Best Kids Toy Blocks - 2010 Top Sellers

Often it is found that classic toys are the best - such is true with the best kids toy blocks 2010. These are a prime example of how fun can easily be matched with learning skills - in fact learning on multiple levels!

From to the collection of the Top 10 Toy Blocks for Kids this year, below are the top 3 picks with regards to buyer popularity:
LEGO Ultimate Building Set – This set from LEGO is not only apparently the most purchased set of toy blocks for kids, but is the hottest seller among all LEGO set. This really is quite a set, and unlike a number of other LEGO choices that are pre-designed pertaining to specific characters or themes, this one basically leaves the creating up to the imagination of the child. There are more than 400 pieces of various colors and shapes, as well as a building plate and mini-figure. For those kids who love LEGO sets, or for toddler age kids “graduating” up to a set that is a bit more difficult, this could be the perfect set of blocks.

Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks from Fisher Price – Here is an excellent toy for babies, and I can tell you personally that this is a “must have” in just about any baby’s toy collection. The colors of the blocks are bright and intriguing, while fitting the different shaped blocks into matching shaped holes is quite a game for very little ones. Because it is so interesting and fun, this particular toy tends to build hand-eye coordination skills as well as get the child really looking with very basic problem solving exercises.

Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Blocks – These could be called “basic building blocks” but in a sense they are much more. These are made of wood (left alone with no added color) in quite a number of different shapes that are especially useful for kids to build different types of structures. I have seen this specific group of blocks not only in a child’s home environment but in pre-school and elementary classrooms as well. An excellent set of blocks with enough pieces to stay busy for some time.

For anyone looking for an excellent group of imagination building playthings, one of the best kids toy blocks for 2010 in the list above might be an ideal choice.

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