Intex Swim Center Color Whirl Backyard Swimming Pool - For Creative Little Swimmers

Are your children constantly drawing and creating new works of art to hang on the refrigerator? Is your home covered in colorful hand-made masterpieces? The Intex Swim Center Color Whirl Backyard Swimming Pool was designed for your creative little swimmer. Voted one of the best above ground pools, this 90" x 22" kiddie pool easily accomodates 4 imaginative children.

It's an inflatable ring of swirling colors -- reminiscent of a vintage ball-pit when it's not filled to the brim with swimming water. Extra large walls and a padded bottom act as bumpers for tender noggins and little romps -- offering cushioning where there are potential boo-boo dangers.

Is your toddler afraid of swimming in large in-ground pools? Do you need a safer place to let your child become accomodated to swimming? The Intex Swim Center Color Whirl Backyard Swimming Pool puts fears of water-bound boogiemen to rest. With just enough water for a 2 year old to wade in, this kiddie pool allows mom or dad to sit on one end while their little one develops their own methods of swimming etiquette.

While this little pond of inflatable fun provides hours of entertainment, there is one downside that occurs towards the end of the day...

The water will become yucky -- even if left covered overnight. Since there's no pump for the Intex Swim Center Color Whirl Backyard Swimming Pool, the water left in it will get a layer of grime over the top each night. This can be compromised of little bugs or misplaced dirt -- either way, this isn't a pool you can leave filled overnight and hope to swim in the next day. However, adults can water their plants or garden with the old water before refilling the pool for the kids to play in. It's an environmentally friendly solution to an otherwise icky dilemma.

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