spy Net Secret Message Invisible Ink comes equipped with everything a miniature undercover operative might need. An attached, retractable UV light helps keep track of what's written, and also makes it easier to read other notes written in invisible ink.

It's a real spy device -- implemented by military intelligence and the best detectives! Especially great against pesky younger siblings or prying older family members, this author's object is high-quality made -- plus, they're affordable so kids can have a stockpile for when they run out of invisible ink.

The Spy Net Secret Message Invisible Ink isn't your typical Happy Meal toy. Grooved for hours of journaling comfort, this pen also has a clip for shirt pockets or backpacks. Rest assured, it looks like an average writing device -- but only top-notch espionage agents will know it's true purpose.


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Intex Swim Center Color Whirl Backyard Swimming Pool - For Creative Little Swimmers

Are your children constantly drawing and creating new works of art to hang on the refrigerator? Is your home covered in colorful hand-made masterpieces? The Intex Swim Center Color Whirl Backyard Swimming Pool was designed for your creative little swimmer. Voted one of the best above ground pools, this 90" x 22" kiddie pool easily accomodates 4 imaginative children.

It's an inflatable ring of swirling colors -- reminiscent of a vintage ball-pit when it's not filled to the brim with swimming water. Extra large walls and a padded bottom act as bumpers for tender noggins and little romps -- offering cushioning where there are potential boo-boo dangers.

Is your toddler afraid of swimming in large in-ground pools? Do you need a safer place to let your child become accomodated to swimming? The Intex Swim Center Color Whirl Backyard Swimming Pool puts fears of water-bound boogiemen to rest. With just enough water for a 2 year old to wade in, this kiddie pool allows mom or dad to sit on one end while their little one develops their own methods of swimming etiquette.

While this little pond of inflatable fun provides hours of entertainment, there is one downside that occurs towards the end of the day...

The water will become yucky -- even if left covered overnight. Since there's no pump for the Intex Swim Center Color Whirl Backyard Swimming Pool, the water left in it will get a layer of grime over the top each night. This can be compromised of little bugs or misplaced dirt -- either way, this isn't a pool you can leave filled overnight and hope to swim in the next day. However, adults can water their plants or garden with the old water before refilling the pool for the kids to play in. It's an environmentally friendly solution to an otherwise icky dilemma.

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Swiss Military Hanowa 06-7087-04-003 Rendezvous 316L Stainless Steel Blue Dial Watch for Women - Strength For The Strong

I dubbed this "strength for the strong" because I'm an adrenaline junkie who appreciates punctuality. Odd, I know -- but I'm already a strong-willed person and the Swiss Military Hanowa 06-7087-04-003 Rendezvous 316L Stainless Steel Blue Dial Watch for Women makes me stronger. This watch calms my nerves when I'm about to embark on journeys that would be deemed stupid by the majority of other women. Best of the best Swiss Army watches for women, in my opinion. For example, recently I went free-falling from a friend's vintage-model airplane. Sure, I was terrified -- but I kept glancing at my watch with the knowledge that an hour from then, I'd be sharing some drinks and talking about what an amazing rush the whole experience had been.

The Swiss Military Hanowa 06-7087-04-003 Rendezvous 316L Stainless Steel Blue Dial Watch for Women is what I imagine ladies in the military would find helpful. The dial is electric blue -- making the white of the hour markers stand out in stark contrast. The hands are also illuminated in places by a startling white and the bezel is set in a band of 100% gleaming stainless steel. The whole watch shines -- something I think women tromping through unknown areas would need. There's also a little timer surrounding the bezel; an asset for women who need to time their exercises or other activities. It's all right on your wrist -- convenient and comforting!

Next week, I'll be testing the water resistance of this watch. The advertisements and reviews I've read have proclaimed the Swiss Military Hanowa 06-7087-04-003 Rendezvous 316L Stainless Steel Blue Dial Watch for Women can withstand going under 330 feet of watery depth before it's negatively affected. Therefore, I'm going scuba diving -- as far under as my instructor will allow. I'm expecting this watch to do exactly what it claims. It's become my beacon in what would otherwise be some dark moments in my life.

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Ladies Citizen EW0620-52E Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch - Go Green!

Do you do everything you can to save the environment -- saving yourself a little money in the process? If so, the Ladies Citizen EW0620-52E Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch is the ideal timepiece for you. Voted one of the best ladies citizen watches, this chronograph is eco-friendly and as 'green' as a timepiece could possibly get. What makes this watch the perfect environmental alternative? Allow the below testimonials to shed some light for you.

-- "At 54 years old, I like to say that I was going green before it was cool. The Ladies Citizen EW0620-52E Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch gives me the opportunity to be "hip" to the modern age while still being loyal to my eco-friendly morals. My favorite part is the lack of battery power associated with this watch. Instead, it's completely solar-powered (and sometimes false lights work also). All I have to do is set this watch under a lightbulb or directly in the sun every other day, and voila! I have enough power to be punctual for a lifetime."

-- "I love the minimalistic design of the Ladies Citizen EW0620-52E Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch! It looks almost robotic -- streamlining down my wrist and fitting snugly but comfortably like a second-skin. The Roman numerals add a hint of old-fashioned style without making this watch seem too out of place with the modern era." 

-- "As a pediatric nurse, I wash my hands constantly throughout the day to avoid spreading germs from one child to another or to myself and others. This means I needed a watch to be water-resistant. The Ladies Citizen EW0620-52E Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch meets that requirement! Plus, it's an interesting conversation piece. Telling the kids about how the watch is powered usually takes their mind off of the examination -- making them feel more comfortable and relaxed."

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Invicta 0488 Angel Collection Cubic Zirconia Accented Watch for Women - Favorites Among Mothers

Around Mother's Day this past May, I bought the Invicta 0488 Angel Collection Cubic Zirconia Accented Watch for Women on a whim for my mom. I didn't discover until afterwards in an online advertisement that this watch was ranked as one of the best ladies Invicta watches -- a comforting afterthought. Here we are in the midst of June and my mother has worn this watch everyday for the past month. She and her watch have become the perfect inseperable companions -- complimentary and ideal for eachother.

As an avid swimmer, my mom's main concern when it comes to her jewelry is water-resistance. The Invicta 0488 Angel Collection Cubic Zirconia Accented Watch for Women was listed under the "Pro Diver" section -- making it resistant in up to 330 feet of wet depth. My mom is also a retired florist with a passion for roses, which was really the buying point of this Mother's Day gift -- mainly because the dial has a flowery accent, made out of gemstones. The little golden hands look like the petals of a beautiful floral arrangement.

I chose the gold as the ideal choice for her cocoa-colored skin-tone, and she really enjoys the date feature. As someone who still writes the occasional check at the grocery store, she feels secure in knowing that her watch will tell her the correct date to save her the trouble of asking a confused cashier.

While I'm glad my mom was pleased with the Invicta 0488 Angel Collection Cubic Zirconia Accented Watch for Women, I was enamored with the polyurethane band. It has the appearance and feel of supple leather -- a definite plus as a gift for a woman who has extremely sensitive skin. This is something I know my mom can cherish and appreciate throughout the years of her life.

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Michael Kors MK5020 Silver Chronograph Knurl Top Ring Watch for Women - From A Buyer's Perspective

When researching the Michael Kors MK5020 Silver Chronograph Knurl Top Ring Watch for Women, I found it had little in the way of information -- even the advertisements were lacking. I did find that this timepiece was voted one of the best women's Michael Kors watches by a poll of buyer's on the brand name's website; a comforting thought considering I had never paid more than $20 on a watch.

When I took the plunge, it cost $159.50 on Amazon with free shipping -- which was a great beginning to this purchase and the entire transaction went smoothly. I received the Michael Kors MK5020 Silver Chronograph Knurl Top Ring Watch for Women a week later and have worn it for going on a month now. Over that time, here's what I've discovered when it comes to advantages and disadvantages:

-- This timepiece is wholly silver-toned with smaller diamond-like gems around the bezel and set in the dial. Shining would be an understatement -- this watch gleams! It's flashy enough to be noticed in a pleasant, complimentary way -- but it won't draw blinding negative attention because it's too "blingy."

-- The adjustable band isn't for women with dainty wrists. My wrist is a little smaller than the average woman's (I'm considered extremely petite). Therefore, the watch was a little loose, even after it had been adjusted to the fullest extent. I was constantly afraid that it would fall off at the most inopportune times -- meaning I walk with my fist clenched to create a chunkier barrier between the timepiece and the ground.

-- Overall, size is the only problem I've encountered with the Michael Kors MK5020 Silver Chronograph Knurl Top Ring Watch for Women. Otherwise, it's fashion and sensible. I've found that I can be both punctual and stylish when wearing this watch with any of my many outfits.

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Ladies TAG Heuer WJF1317.BA0572 Link Diamond Accented Watch - The Casually Cosmopolitan Timepiece

When someone refers to the Ladies TAG Heuer WJF1317.BA0572 Link Diamond Accented Watch as "casually cosmopolitan," they're saying that this timepiece is elegant and sophisticated without looking like you're trying too hard to be those things. Enacted as one of the top 10 TAG Heuer watches for women, this watch has a classic appearance coupled with the devout objective to tell you the time.

Decked out in stainless steel, this watch is an extravagant piece at over $2000 at most retailers. A mother of pearl dial is set with sparkling diamonds as hour markers that are ticked off by slender silver-toned hands -- all encased by a protective shield of scatch-resistant sapphire crystal. A small window conveying the date is set in the 3 o' clock position, while black minute indexes hug the circular interior dial. Powered by Swiss quartz movement, the Ladies TAG Heuer WJF1317.BA0572 Link Diamond Accented Watch is built to last. An adjustable fold-over clasp comes complete with a safety gear -- meaning this watch is safe from falling off your wrist at inopportune moments.

For further protection against unforeseen circumstances, each Ladies TAG Heuer WJF1317.BA0572 Link Diamond Accented Watch is packaged in a stainless steel case. Some retailers will also include a 3-5 year warranty -- meaning your expensive new watch can be immediately fixed with little to nothing out of your pocket, if anything should happen to it. There are also variations of this watch to choose from!

Most watches are described as necessary -- an accessory that has to be bought so someone can maintain punctuality. However, the Ladies TAG Heuer WJF1317.BA0572 Link Diamond Accented Watch has the honor of being fashionable, as well as sensible. Constructed for the non-chalant business babe, this watch keeps up appearances while building on your ability to be on time.

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Chanel H0968 J12 White Ceramic Bracelet Watch for Women - For The Modern Explorer

The first glance of a Chanel H0968 J12 White Ceramic Bracelet Watch for Women will conjure images of old sailing ships and the brave lasses who captained them. The inspiring promise of navigation and perfect time has earned this exquisite piece of jewelry the title of one of the best luxury watches for women.

Have you ever envisioned yourself aboard a modern cruise ship, headed towards a paradisaical island? If so, further your daydream with this vision:

-- You're standing on a private balcony aboard the cruise ship -- the waves are lapping against the ship's sides in a rhythmic and calming manner. A light breeze blows your sundress against your knees and you spot the promised island paradise up ahead. The captain calls for landing in 20 minutes -- you glance at your Chanel H0968 J12 White Ceramic Bracelet Watch for Women to check the time. Sighing with pleasure and relief, you admire the watch nestled against your wrist -- surprised at how perfect it looks in this setting. --

This is a daydream that could easily become a reality with a watch that appears to have been made to see the sea. With a diving water resistance of 660 feet, the Chanel H0968 J12 is guaranteed not to bust under the ocean's wavy surface. Or if you'd rather live out your under the sea fantasies, this watch's sapphire crystal dial overlay is safe from chlorine damage.

The Chanel H0968 J12 White Ceramic Bracelet Watch for Women is reminiscent of vintage compasses that were once used for the purpose of exploration and adventure in unknown territory. Think of this watch as your North Star -- guiding you in the right direction. Whether it be to the office or to an important event, the accurate time display offers you a chance to always be punctual. The decision to be late is left to you as the luminscent hands convey the exact hour, minute, second, and date.

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