Top Best Selling Spy Gadgets for Kids 2010

The top best selling spy gadgets for kids 2010 really are a pretty wild bunch! Some of the most looked-for toys these days, these are some imaginative toys which could enable kids to play on a level like no other.

Belonging to the list of the top 10 spy gadgets for children this year, listed below are the top 3 biggest sellers:

Spy Gear Agent Action Briefcase – Wild Planet has really done a great job of providing excellent spy gadget toys for kids this year, the “Spy Gear Agent Action Briefcase” is a great example of this. The case has a secret dart launcher installed on the side, there is a motion alarm included and other fun gadgets as well. Possibly the most interesting feature of this particular toy is the fact that it has a secret compartment, where even more super sleuth items can be kept – only for the owner to know about.

Evidence Kit from Spy Gear – Again, a spy gadget kit from Wild Planet tops the list of the best spy gadgets for kids 2010. This time with the angle of a young detective at work, gathering evidence from any scene for investigation. There are a number of investigation tools included with this kit, which comes in its own case.

Wild Planet Spy Gear Night Scope – One of the most interesting spy toys of the bunch. This binocular-looking scope allows the user to see in the dark. I have some opinions on this one – that I will keep to myself – but let’s just say that as a parent there may be some rules about this particular toy at bedtime. (If I myself were ten years old, I know exactly how I would be using this one!)

Other toys have made the list of the top best selling spy gadgets for kids 2010, among them glasses that allow kids to see in front of them and to their rear at the same time, a spy watch that detects motion, features a top secret decoder along with other fun capabilities to it, some top secret (and sly) suction dart blaster guns and indeed, even more. The field of kids spy toys has really opened up lately and those kids that appreciate a little bit of “let’s pretend” in the world of spies and secret agents are certain to enjoy them.


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