Spy Net Secret Message Invisible Ink - The Mystery of Writing

For pre-teens, the thrill of documenting their everyday life comes in the form of secrecy -- no one knows what they're writing and no one can know without permission. These kids are the masters of their journaling domains, making the Spy Net Secret Message Invisible Ink a popular alternative to traditional ball-point pens. Writing in code is a thing of the past, now kids can express their feelings with invisible ink -- something that only shows up under a special light that most nosey diary readers don't keep on-hand. When it comes to making rugrats feel like they have a little covert privacy, this is one of the best kids spy gadgets.

Recommended for little spies who are 8 and up, this pen allows kids to read and write secret messages -- ones that can be shared with sleuthing allies. Reminiscent of old Nancy Drew novels or the hit 90's-movie "Harriet The Spy," the Spy Net Secret Message Invisible Ink comes equipped with everything a miniature undercover operative might need. An attached, retractable UV light helps keep track of what's written, and also makes it easier to read other notes written in invisible ink.

It's a real spy device -- implemented by military intelligence and the best detectives! Especially great against pesky younger siblings or prying older family members, this author's object is high-quality made -- plus, they're affordable so kids can have a stockpile for when they run out of invisible ink.

The Spy Net Secret Message Invisible Ink isn't your typical Happy Meal toy. Grooved for hours of journaling comfort, this pen also has a clip for shirt pockets or backpacks. Rest assured, it looks like an average writing device -- but only top-notch espionage agents will know it's true purpose.


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