Top Best Selling Dolls for Girls 2010

The top best selling dolls for girls 2010 may or may not be what one has in mind when looking for young girls dolls, but they most certainly are a fashionable lot! Just what these dolls are specifically are the most well-known dolls generally for girls including all ages in 2010.

For the year of 2010, listed here are the three best dolls for girls in terms of popularity:

A Fashion Fairytale Transforming Barbie Doll – This doll is most definitely what I would call a fashion plate! Her hair is impeccable, the dress quite fashionable. There are two points which set this doll apart from the rest including being based on a character in the “A Fashion Fairytale” movie. There are other dolls from this movie, but this one appears to be the most looked for of them all. Another thing that makes this doll quite unique is the “transforming” aspect – her dress can easily and quickly change from an elaborate ball gown to a fun and trendy party dress. This particular doll would be a great gift choice for a young lady who loves Barbie dolls, or simply loves fashion and beauty.

2010 Collectors Holiday Barbie Doll – There are both adults and younger ladies who collect the Holiday dolls from the Barbie lineup. It seems that each year one is more elegant and fashionable compared to next. The 2010 version is the loveliest yet, with a gorgeous and striking red and white holiday dress that seems to have just the right amount of glitz and glamour.

Monster High Doll – Lagoona Blue – Strongly contrasted to the two Barbie dolls listed above, the Monster High lineup of dolls is based on several different horror movie characters including a sea monster (which is what Lagoona Blue is based on), Dracula, Frankenstein and a werewolf. It might be hard to imagine that such dolls would be trendy and popular but they most definitely are. In fact there are four of them that take up positions in the top 10 dolls for girls this year!

There are numerous options other than the dolls that are in the above list. Actually, there are some on the list of best ten this year that fall under various groups and include dolls for little girls as early as one year of age. But the truth remains the best dolls for girls 2010 (in terms of overall popularity of dolls for girls of all ages) consist of the stylish and chic types such as those listed above.


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