Top Best Selling RC Cars for Kids 2010

Strangely enough, the top best selling RC cars 2010 include cars derived from one of individual business - Kid Galaxy. Some people may consider that the listing of these RC cars might be biased because of particular taste however the truth is this checklist has been in fact investigated regarding overall customer recognition from product sales alone.

Based on shopper interest from the Top 10 RC Cars in 2010, here are the top 3 best RC cars for this year:

Kid Galaxy Morphibians RC Cars -for kids from 5 to 9 years of age: Here is one of the more unique lines of RC cars I have seen and definitely worthy of being among the best RC cars this year – they are able to function on land as well as in the water. Among this collection there are some sort of “standard” types of RC cars including a “land and water” vehicle, but there are some other water animal types as well such as a stingray, whale, shark and an alligator. Very cute toys and quite a bit of fun for kids – especially for outdoor play.

Demolition Derby RC Cars from Kid Galaxy -for kids 5 years old and up:  The Demolition Derby RC vehicles come complete with two cars, two remote controllers and some other small pieces to create a “demotion” setting. When the cars smash into each other (or other objects such as walls, etc.) they have some pretty funny ways of falling apart. Kids who have a bit more of a sense of adventure would probably love these.

Kid Galaxy My 1st RC Cars - for kids ages 2-4:  Here are the first RC vehicles on the list specifically for toddlers. The “My First RC” line of cars from Kid Galaxy is especially good for little ones who love to play with construction toys – but there are some other types of vehicles as well such as a school bus, monster truck and some fun “My First…” animals as well – all of them remote control based.

As I said earlier, the best RC cars 2010 listed above are but a beginning. There are several more types of Radio controlled cars and trucks out there in 2010 – more of them are available for kids of each and every age group from "tot" all the way to cars which are popular with the teen group of kids.

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