Top Best Selling LEGO Games 2010

The top best selling LEGO games 2010 call for creativeness, innovation and skill level - and have absolutely nothing to do with video cartridges, consoles or internet play. They are hands-on activities, intended for children aging around 7 or 8 and older - and are great selections for families to play with each other.

That said, from the top 10 LEGO games in 2010, listed here are the top 3 best selling:

LEGO Minotaurus Game – What a theme! Players avoid a mysterious mythical character (the “Minotaur”) in order to get to a secret temple – through a LEGO-made labyrinth! While sounding a bit on the complicated side it really is known to be relatively easy in play, and is a good choice for families and children around the age of 7 and older. The collection of pieces in this game is ample, having 1 (LEGO) die, 211 pieces and 12 mini-figures.

LEGO Creationary Game – Kids and families will likely never lose interest with this particular game - definitely one of the best LEGO games this year. The dice is rolled just to choose a category for building, including nature, buildings, vehicles and other types of objects. At that point, the fun really begins when the players work at individual levels to build their own objects and other players work at guessing what exactly it is that the other players are building. Lots of twists and creativity involved in this game! As with other LEGO games, this one has a LEGO die, as well as other pieces including a mini-figure, a micro-figure and a whopping 338 LEGO pieces.

Monster 4 Game from LEGO – Sound scary? Well in truth it's not, although the different characters in the game involve some (not so serious) “spooks” including skeletons and monsters – and the setting is in a graveyard. The object of the game is to get a few monsters in a row while avoiding a “big scary” spider. This choice is known as rather amusing and easy enough – but quite creative at the same time.

Although there are far more selections amid the top best selling LEGO games for 2010, the above mentioned are evidently the most popular and involve more imagination compared with just about any other types of games on the market. A couple of additional games along this line include a Pirates game, yet another which has a dragon plus a volcano (with lava) – various other fun choices also.


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