Top Best Selling Giant Stuffed Animals 2010

There are a couple of things that all of the top best selling giant stuffed animals 2010 have got in common - they are all made from exactly the same brand in children's toys and they are long-term favorites rather than being "one hit wonders" which sometimes cross the path of the kids toy industry. For collectors or kids, these are undoubtedly some best picks.

For this year, here are the 3 best giant stuffed animals in terms of consumer popularity:

Giant Stuffed Giraffe from Melissa and Doug - This specific plush animal is one that I have noticed has been around for a number of years. It has a noble general appearance and would likely be a delightful addition to any child's bedroom. It stands at 57 inches, translating to nearly 5 feet tall. It's incredibly life-like and is made to stand tall for a long time with a sturdy inner frame. The Giant Giraffe from Melissa and Doug also bears a sweet, gentle expression that could probably melt the hardest of hearts and cause just about any child to fall head over heels in love.

Melissa and Doug Giant Stuffed Sea Turtle - Here is a great choice as a gift for a child who loves or has some interest in sea life. Even though this giant stuffed animal for kids is unable to compare in height to the giant giraffe, this Melissa and Doug plush pet continues to be quite appealing with its life-like appearance and soft touch and feel. It has a length of 32 inches and a width of 28 inches - this particular size would make it appealing as a "snuggle pet" for kids.

Melissa and Doug Giant Stuffed Brown Bear - Simply looking at this giant stuffed animal may make someone say, "Aaaaaaw." This dark brown bear is not only quite large, but also bears a sort of slouchy feel and look having a sweet classic teddy bear facial expression. His dimensions are 30 inches in height having a 27 inch width, and a 30 inch length. This really is absolutely the perfect gift for anybody (little one or adult) who loves teddy bears - and in truth might easily be dubbed, "irresistible."

The best giant stuffed animals this year really are a wonderful lot - and will likely be leading favorites for years to come.

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Top Best Selling Baby Dolls 2010

The baby dolls on the market nowadays are quite different than a generation back - which is confirmed by the top best selling baby dolls 2010. These dolls have some very unique and occasionally rather amazing functions and capabilities that bring them front and center of well-known toys for little girls this year.

Mainly geared toward the very young girls out there, listed below are the very best baby dolls for girls this year:

Sips and Cuddles Baby Doll from Baby Alive – When the “Sips and Cuddles” baby is fed, it makes some very cute drinking noises and when held it giggles very much like a real baby. This doll was produced from the most popular brand name in dolls for little girls in 2010, which is appropriately named due to the unique and very lifelike features – Baby Alive.

Little Mommy Play All Day Baby Doll – This baby doll responds to many different actions that little ladies dish out. Actions such as bouncing, flipping, hanging upside-down and “flying” can elicit some amusing and incredibly sweet responses. As is true with many of the baby dolls available this year, this particular doll comes in different ethnicities including Caucasian, African American and Hispanic.

Mon Premier Baby Dolls from Corolle – The Corolle Mon Premier dolls are my personal favorites of any this year. What I notice the most about them is their looks – their faces are quite lifelike, moreso than any of other baby dolls I looked at. One other feature of these dolls that makes them more realistic is that they are soft and made to be pose-able, so they can assume just about any position that a real baby can. There are quite a few different versions to choose from, the most popular of which appears to be the “Calin Blue Striped” version which wears cute little blue and white striped pajamas and a light blue stocking cap.

The top best selling baby dolls 2010 as listed above are only a starting point of exactly what can be found nowadays, but I happen to go along with the consumers (who certainly enjoy them) that they should be positioned at the top of the ten top girls baby dolls in 2010.

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Top Best Selling Dolls for Girls 2010

The top best selling dolls for girls 2010 may or may not be what one has in mind when looking for young girls dolls, but they most certainly are a fashionable lot! Just what these dolls are specifically are the most well-known dolls generally for girls including all ages in 2010.

For the year of 2010, listed here are the three best dolls for girls in terms of popularity:

A Fashion Fairytale Transforming Barbie Doll – This doll is most definitely what I would call a fashion plate! Her hair is impeccable, the dress quite fashionable. There are two points which set this doll apart from the rest including being based on a character in the “A Fashion Fairytale” movie. There are other dolls from this movie, but this one appears to be the most looked for of them all. Another thing that makes this doll quite unique is the “transforming” aspect – her dress can easily and quickly change from an elaborate ball gown to a fun and trendy party dress. This particular doll would be a great gift choice for a young lady who loves Barbie dolls, or simply loves fashion and beauty.

2010 Collectors Holiday Barbie Doll – There are both adults and younger ladies who collect the Holiday dolls from the Barbie lineup. It seems that each year one is more elegant and fashionable compared to next. The 2010 version is the loveliest yet, with a gorgeous and striking red and white holiday dress that seems to have just the right amount of glitz and glamour.

Monster High Doll – Lagoona Blue – Strongly contrasted to the two Barbie dolls listed above, the Monster High lineup of dolls is based on several different horror movie characters including a sea monster (which is what Lagoona Blue is based on), Dracula, Frankenstein and a werewolf. It might be hard to imagine that such dolls would be trendy and popular but they most definitely are. In fact there are four of them that take up positions in the top 10 dolls for girls this year!

There are numerous options other than the dolls that are in the above list. Actually, there are some on the list of best ten this year that fall under various groups and include dolls for little girls as early as one year of age. But the truth remains the best dolls for girls 2010 (in terms of overall popularity of dolls for girls of all ages) consist of the stylish and chic types such as those listed above.



Top Best Selling Teddy Bears 2010

The top best selling teddy bears 2010 are a mix of traditional teddy bears as well as a few having recent and well-known characters. But no matter which type of child’s teddy bear a person may be looking for, a single thing is for certain – there's virtually no more classic gift that will likely be a much loved favorite for a long time ahead.

Coming into the 2010 holidays, listed below are the best teddy bears for consumer popularity:

Melissa and Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear – It would be difficult to know whether this bear is a plaything or a snuggle friend for kids! This particular teddy bear is known as a classic favorite both due to its size and its likelihood of being practically the “snuggliest” toy that has ever existed. The Jumbo Brown Bear from Melissa and Doug stands at a whopping 36 inches tall – and is perhaps a secret of adult teddy collectors as well.

Toy Story 3 Lotso Huggin’ Teddy Bear – For those who are familiar with the Toy Story 3 movie, Lotso might be an appealing choice for a child’s gift this year. He is a pink teddy bear, and this particular version of him (the “Huggin’” bear) has some special features that children would likely love including giggling when his feet are tickled – and he comes equipped with Velcro to hug children snugly.

Brighton Teddy Bear from Gund – Gund is quite popular for not only having adorable bears for children, but for their care in craftsmanship. Like other bears from the Gund collection, Brighton comes in various sizes, the smaller versions having also a smaller price tag. He is all white, and comes with a white bow that is decorated with dots of his favorite color – white.

Other teddy bears for children are quite common as well for example variations from Gund, Melissa and Doug and even more bears with distinct characters such as the timeless and much loved “Corduroy Bear”. But if a shopper would be looking for a teddy bear for a present but does not yet have a good suggestion of which one will be the best, the list of the best teddy bears for 2010 above ought to provide shoppers with at least a good starting point.



Top Best Selling Stuffed Animals 2010

Exactly what sets apart the top best selling stuffed animals 2010 from the rest? There are a few unique characteristics to the top most popular plush animals for children that makes them quite different from a common toy.

Mainly geared toward a younger age group of children, listed here are three best stuffed animals according to consumer popularity:

Fisher Price Sing-A-Ma-Jigs – If I were to pick one word to describe the Sing-A-Ma-Jigs from Fisher Price, it might be “quirky”. Basically these stuffed animal toys are small plush creatures that sing – and when they sing their little mouths form into a cute little “O”. They come in a few different colors (including red, yellow, pink, purple, orange and light blue), and are amazing hot selling toys approaching the Christmas season of 2010.

My Pillow Pets – Pillow Pets have one major distinction from other plush pets – they have Velcro to fasten and unfastened, allowing the toy to be transformed from a comfortable and soft pillow to a stuffed animal that kids can play with. These come in cute animal characters such as a unicorn, puppy, ladybug, bee, hippo and more. For any child who enjoys stuffed animals, this would likely make a great gift.

My Walkin' Pup from Fur Real Friends – Fur Real Pets have been quite a hit with children in the last several years due to their amazingly realistic features and abilities, and Go Go My Walkin’ Pup this season is a real favorite. This is an adorable white puppy that actually walks, barks and wags his tail - He is as lifelike as can be with its different features and talents, without actually being a real live puppy.

Given the fact that the top best selling stuffed animals 2010 are only the tip of the iceburg in terms of overall choice this season, you might want to search around for a child a little more – regardless of whether searching for anything a bit unique of the plush animals previously mentioned, or for a bit of a different age bracket. It remains, nevertheless, that the stuffed pets in the above list appear to be the greatest sellers for children this year and will not be going anywhere in the near future.