Top Best Selling Train Sets for Kids 2010

The top best selling train sets for kids 2010 includes what parents - as well as their children - most enjoy – classic toys which make creativity entertaining. Interestingly enough "kids trains" is a market that has not been influenced much by "hi tech" - similar types of kids trains that have been preferred through the years even now include the leading sellers and also from names in toys and games which are some of the most appreciated and trusted in the heritage of playthings.

Based on the top 10 train sets for kids 2010, here are the top 3 biggest sellers:

Melissa and Doug Wooden Railway Set (recommended for children 3 years and up) – This is one of the more elaborate train sets available these days with a total of 130 pieces. For any parents (or otherwise toy shoppers) who are looking for a great train and tracks set for kids that will get plenty of use for years to come, this is probably the best choice on the market. Included in this set are two various kinds of bridges, a magnetized crane, a roundhouse train shed, trees, traffic signs, workers and tracks that come in both straight and curve designs. There are enough “fixins” in this particular set to allow kids the full use of their imaginations and create practically any setting they like.

Figure 8 Train Set from Melissa and Doug (for kids 3 years of age and up) – Another train set from Melissa and Doug hits a high point of the “favorites” list for this year. This set is much simpler than the Wooden Railway set (detailed above), but is also “equipped” with a much lower price. If looking for a starter train set for very little ones this is a great choice and parents can invariably rely on the quality that Melissa and Doug provides with all of their children’s toys.

GeoTrax On The Go Train Set from Fisher Price (for children age 2 to 7 years old) – Here is the first train set on the list this year to be made from plastic rather than wood. It is a delightfully cute set with a zoo setting, the general theme based on a train at the zoo, the zoo keeper rides the train and takes care of the animals. One feature that is unique with this set (compared to the two above) is that it is portable – the set itself has storage so that it can be taken anywhere kids go quite easily.

The 3 top best selling train sets for kids 2010 listed above will always be excellent selections when searching for an excellent present for small boys however right now there most definitely are additional sets this year that are highly ranked and are additionally quite popular, and can be obtained online for a price tag which won't make them difficult to buy.


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