Top Best Selling Classic Kids Toys 2010

The top best selling classic kids toys in 2010 are proof of the truth that the classics will always live. It would appear that these toys were made with the thought of genuine enjoyment and keeping the interest of little ones, thus are still the tried and true selections of not only parents – but they are also frequently the preferred toys of children to this day.

This year – from the collection of the top 10 classic kids toys, here are the three leading sellers:

Classic Latches – This is a “latch, pull, open and close” toy that is an ideal choice for toddler age children to help develop eye hand coordination. It is also quite colorful with plenty of little surprises behind each door. The specific toy in mind in this category is the “Melissa and Doug Classic Latches” toy that apparently tops the list of all classic toys being sold this year.

Classic Mr. Potato Head – The evolution of Mr. Potato Head is really rather interesting – it seems that ever since the first Pixar “Toy Story” movie, this much-loved toy has surpassed simply being a fun toy and has moved into the realm of being practically a “cult” favorite. Mr. Potato Head is available in so many different forms and looks these days that it would take some time to find and count them – but as one might expect, he is still available in his original classic form, which is also very much in demand.

Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle from Radio Flyer – Although I actually have no idea if this is the original of the classic tricycles, it certainly at least comes close and is the perfect example of a timeless favorite of tricycles for kids. Fire engine red, tassels and including a little horn for the handles, this toy remains not only on the list of the hottest selling classic toys, but an all time favorite of the entire lineup of kids toys – period.

The top best selling classic toys 2010 are yet a small taste of exactly what is offered on the market from the selection of timeless favorites. These toys are most definitely the top of the list in many children's toy collections, and furthermore seem to bring back some very fond memories for us grown ups as well.

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