Top Best Selling Charcoal Smoker Grills 2011

There are a number of good choices among the top best selling charcoal smoker grills 2011, but they are definitely not the same in terms of the different types available.  Whether someone wants a "combo" grill (with multiple purposes), a gourmet caliber grill, or simply a charcoal smoking grill, there is one among this list that will likely do the trick.

From the list of the top 10 charcoal smoker grills 2011, here are a few that you might want to check out - each of which is a bit different in its style and/or purposes:

Weber Smokey Mountain - This particular grill happens to (apparently) be the most popular charcoal smoker coming into the spring season of 2011.  It is known for its excellent quality, and the richness in flavor that it offers to food.

Char-Griller Wrangler - If you are looking for "just a charcoal smoking grill," this might be a good choice.  While there are not a whole lot of added features, it is known to do the job quite nicely and has an overall cooking space that could be considered quite generous.

Brinkmann Gourmet Charcoal Smoking Grill - This is a grill that has all one would expect from a charcoal smoker, also having features that allow those gourmet grillers out there to cut loose with their talents.  =)  Brinkmann is known for its high quality grilling products, and apparently this choice is not an exception to the rule.

Masterbuilt 7 in 1 Charcoal Smoker Grill - This grill on the list seems to have more functions than any other.  It is a charcoal grill, smoker, deep fryer and also has a few other ways to cook.  If someone is interested in having a cooker with this many functions, it is definitely a good choice.

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Top Best Selling Portable Charcoal Grills 2011

The top best selling portable charcoal grills 2011 are the best in terms of what consumers think - these are the ones that people are buying the most, and also have excellent average consumer reviews. 

While the Top 10 Portable Gas Grills page will give full information on which are the most popular grills for the current year, here are a few of the favorites from the 2011 lineup:

Weber Smokey Joe Grill (Find it @ - If you are searching for a great grill to take along with you or use for smaller gatherings at home, this is the one.  It is quite popular - for some very good reasons!  It comes in both gold and silver versions, retailing for around $35, but can generally be found for less than that if purchased online. 

Lodge Logic Sportsman's Grill (Find it @ - This is quite durable (even obvious from just looking at the picture of it).  Made of cast iron, is "pre-seasoned" and is built to last a long, long time.  This is a great grill to take along with you, but FYI - if you are looking for something very light and easier to carry, you might want to keep checking down the list.  Retail price for this grill is around $110.00, but again can be purchased online for quite a bit less.

Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill (Find it @ - There are two versions of the "Go Anywhere," here we are talking specifically of the charcoal version.  This one is even more portable than the Smokey Joe, having legs that fold up to hold the lid in place and then fold down to use to prop up the grill while cooking.  Retail price for the Go Anywhere charcoal grill is around $55.

More - there are a number of others among the top best selling portable charcoal grills for 2011, some of them having unique features that may make them better choices than the list above.  However - if you are looking for an all-purpose portable charcoal grill, the choices above should prove to be good picks.

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Apple iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi - Versions, Colors, Prices and Shopping

When stepping back and observing the evolution of technology, it can seem pretty amazing - as is true with one of the most promising top selling products for 2011 - the Apple iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi.  There are some things that may be helpful to know in terms of the 64GB iPad 2 - the different versions available, the colors (and their availability), prices and for those of you who are shopping for it, a bit of helpful stuff there too.

Here are the different versions and colors of the iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi:

For ATT:
For Verizon:
For "Non 3G" versions:
  • Apple iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi Black
  • Apple iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi White
(Perhaps more colors will be available in the future!)


For both the ATT and Verizion versions, the pricing is $829.00 retail price.  For the "Non 3G," the retail cost is $699.00.  Depending on which way you want to go on your shopping efforts, you could actually end up paying much more than these prices online - and depending on when you want to buy it.  Online merchants stick to the retail price, while other resources hike the price up based on demand (but then again, the availability in this case tends to be higher).


Some of what you need to be aware of is mentioned above, but generally we recommend going through The Shopping Guide to find the one you really want - they give some very helpful tips on the best places to purchase each version of the Apple iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi - no matter which color you might be searching for.

Apple iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi - Versions, Colors and Online Pricing

The new Apple iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi is most definitely is already "peeking up" as one of the top best selling products for 2011.  There are a number of different versions including 3G and "non 3G" versions - different colors, and of course different prices, depending on which model is chosen.

Here is a bit of information on which 32GB iPad 2's are available, coming into the release stage in March of 2011:

3G ATT and its Colors - Pricing (retail online) - $729.00
3G Verizon and its Colors - Pricing (retail online) - $729.00
"Non 3G" Version and its Colors - Pricing (retail) - $599.00
  • Apple iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi Black
  •  Apple iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi White

At the beginning of the release stage, a number of online stores carry these models, but mostly available in the color black.


With the "3G" (third generation) comes more options for communications, internet and video.  This model has this technology, as well as a 9.7" screen, technology for Wi-Fi, it supports iBook technology as well.  Top this off with how thin it is (a whopping .34 inches) and you have one of the sleekest machines around - that you can use for just about anything technology affords today!

Other features of interest:

Double cameras (one on the back, one on the front with video capability), it also has a dual A5 processor and a battery that holds up for 10 hours.  (Pretty impressive!)

Amazing stuff - technology truly has taken a big leap forward with the Apple iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi!


Top Best Selling Charcoal Grills 2011

There is no question about the popularity of the top best selling charcoal grills 2011 - in fact (as you will see from the list below), they are all from the same name in grills (apparently for good reason) - Weber.

Each of these grills has its own strong points - and each of them are different to provide grillers with just about everything they need.

Here they are:

1.  Weber One Touch Kettle - This charcoal grill has a rather "traditional" look to it with a kettle shape and a sleek black look.  This is a great grill for using in the back yard - and could perhaps pass as being portable but it will take up a lot of space in travel and is a bit heavy to carry along.  At any rate, this is apparently the most popular grill so far this year.

2. Weber Smokey Joe Grill - Aside from the fact that the name of this grill is pretty cool (=D) it is also an excellent portable grill to take along camping or to the beach - or wherever you want to go where grilling is a good idea.  It has an easy cleanup system (which is also true of the "One Touch" by the way), and also has a lower price tag than one might think.

3.  Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill - "Go Anywhere" really is a good name for this little guy - it has a rectangular shape with handy dandy legs that fold up to lock the grill lid in place, or to fold down to use as legs, propping up the grill.

Others to check out on the list of the top best selling charcoal grills 2011 include a model called the "Big Steel Keg" grill (a completely different type of grill than others), another model from Weber (that is sort of a "grillmaster's dream" and yet another from the company Meco.

For more information and great shopping options on these grills, visit:

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