Top Best Selling Nerf Guns 2010

In 2010, the top best selling Nerf guns are both enjoyable and imaginative - with numerous attributes that are more leading-edge than one may think. Since the time of their first release, these types of toys and games have come really a considerable ways in the toy industry and have become some of the very most widely used toys for the kids - at all.

From the listing of the Top Ten Nerf Guns 2010, listed here are the three top selling Nerf Guns for the kids for this year:

The Nerf N Strike Maverick Gun (for kids 6 years old and up) – This is a fun “Maverick” pistol looking toy with a rotating barrel that holds six Nerf darts. It is a good choice for a bit of rapid-fire action with distance and accuracy. The barrel opens easily and quickly for easy re-loading – this Nerf gun comes in both a yellow and clear version (the clear having a bit of a higher cost).

Nerf ‘N Strike Raider Rapid Fire (for kids 6-12 years of age) – Here is a version of the Nerf gun that allows for a rather large amount of “ammunition” to be fired (up to 35 darts) without reloading. It has the general appearance of a rifle and has two different modes that allow the shooter to either shoot single shots or repeated firing action.

The Nerf N Strike Longstrike Blaster Gun (for kids age 6 and older) – This Nerf gun is an air-powered rifle that will shoot up to 35 feet. It also has an eyepiece that flips up for better aim and operates with a clip system, a single clip holding six darts. It also can hold two reload clips for easy and fast loading of the darts.

There exists plenty more variety in addition to the best Nerf guns 2010 listed above – a couple of which are ideal for dual competitions while others include advanced features – and yet others function in different ways to play in the dark. There are also additional Nerf guns that are more appropriate for kids in an older age range, but the majority of them are recommended for kids six years old and up.

Buying the perfect Nerf gun is much more simply achieved by online shopping. The costs tend to be a little lower, and one will find additional selection in the process.

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