Top Best Selling Teddy Bears 2010

The top best selling teddy bears 2010 are a mix of traditional teddy bears as well as a few having recent and well-known characters. But no matter which type of child’s teddy bear a person may be looking for, a single thing is for certain – there's virtually no more classic gift that will likely be a much loved favorite for a long time ahead.

Coming into the 2010 holidays, listed below are the best teddy bears for consumer popularity:

Melissa and Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear – It would be difficult to know whether this bear is a plaything or a snuggle friend for kids! This particular teddy bear is known as a classic favorite both due to its size and its likelihood of being practically the “snuggliest” toy that has ever existed. The Jumbo Brown Bear from Melissa and Doug stands at a whopping 36 inches tall – and is perhaps a secret of adult teddy collectors as well.

Toy Story 3 Lotso Huggin’ Teddy Bear – For those who are familiar with the Toy Story 3 movie, Lotso might be an appealing choice for a child’s gift this year. He is a pink teddy bear, and this particular version of him (the “Huggin’” bear) has some special features that children would likely love including giggling when his feet are tickled – and he comes equipped with Velcro to hug children snugly.

Brighton Teddy Bear from Gund – Gund is quite popular for not only having adorable bears for children, but for their care in craftsmanship. Like other bears from the Gund collection, Brighton comes in various sizes, the smaller versions having also a smaller price tag. He is all white, and comes with a white bow that is decorated with dots of his favorite color – white.

Other teddy bears for children are quite common as well for example variations from Gund, Melissa and Doug and even more bears with distinct characters such as the timeless and much loved “Corduroy Bear”. But if a shopper would be looking for a teddy bear for a present but does not yet have a good suggestion of which one will be the best, the list of the best teddy bears for 2010 above ought to provide shoppers with at least a good starting point.


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