Top Best Selling Portable DVD Players for 2010

(Info from the list of the top 10 portable dvd players this year.)  There are quite a remarkable array of features with the best selling Portable DVD Players this year in addition to some really superior testimonials generally - and to top it off there are some of them that may be bought on even the most limited of budgets. When investing in a portable DVD player one more thing to keep in mind is the idea that many of them can easily play other types of digital media, perhaps making them multi-purpose gadgets and conserving a little bit of cash with regard to purchases for CD or MP3 players as well as electronic photograph viewers.

Here is a set of the very best selling as well as nicely rated portable DVD player products for 2010:

DVP FX930 from Sony
- This DVD Player comes in first on the list of the top 10 portable dvd players this year, and supplies a high resolution 9 inch screen which will swivel for additional convenience when needed. This model from Sony is receiving overall some extremely nice reviews and can be found in multiple colors. Retail price for the DVP FX930 is around $190, but can be found quite often for around $140 and sometimes less.

The Coby TFDVD 7008b Portable DVD Player - Here is one of the DVD players out there with a bit of a scaled-down screen (7 "), but also one of the most inexpensive versions that one could buy without having to sacrifice quality. It is extremely transportable rendering it simple to travel with. The list price for this player is about $125 but has been found online for for less money, sometimes around $60.

The Philips PET741/37 DVD Player - This DVD player comes with a 7 " wide format screen and built in stereo sound system. It's also known because of its level of quality and it has a fun and stylish look. This model is sometimes bought for approximately $80 with a list or full price of close to $90.

PET7402/37 from Philips - Similar to the Philips DVD model outlined above, but this DVD player comes complete with dual screens and is known as extremely easy to install in cars for passenger entertainment. For a dual screen player, this model from Philips could be considered to be reasonably priced at around $130 and can be found online for around $99 or less.

The Panasonic DVD-LS86 Portable DVD Player - This DVD player is getting some real raves and has some excellent features including an 8 ½ inch wide format screen, an excellent selection of media play options and boasts up to 13 hours of play time on a single charge. Retail price on this player is around $190 and also can be found online for a lower price.

Altogether, there are some remarkable selections in portable DVD players nowadays, and with the levels of competition and technology which has developed, an excellent quality player can be purchased for a less expensive cost.

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