KidKraft Austin Toy Box - Oldie But Goodie

Most parents these days will opt for a toy box that features a child's favorite book or movie character at the time -- however, children grow up quickly and those interests are guaranteed to change. Which is why the KidKraft Austin Toy Box is a safe option -- one that will last a kid through their childhood and well into their teen years. As one of the best toy boxes for kids, this is a classic design; a tried and true method for keeping a child's room free of straggling play-things.

Does it differ from other toy boxes?

-- The KidKraft Austin Toy Box is a design that's been around for decades. Although, these are created with a modern edge -- meaning better safety features and overall reliability. Special hinges ensure no little fingers are pinched, while the lid can double as a seating bench for breaks between cleaning up or playtime. The wood is resistant against water stains and the usual wear-and-tear of use; plus, the required assembly is easy -- complete with a detailed instruction manual. --

Designed to flourish with a child's ever-changing hobbies, the KidKraft Austin Toy Box is available in an array of natural colors -- from cherry-wood to light chestnut. From rough-n-tumble tykes to pretty princesses, these boxes are more than toy storage containers. Over time a toy box becomes a staple in a little girl or boy's childhood -- becoming one of their most memorable and fondest thoughts from way back when.

Do you need a really neat idea for incorporting the KidKraft Austin Toy Box into Christmas or a Birthday? Afterall, most children aren't too thrilled with receiving furniture for either holiday. Instead of presenting this toy box to them by itself, put several other present inside -- either wrapped or as is, This will not only delight them because they're opening up one big package, it will also let them know where all these new toys are to be put away when they're done playing.

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