Top Best Selling John Deere Toys for Kids 2010

Young boys and girls alike can enjoy the top best selling John Deere toys for kids 2010 - they are ideal as presents for those kids that enjoy playing "let's pretend" about whatever having to do with farming, but also are just simple fun.

This year, coming from the top 10 John Deere toys for kids are the top 3 picks - these are apparently the hottest sellers for this year:

Pickup Truck Haulers from Ertl – Here are some sturdy, and rather “down and dirty” types of toys that mainly boys would be likely to play with. There is a variety of these toys, with different colors for the trucks and trailers, as well as different vehicles that are being hauled. The “John Deere” portion of these toys is actually the vehicles on the trailers which include dozers and Gators.

Ground Force Ride On Tractor from John Deere – This is a unique ride on vehicle in a couple of ways. The first thing to mention is that it is motorized (not a unique feature) and that it's got two rates of speed. What makes this aspect of the toy different is the fact that parents will be able to pre-control the rate of the car or truck by “locking out” a higher speed for those who are just getting used to the ride on toy, or for those kids who are perhaps younger and would do better with only the slower speed. Another thing that makes this toy unique is the fact that it has a detachable trailer, and that it is built in such a way that children could actually get outside with their parents and help with yard work! (I for one can appreciate the fact that kids often love to help with the “work” at home, as well as outside of it!)

John Deere Wheelbarrow from Learning Curve – Here is another “toy” that would work just as well as kids equipment to help their parents with a bit of yard work, or simply for using it to carry around what they want to play with. A very realistic toy, this actually has an identical build to the real thing. One note about this toy is that it has a “girl” version (pink) and a “boy” version (“John Deere green”).

In 2010 you will discover quite a few more toys amid the best John Deere toys in 2010 – the preceding list really is simply an idea of what is on the market. Most of the top sellers from John Deere for kids consist of ride ons, but other types of toys can also be found – all of which are acknowledged to include a high degree of quality and toughness.

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