Top Best Selling LEGO Star Wars Sets 2010

The top best selling LEGO Star Wars Sets for 2010 is actually an elite list - that is simply because the general lineup of the Star Wars LEGO concepts is very popular so the biggest sellers then are actually really special - certainly in the eyes of an enthusiast.

That being said, from the list of the Top 10 LEGO Star Wars Sets this year, here are the top 3 best sellers for 2010:

Darth Vader TIE Fighter set from LEGO (for kids ages 7-12) – This appears to have a pretty good lead in terms of popularity by sales rankings, being fairly obviously the “tip top” favorite in the lineup this year. This set is based on the original Star Wars movie, the Darth Vader personal space vessel, the TIE fighter. The details of the ship are actually quite impressive and it is not a big surprise that it is coming off the shelves so quickly. The retail price for this set is around $33, or it can be found for around $22 discounted.

LEGO Snow Trooper Army Pack (for kids 6 and older) – This set has a bit of an interesting story behind it, being released in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Empire Strikes Back film. This set includes a battle station on the planet “Hoth”, also included are several mini-figures that go along with the idea of this battles that took place there. This LEGO Star Wars set retails for around $13; it can also be found with a bit of a merchant discount.

LEGO Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack Set (for kids age 6 and older) – Again we find ourselves on the planet “Hoth” with this Battle Pack, this time using a Combat Speeder to fight the enemy, the Imperial Troopers. Retail price for this set runs around $15 but can actually be found online for about $10, sometimes less.

I am unsure of the actual count these days in terms of the quantity of LEGO Star Wars sets on the market, however for people searching for anything particular to this collection any one of the top best selling LEGO Star Wars Sets 2010 above should help to make a young man happy. You will find further sets to choose from within the collection this year.

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