Top Best Selling Science Toys for Kids 2010

When it comes to combining learning with a bit of serious fun, there might be absolutely nothing better than the top best selling science toys for kids in 2010. There are quite a number of diverse scientific tests that can be done from home, that are not simply amusing but supply excellent learning experience for young ones.

For this year, here are the top three picks in kids science toys – truly some very nice choices:

Live Butterfly Garden from Insect Lore – Kids can observe caterpillars turning into “Painted Lady” butterflies using this science toy. The toy itself comes with the habitat and a mail-in certificate for five butterflies (caterpillars), a feeding kit and instructions. Once the caterpillars turn into butterflies, the lid on the habitat can be lifted to set them free. This science toy happens to be at the top of the “hot sellers” list for some time now, and is an award winner for “Dr. Toys” best in classic toys.

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 – This toy is the “beginner” version within the Snap Circuits series of toys, all of which come with electronic components that allow kids to build their own gadgets such as alarms, blinking lights and much much more. This is an excellent hands-on means for kids to learn how electricity functions with circuitry, switches and more.

Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit – This may just be my favorite in the lineup of the best kids science toys this year. This kit has quite a number of fun and "eee-gad!" types of experiments that might be particularly interesting for kids. There are two types of volcanoes which can be built, safe chemical reaction experiments, mixing magic ooze and quite a few more different activities to choose from.

Obviously, there are more enjoyable activities among the top best selling science toys for kids in 2010 which include test tube as well as other chemistry products, bigger and even more detailed circuitry toys, double microscopes and just about any toy that a person might imagine that would exercise studying science and nature in a fun and creative way. Actually, I might even say that these toys would be interesting and enjoyable for almost any child.

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