Top Best Selling Internet Tablets for 2010

It would appear that technological innovation is truly moving at a faster pace than ever nowadays, evidenced with the listing of the Top 5 Internet Tablets for this year (reference top 10 internet tablets 2010). In 2010 there are a few fine options available with these kinds of products, and in the not too far-away future I am certain that you will see more choice when it comes to brand names and picks of capabilities.

This is a listing of the very best selling internet tablets for this year:

The Archos 7 8 GB Internet Tablet - This tablet from Archos does not necessarily seem to be loaded with as many bells and whistles as some of the others on the list, and has less memory in comparison with most on the market these days. However for those who need only that amount of space (or less) and are looking to spend a bit less than they would for other models, this one could be a great choice. The Archos 7 retails for around $200 and there are not many markdowns from this price available - but I recently found it at auction for quite a bit less.

iPAQ 111 Internet Tablet from HP - This internet tablet comes with a 3 ½ " screen, and it has Windows Mobile 6 operating system. For someone who frequently uses Microsoft products, this one should be a good option due to the software available which will help keep someone organized and provide plenty of business benefits. The list price for this device is around $330 but can often be found for about $280 and perhaps less on occasion.

The Archos 5 250 GB Internet Tablet
- With the next in line in terms of sales popularity for the top 10 internet tablets this year - here is one from Archos.  This device includes a great deal more space having 250 GB in addition to a clear and sharp 4 ½ inch touchscreen. If someone is looking for lots of hard drive for use and also likes fast browsing online, this tablet might be a great choice. Full price for this Archos 5 model is around $450 but has recently (as of this writing) been available for around $300 at some online merchant resources.

Personal Internet Viewer from Sony
- This model of internet tablet is less portable than the rest on the list but definitely has some nice features. This one might be a good choice if one is planning to use it mostly from home or from use in the office. The full price for this tablet is around $200, and at least as of this writing it appears that this is also the purchase price that one should expect to pay - not many markdowns can be found on this one, if at all.

The Archos 5 500 GB Internet Tablet - Here is the third on the list of popular internet tablets from Archos, and has enough memory for just about anyone to load everything they own when it comes to media files. The retail price on this model from the Archos company is around $500, but it can be found for around $100 less from some merchant listings.

If ever seeking a great gift idea for a computer gadget fan, or perhaps somebody that really needs their world wide web to be on the move for business or perhaps other purposes, one from the 5 top selling internet tablets above ought to at the least provide a good starting point of what to consider, and one could be an ideal pick.

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