Top Best Selling Construction Toys 2010

From tot age children to boys and girls all the way up to their pre-teen years, the top best selling construction toys 2010 include diverse ideas in playthings with various kinds of construction sets, construction toys (such as road and building site trucks) plus more.

From the listing of the top 10 construction toys this year, here are the three top choices in 2010:

Road Construction Building Set from LEGO – I can almost not say enough about this construction toy, since it has an interesting twist: Kids build their own construction vehicles then use them for “road construction” play. This adds a level of creativity that none of the other toys on the list can since it encourages kids to build and use their imaginations on two different levels.  Definitely a great addition to the best construction toys 2010.

The Bruder Construction Caterpillar Trucks – Here is an entire lineup of “Caterpillar” construction vehicles for kids, with details that are quite lifelike – they look just like the real thing! Included in these vehicles is a Caterpillar tractor, a steer loader, an excavator, a telehandler, a wheel loader and a couple additional vehicles as well. Although these toys can be used indoors as well as out, they are likely more fun for outdoor use and would be a great addition to any little boy’s sandbox.

Matchbox Rocky the Robot – This is another construction toy on the list with an interesting twist – “Rocky” is a “haul and dump” truck and while he is perfectly functional in this role alone, he also has a bit of a personality. This toy has a sensor that allows him to interact with kids, talking to them (when they talk to him) as well as tell some cute jokes. When Rocky’s “work” is done for the day, he will go to sleep and he even makes snoring sounds when this happens. Rocky the Robot comes in a few different sizes/models, and the features vary according to the model chosen – as well as the price.

The list preceding of the best construction toys in 2010 may seem somewhat scant – plus the specific toys described are probably further along the lines of building toys which young boys might more like. Then again, there are definitely more building toys available, including the types of sets that are constructing with blocks, magnets plus more – all of them are well liked and are hits for the kids.

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