Best Kids Toy Blocks - 2010 Top Sellers

Often it is found that classic toys are the best - such is true with the best kids toy blocks 2010. These are a prime example of how fun can easily be matched with learning skills - in fact learning on multiple levels!

From to the collection of the Top 10 Toy Blocks for Kids this year, below are the top 3 picks with regards to buyer popularity:
LEGO Ultimate Building Set – This set from LEGO is not only apparently the most purchased set of toy blocks for kids, but is the hottest seller among all LEGO set. This really is quite a set, and unlike a number of other LEGO choices that are pre-designed pertaining to specific characters or themes, this one basically leaves the creating up to the imagination of the child. There are more than 400 pieces of various colors and shapes, as well as a building plate and mini-figure. For those kids who love LEGO sets, or for toddler age kids “graduating” up to a set that is a bit more difficult, this could be the perfect set of blocks.

Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks from Fisher Price – Here is an excellent toy for babies, and I can tell you personally that this is a “must have” in just about any baby’s toy collection. The colors of the blocks are bright and intriguing, while fitting the different shaped blocks into matching shaped holes is quite a game for very little ones. Because it is so interesting and fun, this particular toy tends to build hand-eye coordination skills as well as get the child really looking with very basic problem solving exercises.

Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Blocks – These could be called “basic building blocks” but in a sense they are much more. These are made of wood (left alone with no added color) in quite a number of different shapes that are especially useful for kids to build different types of structures. I have seen this specific group of blocks not only in a child’s home environment but in pre-school and elementary classrooms as well. An excellent set of blocks with enough pieces to stay busy for some time.

For anyone looking for an excellent group of imagination building playthings, one of the best kids toy blocks for 2010 in the list above might be an ideal choice.

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Top Best Selling Classic Kids Toys 2010

The top best selling classic kids toys in 2010 are proof of the truth that the classics will always live. It would appear that these toys were made with the thought of genuine enjoyment and keeping the interest of little ones, thus are still the tried and true selections of not only parents – but they are also frequently the preferred toys of children to this day.

This year – from the collection of the top 10 classic kids toys, here are the three leading sellers:

Classic Latches – This is a “latch, pull, open and close” toy that is an ideal choice for toddler age children to help develop eye hand coordination. It is also quite colorful with plenty of little surprises behind each door. The specific toy in mind in this category is the “Melissa and Doug Classic Latches” toy that apparently tops the list of all classic toys being sold this year.

Classic Mr. Potato Head – The evolution of Mr. Potato Head is really rather interesting – it seems that ever since the first Pixar “Toy Story” movie, this much-loved toy has surpassed simply being a fun toy and has moved into the realm of being practically a “cult” favorite. Mr. Potato Head is available in so many different forms and looks these days that it would take some time to find and count them – but as one might expect, he is still available in his original classic form, which is also very much in demand.

Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle from Radio Flyer – Although I actually have no idea if this is the original of the classic tricycles, it certainly at least comes close and is the perfect example of a timeless favorite of tricycles for kids. Fire engine red, tassels and including a little horn for the handles, this toy remains not only on the list of the hottest selling classic toys, but an all time favorite of the entire lineup of kids toys – period.

The top best selling classic toys 2010 are yet a small taste of exactly what is offered on the market from the selection of timeless favorites. These toys are most definitely the top of the list in many children's toy collections, and furthermore seem to bring back some very fond memories for us grown ups as well.

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Top Best Selling Science Toys for Kids 2010

When it comes to combining learning with a bit of serious fun, there might be absolutely nothing better than the top best selling science toys for kids in 2010. There are quite a number of diverse scientific tests that can be done from home, that are not simply amusing but supply excellent learning experience for young ones.

For this year, here are the top three picks in kids science toys – truly some very nice choices:

Live Butterfly Garden from Insect Lore – Kids can observe caterpillars turning into “Painted Lady” butterflies using this science toy. The toy itself comes with the habitat and a mail-in certificate for five butterflies (caterpillars), a feeding kit and instructions. Once the caterpillars turn into butterflies, the lid on the habitat can be lifted to set them free. This science toy happens to be at the top of the “hot sellers” list for some time now, and is an award winner for “Dr. Toys” best in classic toys.

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 – This toy is the “beginner” version within the Snap Circuits series of toys, all of which come with electronic components that allow kids to build their own gadgets such as alarms, blinking lights and much much more. This is an excellent hands-on means for kids to learn how electricity functions with circuitry, switches and more.

Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit – This may just be my favorite in the lineup of the best kids science toys this year. This kit has quite a number of fun and "eee-gad!" types of experiments that might be particularly interesting for kids. There are two types of volcanoes which can be built, safe chemical reaction experiments, mixing magic ooze and quite a few more different activities to choose from.

Obviously, there are more enjoyable activities among the top best selling science toys for kids in 2010 which include test tube as well as other chemistry products, bigger and even more detailed circuitry toys, double microscopes and just about any toy that a person might imagine that would exercise studying science and nature in a fun and creative way. Actually, I might even say that these toys would be interesting and enjoyable for almost any child.

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Top Best Selling LEGO Games 2010

The top best selling LEGO games 2010 call for creativeness, innovation and skill level - and have absolutely nothing to do with video cartridges, consoles or internet play. They are hands-on activities, intended for children aging around 7 or 8 and older - and are great selections for families to play with each other.

That said, from the top 10 LEGO games in 2010, listed here are the top 3 best selling:

LEGO Minotaurus Game – What a theme! Players avoid a mysterious mythical character (the “Minotaur”) in order to get to a secret temple – through a LEGO-made labyrinth! While sounding a bit on the complicated side it really is known to be relatively easy in play, and is a good choice for families and children around the age of 7 and older. The collection of pieces in this game is ample, having 1 (LEGO) die, 211 pieces and 12 mini-figures.

LEGO Creationary Game – Kids and families will likely never lose interest with this particular game - definitely one of the best LEGO games this year. The dice is rolled just to choose a category for building, including nature, buildings, vehicles and other types of objects. At that point, the fun really begins when the players work at individual levels to build their own objects and other players work at guessing what exactly it is that the other players are building. Lots of twists and creativity involved in this game! As with other LEGO games, this one has a LEGO die, as well as other pieces including a mini-figure, a micro-figure and a whopping 338 LEGO pieces.

Monster 4 Game from LEGO – Sound scary? Well in truth it's not, although the different characters in the game involve some (not so serious) “spooks” including skeletons and monsters – and the setting is in a graveyard. The object of the game is to get a few monsters in a row while avoiding a “big scary” spider. This choice is known as rather amusing and easy enough – but quite creative at the same time.

Although there are far more selections amid the top best selling LEGO games for 2010, the above mentioned are evidently the most popular and involve more imagination compared with just about any other types of games on the market. A couple of additional games along this line include a Pirates game, yet another which has a dragon plus a volcano (with lava) – various other fun choices also.



Top Best Selling John Deere Toys for Kids 2010

Young boys and girls alike can enjoy the top best selling John Deere toys for kids 2010 - they are ideal as presents for those kids that enjoy playing "let's pretend" about whatever having to do with farming, but also are just simple fun.

This year, coming from the top 10 John Deere toys for kids are the top 3 picks - these are apparently the hottest sellers for this year:

Pickup Truck Haulers from Ertl – Here are some sturdy, and rather “down and dirty” types of toys that mainly boys would be likely to play with. There is a variety of these toys, with different colors for the trucks and trailers, as well as different vehicles that are being hauled. The “John Deere” portion of these toys is actually the vehicles on the trailers which include dozers and Gators.

Ground Force Ride On Tractor from John Deere – This is a unique ride on vehicle in a couple of ways. The first thing to mention is that it is motorized (not a unique feature) and that it's got two rates of speed. What makes this aspect of the toy different is the fact that parents will be able to pre-control the rate of the car or truck by “locking out” a higher speed for those who are just getting used to the ride on toy, or for those kids who are perhaps younger and would do better with only the slower speed. Another thing that makes this toy unique is the fact that it has a detachable trailer, and that it is built in such a way that children could actually get outside with their parents and help with yard work! (I for one can appreciate the fact that kids often love to help with the “work” at home, as well as outside of it!)

John Deere Wheelbarrow from Learning Curve – Here is another “toy” that would work just as well as kids equipment to help their parents with a bit of yard work, or simply for using it to carry around what they want to play with. A very realistic toy, this actually has an identical build to the real thing. One note about this toy is that it has a “girl” version (pink) and a “boy” version (“John Deere green”).

In 2010 you will discover quite a few more toys amid the best John Deere toys in 2010 – the preceding list really is simply an idea of what is on the market. Most of the top sellers from John Deere for kids consist of ride ons, but other types of toys can also be found – all of which are acknowledged to include a high degree of quality and toughness.

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Top Best Selling Spy Gadgets for Kids 2010

The top best selling spy gadgets for kids 2010 really are a pretty wild bunch! Some of the most looked-for toys these days, these are some imaginative toys which could enable kids to play on a level like no other.

Belonging to the list of the top 10 spy gadgets for children this year, listed below are the top 3 biggest sellers:

Spy Gear Agent Action Briefcase – Wild Planet has really done a great job of providing excellent spy gadget toys for kids this year, the “Spy Gear Agent Action Briefcase” is a great example of this. The case has a secret dart launcher installed on the side, there is a motion alarm included and other fun gadgets as well. Possibly the most interesting feature of this particular toy is the fact that it has a secret compartment, where even more super sleuth items can be kept – only for the owner to know about.

Evidence Kit from Spy Gear – Again, a spy gadget kit from Wild Planet tops the list of the best spy gadgets for kids 2010. This time with the angle of a young detective at work, gathering evidence from any scene for investigation. There are a number of investigation tools included with this kit, which comes in its own case.

Wild Planet Spy Gear Night Scope – One of the most interesting spy toys of the bunch. This binocular-looking scope allows the user to see in the dark. I have some opinions on this one – that I will keep to myself – but let’s just say that as a parent there may be some rules about this particular toy at bedtime. (If I myself were ten years old, I know exactly how I would be using this one!)

Other toys have made the list of the top best selling spy gadgets for kids 2010, among them glasses that allow kids to see in front of them and to their rear at the same time, a spy watch that detects motion, features a top secret decoder along with other fun capabilities to it, some top secret (and sly) suction dart blaster guns and indeed, even more. The field of kids spy toys has really opened up lately and those kids that appreciate a little bit of “let’s pretend” in the world of spies and secret agents are certain to enjoy them.


Top Best Selling Construction Toys 2010

From tot age children to boys and girls all the way up to their pre-teen years, the top best selling construction toys 2010 include diverse ideas in playthings with various kinds of construction sets, construction toys (such as road and building site trucks) plus more.

From the listing of the top 10 construction toys this year, here are the three top choices in 2010:

Road Construction Building Set from LEGO – I can almost not say enough about this construction toy, since it has an interesting twist: Kids build their own construction vehicles then use them for “road construction” play. This adds a level of creativity that none of the other toys on the list can since it encourages kids to build and use their imaginations on two different levels.  Definitely a great addition to the best construction toys 2010.

The Bruder Construction Caterpillar Trucks – Here is an entire lineup of “Caterpillar” construction vehicles for kids, with details that are quite lifelike – they look just like the real thing! Included in these vehicles is a Caterpillar tractor, a steer loader, an excavator, a telehandler, a wheel loader and a couple additional vehicles as well. Although these toys can be used indoors as well as out, they are likely more fun for outdoor use and would be a great addition to any little boy’s sandbox.

Matchbox Rocky the Robot – This is another construction toy on the list with an interesting twist – “Rocky” is a “haul and dump” truck and while he is perfectly functional in this role alone, he also has a bit of a personality. This toy has a sensor that allows him to interact with kids, talking to them (when they talk to him) as well as tell some cute jokes. When Rocky’s “work” is done for the day, he will go to sleep and he even makes snoring sounds when this happens. Rocky the Robot comes in a few different sizes/models, and the features vary according to the model chosen – as well as the price.

The list preceding of the best construction toys in 2010 may seem somewhat scant – plus the specific toys described are probably further along the lines of building toys which young boys might more like. Then again, there are definitely more building toys available, including the types of sets that are constructing with blocks, magnets plus more – all of them are well liked and are hits for the kids.

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Top Best Selling Train Sets for Kids 2010

The top best selling train sets for kids 2010 includes what parents - as well as their children - most enjoy – classic toys which make creativity entertaining. Interestingly enough "kids trains" is a market that has not been influenced much by "hi tech" - similar types of kids trains that have been preferred through the years even now include the leading sellers and also from names in toys and games which are some of the most appreciated and trusted in the heritage of playthings.

Based on the top 10 train sets for kids 2010, here are the top 3 biggest sellers:

Melissa and Doug Wooden Railway Set (recommended for children 3 years and up) – This is one of the more elaborate train sets available these days with a total of 130 pieces. For any parents (or otherwise toy shoppers) who are looking for a great train and tracks set for kids that will get plenty of use for years to come, this is probably the best choice on the market. Included in this set are two various kinds of bridges, a magnetized crane, a roundhouse train shed, trees, traffic signs, workers and tracks that come in both straight and curve designs. There are enough “fixins” in this particular set to allow kids the full use of their imaginations and create practically any setting they like.

Figure 8 Train Set from Melissa and Doug (for kids 3 years of age and up) – Another train set from Melissa and Doug hits a high point of the “favorites” list for this year. This set is much simpler than the Wooden Railway set (detailed above), but is also “equipped” with a much lower price. If looking for a starter train set for very little ones this is a great choice and parents can invariably rely on the quality that Melissa and Doug provides with all of their children’s toys.

GeoTrax On The Go Train Set from Fisher Price (for children age 2 to 7 years old) – Here is the first train set on the list this year to be made from plastic rather than wood. It is a delightfully cute set with a zoo setting, the general theme based on a train at the zoo, the zoo keeper rides the train and takes care of the animals. One feature that is unique with this set (compared to the two above) is that it is portable – the set itself has storage so that it can be taken anywhere kids go quite easily.

The 3 top best selling train sets for kids 2010 listed above will always be excellent selections when searching for an excellent present for small boys however right now there most definitely are additional sets this year that are highly ranked and are additionally quite popular, and can be obtained online for a price tag which won't make them difficult to buy.



Top Best Selling LEGO Star Wars Sets 2010

The top best selling LEGO Star Wars Sets for 2010 is actually an elite list - that is simply because the general lineup of the Star Wars LEGO concepts is very popular so the biggest sellers then are actually really special - certainly in the eyes of an enthusiast.

That being said, from the list of the Top 10 LEGO Star Wars Sets this year, here are the top 3 best sellers for 2010:

Darth Vader TIE Fighter set from LEGO (for kids ages 7-12) – This appears to have a pretty good lead in terms of popularity by sales rankings, being fairly obviously the “tip top” favorite in the lineup this year. This set is based on the original Star Wars movie, the Darth Vader personal space vessel, the TIE fighter. The details of the ship are actually quite impressive and it is not a big surprise that it is coming off the shelves so quickly. The retail price for this set is around $33, or it can be found for around $22 discounted.

LEGO Snow Trooper Army Pack (for kids 6 and older) – This set has a bit of an interesting story behind it, being released in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Empire Strikes Back film. This set includes a battle station on the planet “Hoth”, also included are several mini-figures that go along with the idea of this battles that took place there. This LEGO Star Wars set retails for around $13; it can also be found with a bit of a merchant discount.

LEGO Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack Set (for kids age 6 and older) – Again we find ourselves on the planet “Hoth” with this Battle Pack, this time using a Combat Speeder to fight the enemy, the Imperial Troopers. Retail price for this set runs around $15 but can actually be found online for about $10, sometimes less.

I am unsure of the actual count these days in terms of the quantity of LEGO Star Wars sets on the market, however for people searching for anything particular to this collection any one of the top best selling LEGO Star Wars Sets 2010 above should help to make a young man happy. You will find further sets to choose from within the collection this year.

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