Top Best Selling Baby Dolls 2010

The baby dolls on the market nowadays are quite different than a generation back - which is confirmed by the top best selling baby dolls 2010. These dolls have some very unique and occasionally rather amazing functions and capabilities that bring them front and center of well-known toys for little girls this year.

Mainly geared toward the very young girls out there, listed below are the very best baby dolls for girls this year:

Sips and Cuddles Baby Doll from Baby Alive – When the “Sips and Cuddles” baby is fed, it makes some very cute drinking noises and when held it giggles very much like a real baby. This doll was produced from the most popular brand name in dolls for little girls in 2010, which is appropriately named due to the unique and very lifelike features – Baby Alive.

Little Mommy Play All Day Baby Doll – This baby doll responds to many different actions that little ladies dish out. Actions such as bouncing, flipping, hanging upside-down and “flying” can elicit some amusing and incredibly sweet responses. As is true with many of the baby dolls available this year, this particular doll comes in different ethnicities including Caucasian, African American and Hispanic.

Mon Premier Baby Dolls from Corolle – The Corolle Mon Premier dolls are my personal favorites of any this year. What I notice the most about them is their looks – their faces are quite lifelike, moreso than any of other baby dolls I looked at. One other feature of these dolls that makes them more realistic is that they are soft and made to be pose-able, so they can assume just about any position that a real baby can. There are quite a few different versions to choose from, the most popular of which appears to be the “Calin Blue Striped” version which wears cute little blue and white striped pajamas and a light blue stocking cap.

The top best selling baby dolls 2010 as listed above are only a starting point of exactly what can be found nowadays, but I happen to go along with the consumers (who certainly enjoy them) that they should be positioned at the top of the ten top girls baby dolls in 2010.

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